The Coup of BA+ The orginal reason for the war

Mammoth- It’s been a while eh? Well I have story for you. I’m about to tell you about the Coup that no one knew about, Well except the people who coup’ed in the Black alliance.

To be honest I was the first of 2 others who were coup’ed by Waterkid in the Black alliance. Now the reason may be justified had it been done in a different way. First, Waterkid rapidly rose to power in the Black alliance after our first main defeat in November. Our goals for ACP was not to destroy at all, in fact we had something else in mind which I will reveal later in this post. But as time went on something random happened.

We had a spying issue within the BA, we all knew it in this. But in possibly one of the stupidest attempts of getting rid of a leader, Antant apparently Personal Chat with someone in the upper BA ranks. He said something to the extent of… “Thank Weatherboy1 for the Info  I got”.  This is possibly one of the stupidest tactics I’ve ever seen (No offense Antant, but In my opinion it was a stupid tactic). Now there are multiple flaws with this. 1 being that why the hell would Antant reveal the presences of a spy so high up in the BA. 2nd he was our enemy, he would try to confuse us. 3rd, If I was actually a spy, I would be possibly one of the best to get that high up in BA.

But what utter blew my mind is that Water kicked me out after I had proved my innocence to some of the leadership. I do apologize for not taking pictures of this, cause I didn’t know I would need to defend my position again. But let me give you a little more depth into this.

I had proven to the leadership that I had been innocent and that the previous day, Water told me he dropped the charges, that’s right. He told me that I was cleared of all charges the day before he kicked me out. Luckily  the leaders I had convinced that I was innocent still believed that I was still innocent. They were my last line to find out what the heck was going on.

The news got more and more direr as the weeks went up into war. My friend and leader in BA, Proditor, informed me of how Waterkid was slowly but surely gaining more and more power in The Black alliance. What really stunned me is that he fired Coolster, a longtime members of our alliance and one of the founding fathers of the new alliance. Then shortly after, he overthrew Proditor in the alliance, getting rid of all of the founding fathers (1 had retired previously).

So then it was, Waterkid had gotten the full control of the Black alliance. I was notified of Proditor’s overthrowing about a week from last Sunday. Now, as I mentioned I would reveal what the founding Father’s had in mind. This may shock some.

The true reason for why we recreated the Black alliance is to help CP armies, We thought that by bringing down the old powers, Not killing, we would usher in the new Golden age, Army of Cp and the old allies would attract new members of Cp armies to the Army world like they always have. This was the reason why the alliance was found, even thought most of our members didn’t know this. Only the high command ever knew our reason. (This goal was orginally set in November during this Black alliance’s first attacks on ACP and her allies, that goal did change however both by Waterkid and we did lost ourselves during the war, went too far)

Now, The Black alliance you know was ran by Waterkid, he installed the false belief of killing ACP would usher in a new era. He further convinced others of the hate they intended. But now the leadership regrets this. They Regret ever bringing the message of hatred to this conflict.

Weatherboy1- CPAC news. 

Thank you Waterkid for pointing out that I had forgotten to put in that this goal was set at the beginning.

20 Responses

  1. It’s like Palpatine from Star Wars


  2. So even BA doesn’t like Water that much?


  3. Waterkid is the main topic nowadays.


  4. All of the comments on BA posts are about waterkid…..


  5. So, now do you think that we should all agree on voting to remove him?


  6. Helping Clients Armies? How believable *wary*


  7. Hmm, considering BA’s past with their founding fathers, it’s hard to believe you were actually going to help CP armies. Noting that you have no proof what so ever for us to believe that, it’s hard to trust. But it doesn’t surprise me that Water was hated in BA, especially after couping 2 of the founding fathers. Weather give some more proof, and then I will change my mind about BA.


    • I’m sorry, I never imagined I would be making this post, had BA prevailed and Water not Coup’ed the others, I would’ve not made this. But those events have passed. Besides, that goal was eventually lost to our hatred of ACP-and her allies


  8. This is all lies. When I joined the Black Alliance, all Coolster talked about was killing the ACP. That was pretty much Black Alliance’s main goal, no point in trying to make yourselves look like the good guys.


  9. I already knew this. I loved the post though. It might have actually worked.(hmm) it’d force old army troops(IW ACP NACHOS) to try harder and recruit more, and the new armies would have to do the same. 🙂






  12. […] you read this post: you would know what happened to me towards the end of the January 2013 BA. Having been betrayed, I […]


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