Light Troops Declare War on Army Republic — When Can We Move on?

TOBOGGAN– The Light Troops of CP have had two wars in the past week.  Disregarding their war against Chaos, they have moved onto a rather old rival of theirs.  Their act of war against the Army Republic was declared today, January 27, 2013.  AR has yet to respond with their own invasions, although Buritodaily, AR leader, commented on Ioioluk’s post in disappointment.

Really? You want a challenge? Why don’t you declare war on an army who hasn’t been in 3 straight wars and is trying to rebuild after a massive fall.

Along with the Pirates, LT have been playing it safe.  Declaring war on armies with reasons of needing a challenge, or wanting fun.  They’re both parallel armies in someway.  Both trying to rebuild to what they once were.  With already nine invasions set, it seems like AR will be going without a break, now into their third war in a row.  Like said above, the reasons were to test LT’s capabilities,

Reason is, we need more servers and we definitively need a war and a challenge.

There are many things that I cannot stand about that army, but I will keep them all to myself to avoid causing flame wars.

An example of LT’s last event, mad faces in a backwards “L” at the Snow Forts.


An example of AR’s last event, shouting out “VICTORY” in a “L” formation at the Iceberg.

AR and LT have had their disagreements in the past before.  The real challenge of this war may be to hold off any flame or alliances.  It’s safe to say that both armies have great allies, willing to help, if the occasion arises.  Just recently AR posted all of their defenses, there was a lack of invasions though, but along with the times it announced a comeback of their old leaders Austin and Vinny.  Interviews with both sides would clear up any misconception of the war.  First, an interview with Ioioluk (gold) followed by one with Austin (red).

Are there any other motives to LT’s sudden declaration of war against the AR?

Not really, we just need servers and someone to battle.

In your post you stated LT need a challenge. Do you find AR, an army now going into their third straight war, challenging enough?

Yea[h].  And I’m pretty sure AR didn’t go through three wars.

How long do you plan on continuing this war effort?

I’m not sure yet.

Do you believe you’ll win?

Yeah, I’m pretty sure we’ll win this, but there will be some close battles.


Were you surprised when LT released their invasions on AR?

I was only surprised a little, knowing how Ioio[luk] can be sometimes and the thoughts he has for both ACP/AR[,] I can’t say I didn’t see it coming.

Do you believe that they are up to something?

If you mean they as in Light Troops and their allies then yes, I myself still carry a lot of suspicions and the fact after the alliance war broke out that two armies both allied and former BA have declared war.

How do you plan on winning this war?

Despite our minor problems, shift of leadership/wars, we will not die, we will not lose, we are the ARMY REPUBLIC!

Speaking of a shift of leadership, did you and Vinny return to AR for the sole purpose to beat LT?

We returned to help AR and lead them through the supposed war against DW though after surrendering (tragically) and now in this war[,] me and Vinny will work together to help AR restore its former glory.

As you can see, the AR takes this war a little more personal than LT.  The two seem pretty confident in their armies winning the war in the long run.  Surprisingly, Austin is worried that AR have lost their glory and, with his co-head Vinny, plans on restoring it to the army.

My take on all of this is that we’re still stuck in our six-month war.  No matter what anyone else preaches, this is just a continuation and post-war from the White Alliance versus the Black Alliance.  We now have LT (BA supporter) invading AR (WA), Dark Warriors (BA) invading the Army of Club Penguin (WA), and possibly the Golden Troops (WA) continuing invasions against Pirates (BA).  I believe that we should all take Shiv’s advice and move on with our goddamn lives.  We’re accomplishing nothing with these wars and only progressing ourselves to another outbreak.  You’re all just dragging on the war for the hell of it, as both sides are still perfectly alive yet you continue to fight one another again.  Instead of fighting the same enemies over and over again, make some goddamn new ones to make it interesting.  Mix it up.  It’s boring as hell to post about the same armies going to war again.  Shiv explains the situation perfectly,

Why must this war drag on? What closure do you get out of waging war with an army that no longer wants to fight? As long as both sides are alive, neither will have closure[…]preach what you pray. Don’t attack a surrendering army. Two wrongs don’t make a damn right. Find your real enemies.

What is YOUR opinion?  Who will win this war?  Is this just a continuation of the post-war?  Could we be seeing ANOTHER alliance war on our hands?  Let us know in the comments below!

~Vice President, °    mchappyღ

11 Responses

  1. First, booyah! :mrgreen:


  2. Water is not who you think he is:
    Taken January 25th

    A recent meeting between “BA”


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  4. Do you have to mention the BA and WA in all of your posts? LT is just simply invading AR for the purpose that ioio stated. In the declaration of war post, there is nothing showing that LT is in the Black Alliance, so stop trying to make your boring posts interesting why constantly adding in the Black Alliance and the White Alliance, what do you want armies to do? We declare war on other armies and battle, not just recruit and train all the time. Stop complaining about ”the six month war”, it’s just nonsense.


    • I didn’t mean to sound like the LT was invading AR for the BA. Personally, I don’t see how I said that, but I’ll just apologize for confusing you. Merely, all I was pointing out was that LT was invading AR. I did not mention anything about the BA or WA until my opinion part of the post. I thought it would be right to bring it up due to Austin bringing it up himself in his interview.

      The part where I mention the BA and WA is the opinion column of the post. If you read it entirely you’d know I stated something about a post-war. I was just assessing the post-war, what the former alliance armies are doing, etc.

      No matter how much you disagree it is news worthy. I apologize you want to move on from the fact of the six-month war, but it’s my job as a Vice President to make sure the full story is told. Nothing personal.


  5. LT is not in the BA.


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