BREAKING NEWS: Black Alliance Surrenders the ‘Great War’ || Exclusive Interview with Ioioluk

MIGRATOR – Ioioluk, Legendary LT Leader and former Black Alliance head, has surrendered the White Alliance/Black Alliance war.

There isn’t much to say here. A short analysis of the move will come after the text is linked. You can read the original post here.

Hey Pirates.

Well, Waterkid probably won’t agree with me on this, but I have taken an important decision.  I have decided to surrender to the White Alliance as Black Alliance leader and creator.

I have always been confident on this war and I kept the Black Alliance together until now. I know that our armies combined are bigger than the armies in the White Alliance, but  we’ve trusted once again the wrong people, Dark Warriors. They have not helped us in one single battle, and all they have done is bring our motivation down. There is not much to say about this. Dark Warriors, you have proved yourselves to be horrible allies and you have also showed us how low your confidence is. No wonder LT killed you last year after one loss.

But that was not only DW’s fault. Let’s just say that ACP pulled probably the cheapest move in CP Warfare. I have never seen any army go so low. I have never seen an army control the media this much. I have never seen this many(around 8) ACP-biased posts on the CPAC homepage in such a small amount of time(around 3 days). But I cannot change the viewers’ opinions now. ACP has brainwashed everybody in CP Warfare to an amazingly high level, and all this to avoid saying the word “surrender”.

There is now one last thing I need to see from CPAC and all the armies who believed what was said in those ACP-biased posts. How are you going to “rebuild”? I cannot wait to see that. And I will wait for a pretty long time, because it won’t happen. Armies will either not change at all or simply go down even more. This war was never the thing that made CP Warfare fall.

On our behalf, we have made a huge impact in CP Warfare, and we should be proud of ourselves. Whether some people like the change we brought to CP warfare or not, we still changed something, and that makes us a legendary army. There are still many things we need to improve on, though. Our attitude. Especially our attitude. You guys start out wars with ACP really well, and end it up like this. This is almost always caused by your attitude. Improve your attitude, and you will become one of the greatest armies there ever was.

I’ll finish this post with a few things that we have learned from this war, and some mistakes that we should not do again.

  • Don’t ally with anybody except SWAT/any army led by Ioioluk – This is some serious stuff. Do not ally with anyone you don’t trust really well, because they always end up backstabbing you.. SWAT has proven themselves to be worthy allies that will help their us in time of need. And you know I don’t like to betray my allies, so obviously, trust armies led by me. :P
  • Improve the attitude – If you’re going to go against ACP, be prepared. They will do any dirty move to brainwash people to join their side. This is why we have so many problems in these wars. If you guys improve your attitude, ACP won’t have anything to use against you.
  • Stop taking it so seriously – Some of you guys(including Water) are taking this to seriously, especially after battles. Get used to it, ACP will never be honest and admit defeat. You are dealing with 8 years old kids. Stop getting so mad and stop insulting them every time they claim victory when they clearly didn’t win. Boomer was there for a reason. Although towards the end of this war, Boomer became extremely pro-ACP, he was being honest during most of it, and he granted us victory when we clearly deserved it, even if ACP didn’t agree. Just because ACP puts “we win” in their post, it doesn’t mean their pictures show them winning, and it definitively doesn’t mean anybody even believes what is said on that post.

Sorry if you do not agree with my decision, but before we can take on such big and complicated wars, we must improve on the 3 things above. Improving those 3 things will also improve other things such as our size and tactics, people will want to join, etc…

And do not worry about ACP. Nobody is going to care about ACP anymore. ACP is still goin to hang around the 5-6th spot on top 10, while I know we will improve and get in the  top 3. They have made promises to improve CP Warfare and all that crap, but we all know they won’t respect those promises. And everyone is going to realize that once again it was a bad choice to side with ACP.

You may be asking yourself what will happen to the servers we captured? Well, I would like to give ACP all their servers back and they give ours back aswell, but we are not exactly in position to negotiate right now. If we lose a few servers we owned before this war, well, we deserved it. We have done some mistakes during this war, but we will improve, and we will take them back.

Remember this : It’s not about the servers, it’s about sending a message.

I want you all to just improve and become the best army out there. I don’t want you to feel ashamed that we lost, and I don’t want you guys to start leaving. This is a perfect time to think about our mistakes and not do them next time. Just think about the future. Sorry I help enough with the war, but I did my best, just like all of you. Now my final help to this army will be this post. Do what I told you to do in the post, and you will become 5 times stronger than before. That is all.



Interview with Ioioluk, Former BA Leader

Blue2: What was the reason you decided to declare an end to the war?

