[POST-WAR]: Golden Troops Battle it Out Against Light Troops — Pirates Bulk Up

CREAM SODA- As the alliance war appears to be dying down, it comes with new, surprising invasions with a new legacy and goal in mind.  The Golden Troops are attempting to a solo war fledged against the “bad guy” Pirates.  With invasions already set in stone, one thing lacks on the battlefield.  Arg, me mateys, it be ye Pirates.  Instead, brother ally, the Light Troops (who are in the process of staging a comeback themselves) are taking the vicious blows.  Could this be too much for GT to handle?

On January 25, 2013, two days after the six month war, GT declared war on the Pirates.  Recently, GT’s site was discovered to be defaced.  After ongoing investigation from their leaders, it was discovered a Pirates’ owner (currently leader) had defaced it under orders from Waterkid100, also leader.  As you can probably figure, there was a lot of hatred growing for the Pirates in GT.  To add even more tension, during the six month war, GT was a neutral party leaning towards the White Alliance side.  To basically sum up what Riotors, GT leader, had to say,

[…]Out of honesty and truth.  When a leader acts as an ignorant tyrant and decides to mess with an army larger than it while being attacked and taken out slowly by multiple other armies, that leader is acting with nothing but stupidity.

Pirates leader Waterkid100 is hated community wide by the Club Penguin community.

He proceed to call Pirates the “real bad guys” of CP warfare.  Pirates are yet to make an official response to the war post.  In fact, they seem to be out right ignoring it.  Instead, LT are defending and fighting in the name of the Pirates.  A theory is that Pirates have given the invading servers to LT.

Cream Soda

Unfortunately for LT, they did not post a schedule time for this defense.  Thus, their enemy has a walk in the part in capturing the server.  Nachos, another major part of the WA, were confused when told that GT had invaded Cream Soda.  Thinking they were the ones fighting for the server.


War face tactic in a circle at the town.


Continuing on to the closest battle of the three, both sides claim victory.  Ioioluk, LT leader, felt dominate in his army’s victory whilst Jerry, GT leader, was disappointed in the quality of given tactics.  At one point in the match, orange accuses yellow of bringing in allies to aid them.


Dissatisfied and wink emotes in dual lines at the Iceberg.


Once again, the two opponents claim victory on their behalf.  Never the matter, both got great sizes for the conditions of the battle.  However, on LT’s post they have a provided picture showing a GT owner admitting defeat.


Clovers and game sticks in curved lines at the Snow Forts.

It has not been announced if there are to be more set invasions between the two.  Yet, both the armies will again duke it on today in a practice battle.  While GT concentrates on LT in their invasions, the Pirates are rebuilding a nation that has taken a hefty toll as of recently.  Their target is the Croatian army, Metal Warriors.  Due to the war, there is still some post-war hatred gearing towards the Pirates.  Specially their main leader, Waterkid100.  Waterkid100, who has sent an apology out to the community, is planning on getting Pirates to a better, improved era.  One of prosperity.  Here is what Waterkid100 had to say,

 I am doing this because I thought it will be a more fun way of gaining servers, fighting and opponent instead of dancing for 30 minutes battling no one.

In GT’s declaration of war post they optimistically put how they were excited to work with the rest of the WA.  Now that the WA has passed, with certain armies having their own post-war issues, the question is if GT will continue to attack Pirates nation.  Personally I believe that it’s unclear of who owns the servers right now.  I’m not sure if Waterkid100 actually gave these servers to LT officially or not.  Either way, it’d be very interesting to watch this continue further due to GT and LT’s relatively closeness in size.  Also, I find it difficult to interpret if Waterkid100 has really changed or not.  He said it himself, “watch out, because I will get revenge.

What is YOUR opinion?  Could this be too much for GT to handle?  Is this all a plan to benefit LT and Pirates in the long run?  Will GT halt on their assaults against Pirates’ empire?

~VP, °    mchappyღ 

17 Responses

  1. First, booyah! :mrgreen:


  2. ok plz dont do that its annoying


  3. Oh god… This is going to erupt into another world war *facepalm*


  4. Good gosh war’s are getting old. D:


  5. CPPA didn’t give the servers to LT. I’m pretty sure you can’t give servers away if they are about to be invaded. LT also didn’t provide sufficient 24 hour notice to GT that they would defend the servers for CPPA. GT counted the battles as raids/practice battles. Pirates were considered no-shows except for the ones that were in LT’s line.


  6. He said it himself, “watch out, because I will get revenge.”

    That is a lie, and Light Troops posted the defense before 12 hours so it was valid. GT are just plain mad.


  7. This was a one time thing. We don’t feel like going to war with a UK army if they aren’t going to show up and have allies try and defend for them. And I personally like the LT, no reason for war.


  8. Warfare today. -_- I’m only in SWAT, GT and LT now and also DM.


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