Ioioluk Changes His Mind: Light Troops Are Back!

Ioioluk, creator and legend of the Light Troops, takes back every word he says; creating another generation of the legendary force.  How far will it go this time around?

Yesterday on January 22, 2013, Ioioluk recreated the Light Troops, one of the most notorious and well-known armies since 2012.  On December 26, 2012, Ioioluk pronounced the LT dead.  Summing it up, “This is the end of the ride, the end of our great journey, the end of the Light Troops. Why? Because Roberto and I don’t want to lead anymore, and we know there is no leader good enough for the job.”  As all of us (at least) know, the LT dominated 2012 as they challenged the Army of Club Penguin to multiple duels, to only become one of the first armies to testify ACP’s power.  With a lot of successes under their belt, they would continue on to become a regular in the top five of the top ten.  Ioioluk has left his mark on this community, proving his worth.  However, it always hasn’t been gold in LT’s history.

Is THIS coming back?

Ioioluk has retired multiple times for his army, only for LT to quickly fall without warning.  With this last retirement from Ioioluk it was thought that the Light Troops would surely stay dead; even Ioioluk had given up.  As this pattern continued to go on and on, Ioioluk would grow restless and uneasy with his soldiers.  Thus came a time when his enemies would mock him for his abrupt behavior and lack of control of his anger.  Despite what any one army ever said said, Ioioluk still proved to be capable of being a great leader.  LT has also dealt with their own hacks, rebellions, and losses.  Even at one time, being unrecognized as an army by Club Penguin Army Central.  Their past is not very likable for they have put fear into their enemies eyes, mocking them, and showing them no mercy.

On the return post, an invasion for the Chaos Army was already scheduled.  Recently the Chaos Army was featured as number one on Small-Medium Army Central‘s top ten, which showed a picture of an unscheduled event of up to almost twenty troops!  Unaware of the invasion, Chaos Army still has yet to post about it.  The question we’re all wondering is, can LT properly pull off an invasion with big numbers?  Or will they bite off more than they can chew?


A picture of the Chaos unscheduled event on January 21, 2013.

LT’s last event on December 20, 2012.

Keep in mind that LT’s last event had an absence of Ioioluk.  It surprised me to here that the Light Troops were making a comeback.  I bet all of us are all a little spectacle.  Around the time that Ioioluk, former leader of the Black Alliance, surrenders to the White Alliance, we see a return of his army.  Who, some people, claim to blame LT for this six month war as Ioioluk was the one to influence Waterkid, leader and recreator of the BA.  Here is what Ioioluk said in his invading post,

So I said in the last post that I will not remake LT, and the truth is, I never planned to. But I have been really struggling with the CPPA American division so I decided to help Rob with NW. It ended up with Vince not needing my help, so I decided to just leave. Everybody was telling me to recreate LT, so why not? By the way, I will be leading alone since Roberto wants to stay with NW(although he is not leader, not added to site and has basically no power).

By the way, there is no personal reason for this invasion. They just seem like a good opponent to start with.

As you can see, Ioioluk isn’t very happy with Roberto, former LT leader, with his decision to stay with the Night Warriors.  Both Ioioluk and Roberto were in NW for a short time, helping out with the struggling army.  Though, as seen above, Ioioluk was persuaded by his old soldiers to bring back the former army to it’s glory.  Starting their regime against the Chaos Army.  Already, seventeen comments are under the invading post.  Not all can come, but it definitely poses as a threat to the newly successful Chaos Army.

When I heard from Reece, a former LT leader, that the army was coming back, I was pretty shocked.  Last time I had talked to Ioioluk he seemed pretty much over armies as a whole.  I’m not sure how long this generation will last.  I’m sure many will disagree with me saying how Ioioluk is determined this time, but let’s face it, he is getting pretty old.  Once you hit that thirteen-fourteen age, armies progressively get more boring and boring.  Hopefully, LT won’t go back to their old ways.  I personally think it’s boring how they would only try to rival ACP and their allies.  I’m looking forward to a more peaceful LT generation.  Crossing my fingers.  Lastly, it does sort of raise my suspicion how they decide to come back once the BA surrenders.  Coincidence?


I know my first sentence is a little cropped off, but you get the idea.

What do YOU think?  What is the true meaning behind Light Troops’ comeback?  How long will this revival last?  Who is their next target after the Chaos Army?  Will this just prolong the six month war?

~Editor in Chief, °    mchappyღ 

13 Responses

  1. First, booyah! :mrgreen:


  2. Chaos Army <333


  3. Glory to the Light!


  4. I think LT is gonna win vs Chaos


  5. Never would have guessed.


  6. I saw this coming XD

    I cant wait to laugh at Sap about this one.


  7. Haters gonna hate *Un*


  8. Of course Ioioluk recreated them and invaded a medium army….


  9. LOL why was waterkid using hashtags?


  10. I have no respect for LT, they deserve none. The leaders can’t stabalize their army, and it rises and falls monthly. Since I returned to armies last winter, I’ve probably seen LT die and be revived more times than all the other armies combined. Also pathetic that they’re invading Chaos.


  11. […]  Arg, me mateys, it be ye Pirates.  Instead, brother ally, the Light Troops (who are in the process of staging a comeback themselves) are taking the vicious blows.  Could this be too much for GT to […]


  12. yo ioioluk recreated Lt so im back in LT it should never be over and why did he recreate it? so there can be more responible ppl in lt so that he can retire peacefully and guide us to #1


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