A Dark, Ghoulish War


Today, we witness another war. After coming out of one of the biggest wars of recent times, it’s spun off a war of its own. The Dark Warriors have decided to attack the Army Republic. This is one of the first wars to start after the Black and White Alliances made a truce, and it should be a close one in a battle of two armies that were tied on the last Top Ten. The Dark Warriors claim their reason to fight is because the Army Republic declared war on them while they were in the midst of another war. AR resents DW for declaring war, and it seems tensions are high, especially after the war-inaugurating battle on Mittens.

DW’s Side

The Dark Warriors and the Army Republic are currently two of the biggest powers in our beloved world. They both took opposing sides in the recent war. They both have had phenomenal results. Once the BA vs. WA war was over, many armies took that chance to rest, and some rebuilt. However, the Dark Warriors decided to go directly into another war. In their Declaration of War, they claimed that they “want[ed] to seek revenge” and “will give them one hell of a war.” They then backed up their declaration with eight invasions scheduled on AR, including one on their prized capital server, Toboggan.

AR’s Side

The Army Republic reacted as many armies would, upset. AR claims that DW “couldn’t wait until we [AR] were out of another war,” implying that the Dark Warriors were hasty and disrespectful. AR is still fully intent on fighting to defend 40% of their servers. They currently have scheduled 7 invasions, including an invasion on the DW capital, Frosty. They also say on a consistent basis that “ghosts fight best in the dark.”

DW Wins Mittens

Today, the first battle of war ended. The Dark Warriors won, with a great performance for both armies. The Army Republic has not posted results, only the Dark Warriors. However, it was a very intense battle. Here are pictures courtesy of the Dark Warriors.






Interviews with Unk, DW Leader and Capncook, AR Leader 

Snivy: Who do you think has the upper hand at the moment and why?

Unk: DW, we just defeated the AR on Mittens with 10 more troops than them at some points.

Capn: I’d say it’s very evenly matched. The AR was having connection issues (as always) and gave it our all today. We were bigger than the DW, but they weren’t lagging like we were. So as I said, we’re very evenly matched.

S: How do you feel about the opposing army at this point in time?

U: I actually really like the AR, they’re a good army, and they’ve stayed consistent for quite some time now, but when Burito starts running his mouth off, that is when I lose respect for them.

C: I think they used to be a good army, however, they have changed to become a most… dishonest group of people.

S: Do you think this war will end anytime soon?

U: Yes, as all wars nowadays do, unfortunately.

C: Yes. DW declared war for absolutely no reason and other armies are also sick of their tyrannical lies, not just the AR. If the AR does not beat them by ourselves, then the DW will never know what hit them, and it will be justified.

Win count: DW 1 – 0 AR

Today was a close win for the Dark Warriors. The Army Republic finished out today with a bang, although losing. Before this war is over, many can agree the score will be close. The DW, although victorious, and the AR, although in defeat, have no time to celebrate or reflect, as they enter an important battle on Toboggan on Saturday. After the Dark Warriors capture Mittens, they look to score again on Toboggan, though you can bet the AR will bringing its best defenses in the battle for their capital.

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7 Responses

  1. AR declared war. Burito wanted to bring allies but then he ditched the idea. This ‘connection problem’ is bullshit too.


  2. Good to see a post from you the day I add you to the site. 😆


  3. i was in the photo im guide cp but i said what


  4. AR just surrendered


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