There’s No Point In This Path

This will be a short post, but I think it will be a meaningful one. Armies are headed to a dark and horrible age and the saddest part is it is all our faults. Armies need war and it is what keeps us going, but there is no point to war if the only goal of the army is to kill the other army. It turns it from fun, to a death race and a fight for survival. Armies were never supposed to be like this. It was supposed to be to prove superiority, not to prove total domination. I wanted to say this quick message in hope it got through to some people and made them open their eyes. Thank you.

13 Responses

  1. You should tell that to mainly Waterkid and to the Black Alliance.


  2. I’ve tried to say it countless times again and again. You should not hate an army for what one leader has done. If you really want to destroy an army, think before you act, because more than likely you have some hatred towards the leader more than anything.

    We’re a community that thrives off of our history. If one army is going to die, whether it be ACP or Pirates, due to the destruction of another– there is a huge gap in our history there. We wouldn’t know what either one had to offer in the future.

    Just think about it!^^ (Also, I find this post quite pointless but I’ll let the Blue Brothers handle it.)


    • I only posted it since it was short and sweet and too the point. People are posting things with the same message, but they are too long and complicated for some to comprehend.


  3. LOL HYPROCRITE. You only did this because AR is at war, but when Pirates wanted peace the White Alliance still invaded the Pirates.

    Karma is a b!tch. 🙂


  4. I think overreactions like this make wars not fun.


  5. Armies need to grow up. This is some bs with all the ‘I’m going to kill your army’ crap. Its sad that no one will take our word for it.


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