News: Pirates Seek Peace; Refuse To Fight

MIGRATOR — After making amends with his soldiers and re-establishing the government, Pirate Captain Waterkid100 changes his army’s course away from ACP,

NOTE: The ideas and views expressed by this author do not reflect those of CPAC

The Pirates Reform

After realizing how his soldiers felt about his government, Waterkid realized the Pirates needed a change. In response to the unrest, the government was re-established as a democracy and he renounced his old, harsh habits. Many of the troops who had defected to the Army of Club Penguin accepted his apology and rejoined for their old ranks with no hard feelings from any of their former comrades. The new government will let soldiers partake in decisions in the army every Friday.

“We do have a lot in common. The same air, the same Earth, the same sky. Maybe if we started looking at what’s the same instead of always looking at what’s different…well, who knows?” -Meowth

Ever since, Waterkid has kept a policy of fighting friendly wars, refusing to continue war with the White Alliance and having a friendly war with European rival Metal Warriors for free land. Pirates’ closest ally, the Light Troops, have stood up to help defend the Pirates from retaliation attacks sparked by Pirate Leader Max’s defacing of the Golden Troops site. For now, the Pirates are focusing on the open horizon, winning away free lands while bulking up with recruiting sessions. With both Ioioluk and Waterkid renouncing their anti-ACP ideas, a rebirth of the Black Alliance seems unlikely.

Why can’t we all just get along?

Even after the Pirates’ withdrawal from the Black Wars, the White Alliance continues to attack the Pirates. As a result, the Pirates are refusing to fight, only appearing to defend their important servers. Instead of going back to the past, Waterkid is only looking to the future. The Pirates have no reason to attack the White Alliance anymore, so it appears the White Alliance are being hypocrites by repeating SWAT/CPPA/DW attacks on the ACP with Nacho/IW/ACP attacks on the Pirates. Even if the Pirates are defeated, what will change? Nothing. Just like if the ACP were defeated, what would happen? Nothing.

Note: The views and opinions expressed in this post do not reflect those of CPAC

My Message to the White Alliance

Why must this war drag on? What closure do you get out of waging war with an army that no longer wants to fight? As long as both sides are alive, neither will have closure. Waterkid knows what he did, and he’s changed how he deals with issues now. There is no longer any reason to bash on the Pirates. In fact, that is actually the reason the White Alliance got involved in the Black Wars, because the ACP was being ganged up on by the Black Alliance. Your alliance is no better if they sit back and pull hypocrite $hit like that. Preach what you pray. Don’t attack a surrendering army. Two wrongs don’t make a damn right. Find your real enemies. The Pirates are no longer one of yours.


11 Responses

  1. An MLP url… nice?


  2. Wat, the war ended already, today was just the last event to celebrate the victory. There aren’t anymore invasions. Please do some research before criticizing everyone next time, I mean this post was stickied on ACP’s site for 2 days:



  3. That’s right Pirates can ignore but ACP can’t when the odds are stacked against them


  4. Terrible post. Barely any news. Crazy bias toward Pirates. Inappropriate language for a news site. No research done, war ended today. And after what Pirates did to GT, I do believe there’s still a reason for the war if we wanted to still invade, You CAN attack a surrendering army, just because you surrender doesn’t mean the other side has to agree with it and the other side had good reason to reject it (GTs site defaced by Waterkid using Max). News sites are supposed to be impartial and deliver news, not attempt to tell others what to do. I could keep going on and on. All together, TERRIBLE post for a news site.

    May I suggest better staff?


  5. […] Golden Troops (WA) continuing invasions against Pirates (BA).  I believe that we should all take Shiv’s advice and move on with our goddamn lives.  We’re accomplishing nothing with these wars and only […]


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