[BREAKING NEWS]: Black Alliance Staging a Comeback

MAMMOTH- The Black Alliance, an alliance to take down the Army of Club Penguin and any of their allies, is staging a comeback by next week (sources say).  As predicted by a many in the army community, this six-month war is still not over with.  Few have had suspicions of the BA, saying that they’re plan all along was to invade the White Alliance separately.  Could this be a plan coming all together?

On the post, Light Troops Declare War on Army Republic — When Can We Move on?, an anonymous person commented with two pictures providing information on a possible BA reunion.

As seen here, armies gathering to talk about the BA.

Another picture provided show BA re-creator, Waterkid100, and Light Troops leader, Ioioluk, deep in conversation at LT chat.  Waterkid100 tries to persuade Ioioluk to accept the fact that BA are being remade.  Ioioluk displeased with this, expressed his disappointment in Waterkid100, saying, “Waterkid[100,] do you really want to lose this bad again?”  This picture can be found HERE for a close up view.

As of right now it stands:

  • Dark Warriors (BA) invading the Army of Club Penguin (WA), with possible help, not confirmed, from Ice Warriors (WA).
  • Light Troops (former BA supporter) invading Army Republic (WA).
  • Golden Troops (WA) recently invaded Pirates (BA).

In the picture of the chat room above, the Hot Sauce Army and Mafias are clearly present.  As shown in the past, there is a lot of hatred conspiring to the new BA.  Former BA leaders express their anger with Waterkid100, saying he is straying from the path that the BA had original created.  They blame Waterkid100 for making BA seem like the bad guys.  More information will hopefully be updated when the time comes.

What is YOUR opinion? Could this be a thought out plan, finally coming together? Will we see another alliance war on our hands in the next week or so?  Let us know in the comments below!

~Vice President, °    mchappyღ 

23 Responses

  1. First, booyah! :mrgreen:


  2. I hope it’s not a huge clash of alliances and just 1v1 skirmishes. That way the mood would stay happy and people would have fun instead of insults hurled at each other over a few days.


  3. We still have the upper hand since Pirates were a no-show to our invasions


  4. This post doesn’t explain anything. If the BA is returning, then other people such as Ganger, ioioluk and tons of other leaders would’ve been at the meeting. Also in the picture of BA chat it’s just DW, HSA (aren’t even made yet) and Mafias (Small-Medium) so how can we start another war with those armies. You’re just trying to stir stuff up, because BA is dead.


    • In one of the pictures, Ioioluk was telling you to not remake BA, nor invade ACP. So I don’t think if BA was to return he’d take part in it.

      All this post was to explain that the BA might possibly be meeting again. Especially with the fact that you said that BA is invading next week in one of the pictures.

      I think the most important part of this post is the last paragraph where I give my whole point of view on the situation. I’m not trying to stir anything up, it’s my job as a Vice President of this news site to post anything that is news worthy. I found this news worthy, and I’m sure many other people do.


      • If the Black Alliance was invading next week, I would’ve got leaders like Ganger, Ioioluk and other major army leaders to the meeting, not 3. That anonymous person just trolled you, idiot.


        • That’s interesting, but as I said before, Ioioluk was telling you to NOT remake BA, nor to invade ACP. I don’t think he’d really want to participate in such a meeting.

          I think you are channeling this argument based on the meeting picture. Unfortunately, the main point of this post was for this, http://i50.tinypic.com/ie1qgz.png , picture. I could only link it because it would have been unreadable if I had posted the actual picture. If anyone would be trolling in this situation, it’d be you. By either really meaning bringing back the BA, or just joking around with Ioio.

          On a side note, the anonymous person did not send this to me personally. The comment was made on the site, publicly, for all to see.


  5. Do you have a date on that picture? That can easily be from a few weeks ago.


  6. More ACPSIS spies derping on our chats.


  7. Well that was quick.


  8. why is this still stickied


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