Army of Club Penguin Defends Flippers from Pirates – Dark Warriors Back Out of War

FLIPPERS – Today, the UK forces of ACP and the Pirates fought for ACP’s server Flippers.  This battle was yet another battle in the heated war of the Black Alliance against the White Alliance.  Who won the battle?  How did it effect the war?

The battle commenced at 7:00 pm Greenwich Mean Time (UK time) or 2:00 pm Eastern Standard Time.  ACP and the Pirates battled on the server Flippers, with ACP defending and the Pirates invading.  ACP reached sizes of 20-25+ with great tactics.  The Pirates on the other hand only managed to get sizes of about 10.

Below, ACP does the E+Q tactic while the Pirates do the E+6 tactic in the Dojo.


Below, ACP does the E+F tactic while the Pirates form a line in the Town.

In the end, ACP had a stronger force with better sizes and tactics and successfully defended the server Flippers from the Pirates.  ACP 3ic Purple Slime4 was pleased with ACP’s results, as seen in a post on the ACP site:

We did some pretty good tactics, most of them were perfect and then we started to increase our size. The battle lasted for about an hour (surprisingly) and I would thank all of the soldiers who came- you are very loyal and you made a huge difference for us!

ACP and the Pirates are scheduled to battle again today where ACP will be invading the Pirates’ server Sardine.

The Dark Warriors were recently part of the Black Alliance, one of the two alliances involved in the current war.  However, a recent post on the DW site stated that DW were backing out of the war to rebuild:

After constant fighting, we have came to a halt. We’re now going to train, and recruit to become the best army we last were. It’s time for us to get the number one spot back. Our goal for this week is to regain that spot, by mass-recruiting and training. We can do this.

Tracking Season is still here. That means all Dark Warriors must recruit on Club Penguin tracking chats. This helps us to become a bigger army. It’s important for you to recruit for the army.

The post also stated that DW are currently remaining neutral in the war.

 Comment with YOUR opinion.  How do you think the battle went?  What do you think of DW stepping out of the war?

Tomato 8883 CPA Central Associate Producer

5 Responses

  1. Well, at least DW get the message. Unk, SaW and their leaders are smart.


  2. No response from Pirates?


  3. Congratulations to ACP on the victory! :mrgreen:


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