Ioio: It was clear that we were going to lose after the recent turn of events in the administration of the BA.

Blue2: What turn of events was this?

Ioio: First off, DW decided n0t to help us because they claimed their troops were not up for the challenge. Then a bunch of armies in the Black Alliance switched sides due to the ACP-biased posts on CPAC. I believe nothing in those posts really makes sense, and that it was a cheap move by ACP to make armies in the BA change their mind.

Blue2: Do you believe Waterkid will support your decision?

Ioio: I hope he will, but I doubt it.

Blue2: And then what? Will the alliance dissolve?

Ioio: I think so. But from what I’ve learned, things always work out better when it’s one army without an alliance.

Blue2: Has the Black Alliance achieved its goal?

Ioio: It depends. Some people in BA think our goal is to destroy the ACP, but my goal is to send a message and not to nescessarily destroy ACP, but to have them surrender. So I guess it isn’t achieved.

Blue2: So you never really wanted to see ACP dead?

Ioio: I did one year ago. But I realized ACP can’t be killed.

Blue2: Care to elaborate on how this is so?

Ioio: Come on man. Everyone knows why they can’t die. -.-

Blue2: Sorry. Anyway, do you have any final comments?

Ioio: Not really.

Blue2: Thanks for your time.


Analysis by Bluesockwa1

In closing, I would say this. White Alliance, it isn’t time to celebrate yet. I don’t expect Waterkid to surrender this war until he is on his last breath. While Ioio may have made this decision, analysts expect Waterkid to overturn the decision, the very thing Ioio had stated in his post. Also, might I add that what has been recently coined The Great War was never really a war at all, simply a political negotiation like nothing armies had ever seen. While the war started, it never grew into a full-length conflict, and has only lasted in excess of about a week or two. However, in those few weeks, we have seen some dramatic changes in armies, including a redefinition of the media, new leadership in the CP Army Council, and retirements of many of armies’ greatest figures, including Khimo of the Dark Warriors and 122344a of the Army of the Republic. In any case, there is revelation that comes from every great failure. We may have avoided a dark age or prevented a golden age, who knows? But until then, it is now time for moral reform, for those who have previously been divided to once again link, and, through the CP Army Council, to continue the mission to reform Club Penguin Armies to the greatest they have ever been. This generation may be one of low troop counts and site views, but it does not lack intelligence. We are the renaissance men of what is teetering on either becoming the second golden age or the first dark age.

You have seen a glimpse of what each looks like. Now, what are you going to do?



CPA Central CEOs

76 Responses

    • I agree but Ioio you was not the Black Alliance creator.Only created brought back the Black Alliance two times.The orignal one was with Nachos,IW,and more that i don’t remember.


  1. Order all forces on TCP so we can shut Pain up for good!


  2. I like, CPAC as a news site, but I always thought they were slightly biased to ACP. When LT got suspended, it was at it’s peak, but not because LT got suspended. However, in the past, CPAC have been gradually less biased.


  3. ioio surrendered….what?


  4. Well, Ioio. That’s why it’s called an editorial and a retirement post. There were also a couple of BA biased posts, and btw many significant people didn’t like you and BA anyhow before they got “brainwashed”. Maybe the posts did go a bit far, but you are definitely exaggerating. It was more like 2 or 3, not EIGHT. Stop talking about trust when you are lying to your own troops.


    • Also Waterkid is not surrendering apparently until ACP become a “BA Colony” and surrender all their servers but one, will probably be the other way around haha


    • I am also counting the posts on CP Army Council targeting the BA in particular.


      • Even then, that’s probably because of the attitude BA (more specifically certain members, maybe not you but still) has had towards the council, Waterkid even going as far to withdraw from it and condemn it. BA has been looked upon with scorn for a long time by many armies.


      • It’s not called brainwashing if I did it deliberately on my own accord.


  5. No wonder LT is dead.


  6. Don’t worry Waterkid will recreate BA because he’s an immature kid with anger problems
    But Ioio’s the bigger man here


  7. inb4 fired


  8. Having fought Ioio many times during my leadership I know that Ioio is insane but he isn’t batshet insane like Water. Much respect to Ioio.


  9. Waterkid will restart BA. Even the BA know that will happen.


  10. Ioio, I respect you, you’ve made me respect you more.


  11. And this CP Warfare, is why Ioio should be a legend.


  12. Look at Ioio talking about attitude. What irony.


  13. Sometimes it’s not about the moxie to continue, but it’s about the moxie to surrender. Big props to Ioio.


  14. yea ioio for cp army legend


  15. See guys, this is why have always liked Ioio.


  16. I bet ioio is going to get kicked out of pirates/BA now….


  17. “ACP pulled the cheapest move. They controlled the media” Alright first off, Waterkid himself is on the CPAC site and has posted things for the BA. I’m not saying they were biased posts, but if ACP really controlled the media, couldn’t he have stopped this? Also, I think having 4 armies invade 1 trying to destroy that one army is a bit cheap as well…. Just saying my opinion.


