News: Nachos Join White Alliance – Icy Troops?

KLONDIKE — Sticking to their “ACP must survive” ideology, the Nachos have joined the White Alliance to aid their frenemy, the Army of Club Penguin. Meanwhile, the Icy Troops rise from the dead and help the BA wear down it’s enemies.

NOTE: The ideas and views expressed in this post do not reflect those of CPAC or it’s staff

The Nachos decided to join the White Alliance, in order to “save” themselves from the “rising BA threat”. They join the Army of the Republic, Ice Warriors, and Tacos for another crusade against the Black Alliance. They begin by attacking the SWAT, an old BA rival they faced several times in the past. Each time, the Nachos were able to outlast the SWAT and defeat them. But, this time, the SWAT are back and stronger than ever, and the Nachos are going through times of internal turmoil. However, their treaty with the Dark Warriors prevents any action against them in this war. Can the Nachos prove their veteran power against the young guns of the SWAT? Stay tuned for battle news when it comes.

“Justice Always Prevails” -Puckley


The Icy Troops have risen from the dead and scored a victory on the ACP server of Fiesta along with the Shadow Troops. They recently rose to power after a merge with the Ninjas. However, they were recently hurt by a deface from former owner Garretjr. The small BA army has averaged 11+ the week and now plans to invade the Nachos. An invasion has been planned on Fjord for Tuesday. Stay tuned for battle news when it comes.

Icy Troops on Fiesta


4 Responses

  1. Second!!


  2. […] Nachos Join WA – Icy Troops? […]


  3. The first generation of IT was mainly an ACP-Nacho ally. Love how the the tide can turn with just one generation change.


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