*clevername.exe has crashed*

*sigh* You know, I think you already know what this will be about. The war of BA-WA. This war that is tearing us apart. *sigh again*  I really want this to stop, but this won’t be another stupid post about how ACP’s Death will bring about the end. No, I feel like explaining what BA’s true secret was, hidden in plain sight! Waterkid’s greatest secret was….

For the duration of this post, I’m just gonna have some fun and post this as though it was in real life (with penguins+ super duper weird physics and time travel) . Fair warning swear are coming.
Hey hey! Before I start a riot here at CPAC HQ (which has been bombed here in Klondike due to heavy bombing by Pirate-ACP forces) we’ve been bomb ed to hell. We have holes in the roof, snow is blowing in, things are looking dark here in the embattled city of Klondike . Pirates occupied a quarter of the city for a while now. The former HQ was bombed to hell,razed after the controversial posts we made. Some Pirates raided our former HQ in a daring assault. Most of us made it out, but we lost Bluesockwa1, when he decided to go back and grab Shab’s Shitty coffee for his morning coffee as it was his last sack after the Coffee driver took an anvil to his knee by Pirate forces.

Afterwards, we escaped to the ACP-White alliance section of the city still under control by them. However when we entered the claimed territory, we were pushed away by the Army of Cp Troopers. We were being yelled at us for “not supporting them in this dark time” even though we had no relations to them, and don’t support them officially. We were kicked out of ACP-WA territory, we couldn’t enter Pirate territory so we had to make camp in the ruins of an abandoned Igloo in the middle of the warzone. Where, we slept through the night while ACP-WA Troops continued shelling the Pirate troops with giant snowballs. Massive ‘splosions were heard throughout the night. For the record, I’m trying to make you go dufaq. Finally, as the dawn rose over the battlefield. We ran as the a Giant T-rex came out of no where and started vomiting random s*** at us. Then we went over a hill to see Pirates and WA troops battling it out. As the might T-rex stepped over us and started vomiting at everyone at the great battlefield. We were smooched into the ground as the might T-rex decided to meander around the battlefield until he decided to sit down and look cute. 

At this Bluesockwa2 decided to random pictures of the dinosaur at random angles. Bluesockwa then uploaded the pictures to Reddit, and instantly became a meme. I then proceeded to slap Bluesockwa (please don’t fire me) to remind him that we were still in a war zone with each side making faces and shouting random stuff into the air such as…

“HAMSTER HAMSTER  HAMSTER  HAMSTER  HAMSTER  HAMSTER  HAMSTER”,” THIS IS SPARTA”, and turning red to make the other side angry. We then realized that Chuck norris in Penguin form had suddenly appeared and started to slap every penguin on the battlefield. Then the T-rex saw Chuck Norris and started to vomit on him. Which I processed to swear out in confusion. Then everything went to black thanks to the Club penguin servers banning me for swearing.

Thank you for reading this post, I’m hoping I can get the most “dafuq” post award at the of this year. (Btw this post is just to lighten up the tone lately and + just for me to have fun.

7 Responses

  1. Hmm… The picture seems to be trolling me. It’s so ironic.


  2. can i delete??????/-_?!/


  3. Unnecessary


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