Top News: Golden Troops Site Defaced

The title says it all.  Click “read more” to follow up on the ongoing story.

EDIT: proof showing that Max, a Pirate owner, defacing the site.

Golden Troops were defaced around the times of 11:00 to 12:30 EST, January 23, 2013.  Golden Troops owners are still trying to determine who has defaced the site, but nobody has been proved guilty yet (though one of the suspects leans toward the Black Alliance, more specifically Waterkid).  Unfortunately armies face the sad, yet realistic, obstacle of hackers who can take control of their hard work and trash it all.  This is the first deface of the new year.

The only GT leader on at the time was Wenny123abc.  I decided it would be best that an interview to clear all the confusion up would be best.

Were you the first to realize GT’s site was defaced?

No, Waterkid had PC’ed me about this, which I find mildly suspicious.

Do you believe Waterkid, or someone in BA, is responsible for this?

Yes, I believe a BA member is responsible for this, Waterkid is certainly a suspect.

When I confront Waterkid about it he laughed, saying he wasn’t on the site, and continued to gawk.  What is your response to this?

I was never fully accusing him, I just found him to be suspicious.

What does this mean for GT’s involvement in the war?

GT will remain out of war, as our main focus will be recovering the site.

Good point.  How will GT recover fromt his, and what do you plan on doing next?

The other leaders and I will divide responsibilities on recovering the site if one of the other leaders doesn’t have a backup site.

Anything you’d like to add about this issue?

Don’t think this will harm GT, we have very loyal soldiers and committed leaders.  The site will return in no time.

My questions are in gray while Wenny123abc’s responses are in orange.  As you can tell, GT leaders are working hard to figure out the true source behind it.  As this story continues, with updates, we will figure out who the defacer truly was.  Wenny123abc seems confident that this will not put GT in a bad spot.  He also strongly believes that due to the loyal soldiers of the army, they will do nothing but rise from here.


A picture of the damage.

Armies, for a while, were in an era of hacking.  It had seemed like almost every week Special Weapons and Tactics was getting defaced, along with Dark Warriors and Light Troops.  For once it seemed that the community was getting passed all of the low blows, but has it returned?  I don’t see the good in hacking.  It’s very cruel and damaging to both the army and hackers reputation.  Remember to treat others the way you want to be treated.

What do YOU think?  Who defaced GT’s site?  How will this affect GT’s performance?

~Editor in Chief, °    mchappyღ

28 Responses

  1. First, booyah! :mrgreen:


  2. Well I guess GT won’t be in this top ten. That’s seriously sad, since they got 25-30 in yesterday’s event, and I was really looking forward to seeing them in the top 5.


    • Are you a hospital patient or just stupid? Just because our site was defaced does not mean that we will not be in the top ten. I never read anything saying “If your site gets hacked your automatically out of the top ten.” Considering our big sizes yesterday.


      • I don’t think he meant to say that in a harsh tone. Considering the site was defaced, GT’s pictures for this week were lost. So unless someone has the pictures saved, it may be impossible to know how to place GT in the top ten.

        Your sizes were pretty big this week though, so if someone can uncover them, you’d be leaning towards the top five.


      • IW got hacked back in November, which caused many of their pics on their site to be deleted. Top tens are based on the pics provided by the army’s website, meaning that no pics, not included. So no, I am not stupid, as the Nachos were not included in the top ten 2 months ago since they had no pics of their previous events. If you have pics of your events, then good for you, since I was never against GT, in fact I really liked them. So before raging at someone, please read the comment until the end to avoid looking like an idiot. Thank you and good day to you too sir.


      • Freezie, be nice man.


      • Just shows how nooby you are. Not to be rude xP

        But for reals… its sorta obvious…


  3. Impressive, Using a 2ic to get revenge on the head.


  4. How did he get access to the site?


  5. Max is from pirates. Im sure eonz or someone made him since CPPA used to have crazy áss hackers.


  6. All Posts have been restored.


  7. I meant nice post.


  8. Someone is trying to hide something.


  9. […] two days after the six month war, GT declared war on the Pirates.  Recently, GT’s site was discovered to be defaced.  After ongoing investigation from their leaders, it was discovered a Pirates’ owner […]


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