Army of Club Penguin Battles Pirates for Christmas – White Alliance Faces No Opposition from Pirates

CHRISTMAS- As the war has been dying down, ACP continues to battle the Pirates.  Their recent invasion of the Pirates’ server Christmas was the last of the heated battles.  Following these events, ACP and other members of the White Alliance have continued to show up to battles scheduled with the Pirates, only to find that the Pirates have been absent.

ACP and the Pirates battled in a hard-fought battle on Christmas on the 23rd of January.  Both armies had a well display of tactics, and sizes were large at some points and small at others.

Below, ACP does the E+9 tactic while the Pirates do the E+K tactic in the Ice Rink.

ACP Invasion of Christmas 3

Below, the Pirates do the E+9 tactic while ACP does a joke bomb on the Ice Berg.


The battle lasted for one hour.  In the end, both armies claimed victory.  The Club Penguin Army Council judged ACP to be the victors with ACP having a stronger force than the Pirates.

Following this battle, several more events have taken place in the past few days.  ACP has invaded and defended servers with the help of allies in the White Alliance, however the Pirates have not been attending these events.  Perhaps it was to get more troops to join after some recently quit.  When asked for a reason, Pirates leader Waterkid100 replied:

“The troops who quit rejoined, and we are getting stronger than ever.  Whoever is invading the Pirates right now should watch out, because I will get revenge.”

The battles don’t stop here.  More invasions are still scheduled against the Pirates.

Comment with YOUR opinion.  What do you think of the battle?  What do you think of the Pirates ignoring battles?

Tomato 8883 CPA Central Associate Producer

4 Responses

  1. Didnt they max 8 at their last event?


  2. should watch out, because I will get revenge.

    In other words, he’s not going to change.


  3. Then we rejoined and maxed 22


  4. Lol ya we rejoined 😎


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