  18. WA won’t stop invading until the treaty is made.


  19. Thank you, Ioio.


  20. I never left @ The End. What.


  21. Let’s call this, “The Great Overreaction”


  22. BA is still here. We have some more cleansing to do, don’t celebrate yet.


  23. As usual, the BA end up giving up on the war before even coming near to “destroying” the ACP. Bravo.
    I hope this isn’t over (and it probably isn’t). For one, it was only just getting started. And also, I don’t think we should just accept BA admitting defeat, as always, seems to happen, for them to come back a month later with the exact same plan, hatred, and war. Couldn’t the WA go further to try and stop this ever happening again?


    • But if the WA goes out to destroy the BA, does that you make you as bad as they are?


      • Well, Black alliance is bad, and you should feel bad


      • Well, of course,but we need to do something. We’re still at war already, and as Twingy said, they just come back a month later and we have another version of this. Again.

        Of course, it wouldn’t be the best option, but something needs to go a step further this time or we’ll just be in almost an exact replica of this war in a couple of month’s time. Not saying we should kill BA, but something needs to go a step further.


        • I don’t think we can kill the BA, but certainly we could “disperse” them? These wars are getting tiring and the ACP and other armies have got a right to fight against hatred of them. These “destructive wars” have to be stopped.


      • No it’s just finishing the cleaning job, something you fail to do every single time something like this happens


  24. “Michael Jackson’s Heal The World playing”

    Well, I haven’t been on in xats for at least nearly 2 weeks! I got pissed off by the fact of this useless and retarded war. It ain’t fun. It’s force. And I totally agree with Ioioluk. And the ACP biased posts on CPAC, maybe so. I still like to credit CPAC for my now washed out fame, but then again, everything is biased like I said. Nothing is complete unless you get the OLDEST leaders. Like old leaders from the UMA, ACP and lt (Ioioluk), Pirates etc. Why? Because they know the REAL CP warfare. Today’s warfare is political, like being said in the post. Politics really is dominating even on CP related shit.


  25. So what now? We know that WA is obviously larger than BA (or what’s left of it). However, if we try killing Water, (as B2 said), we are nothing better than BA. But obviously by letting Water “live”, nothing will change. God we are in a tough situation.


  26. Ioio is a pretty cool guy, I like him, but I can’t help but think that the surrender was still more of a “anti-ACP, anti-ACP allies, anti-CPAC” rant more than anything. I agree with some things he said, but others are just taken way out of proportion. What have we learned, really, after this is all over?

    I agree that maybe the media went too overboard, but then again, BA got their fair share on CPAC. If it was my decision, none of it would really have been put on CPAC. It’s proven that it causes too much commotion. At the same time though, I believe CPAC should be a place to express your feelings about a certain topic. You cannot blame ACP for it, but blame CPAC for allowing all of the editorials to go unnoticed.


  27. Nah, the war is still on.


  28. #Respect


  29. […] were making a comeback.  I bet all of us are all a little spectacle.  Around the time that Ioioluk, former leader of the Black Alliance, surrenders to the White Alliance, we see a return of his army.  Who, some people, claim to blame LT for this six month war as […]


  30. […] Ioioluk’s attempted surrender late last evening, the Black Alliance has quickly begun to crumble. Battles continued today on Christmas,  , as […]


  31. I hate (yes, I don’t love it) how WA is now trying to stick to their “good” image now that BA is on its knees and saying that they will be as evil as BA by killing them, without doing any of the other offensive things that BA did also.
    The world is not in black and white. It isn’t separated into good people and Death Eaters. You win some, lose some. Every person has done good and bad things in their life time, and it doesn’t change anything about them or their personalities; don’t think that by killing an evil person for what they have done against humanity automatically makes you as bad as them as well. Think of the Hunger Games, where innocent people are forced to kill others in an attempt to keep from dying themselves. Were any of those people truly evil?
    I say we should wipe ourselves clean and get rid of Waterkid in the process. If we don’t, it will happen again, and you will end up complaining about why we didn’t kill him at first, and then you will realize your mistakes.
    Nobody should be trying to upkeep an image glorifying their being 100% good and perfect, there is nobody like that. It’s only justice, don’t feel guilty.


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