Top Ten Armies: 01/20/13

Note: Water Vikings and Shadow Troops were switched due to a neglect of the Water Vikings’ Saturday Event.

As what very well may be the climax of armies approaches during the conflict of the White Alliance and Black Alliance, let’s take a look at how the greatest armies of Club Penguin are stacking up.

Top Ten Armies


1. Special Weapons and Tactics [+3] [89.88]

2T. Dark Warriors [+1] [84.88]

2T. Army Republic [-1] [84.88]

4. Ice Warriors [+4] [79.75]

5. Army of CP [-4] [74.88]

6. Nachos [-1] [68.88]

7. Pirates [-1] [64.75]

8. Golden Troops [-1] [63.88]

9T. Pretzels [NEW!] [54.75]

9T. Water Vikings [+0] [54.75]


Close to the Top Ten:

11. Shadow Troops [+1]

12. Chaos Army [+1]

13. Night Warriors [-3]

14. N/A

15. N/A

1. Special Weapons and Tactics: The SWAT take first in the Top Ten with a great showing this week. They began the week with the Defense of Migrator, where they averaged 20-25. They also won the Battle of Alaska only two days later. The next, they also defeated the ACP on the server of Snow Fort, with sizes of 15-20. They also won the Battle of Snow Globe on Friday. As the war with the ACP continued on, SWAT made a post saying they would ‘assassinate Snaily, ACP 3ic, on January 18th.’ The are one of many armies in the BA to have been targeting Snaily recently. That same day, the had yet another victory on the server of Snow Fort. However, the army’s event of the week only yesterday, averaging 30 during the Invasion of Breeze. SWAT has joined the Black Alliance as the WA/BA conflict begins to develop.

2T. Dark Warriors: The Dark Warriors gain a spot this week, one of the central armies of the WA/BA conflict. Their first event of the week took place on Thursday, a raid of the Golden Troops, where they averaged 20. They also claimed victory the next day on the server of Flurry, and on the server of Cozy the following day. The war with GT continued, as much of a flame war as an actual war, as the Dark Warriors claimed victory on the server of Marshmellow, and Belly Slide. The Dark Warriors would go on to claim victory on the servers of Ascent and Yeti. Now, as the week comes to an end, the Dark Warriors have pulled out of the Black Alliance, causing a big blow to the faction.

2T. Army Republic: The Army Republic falls one place this week, coming in at 2nd. The week began as AR defeated the Golden Troops, with a maximum size of 27. On Friday, the army had a U-Lead session with sizes of 25-30. Two days later, as the White Alliance formed, the AR posted the results of their first event. However, they cited that it was in no way a Declaration of War — that this was meant to scare the BA. Capncook, AR Leader, was quoted in saying that the AR is ‘at the forefront of the White Alliance.’


4. Ice Warriors: The Ice Warriors placed 4th this week. They got right to work as the week began, with a training session last Sunday, with sizes of 20-25. Two days later, they had another training session, maxing a mere 8. The next two days the Ice Warriors would have two other less than adequate training session, with sizes between 5 and 10. However, yesterday the Ice Warriors had very nice sizes of 20-25 during a practice battle with the Army Republic. Jack, Ice Warriors 2ic, is playing a large part in the White Alliance, but it is yet to be cited whether or not Albert147, IW Leader, will pull the army in. Aquabluejet also reported to remain in the race for the leadership.


5. Army of CP: The ACP started off extremely strong as the week began, but their performance in the middle and end of the week lands them fifth this week. They had truly amazing sizes of 35-40 on the servers of Klondike and Breeze as the week began, and sizes of 20-25 during the Battle of Migrator, despite some chat problems. The next day, the battle with the Pirates on Klondike ended with a draw, the ACP getting sizes of 13. They also claimed victory on Breeze against the Pirates that same day. Also, that day, they lost on the servers of Alaska and Berg. The next day, ACP claimed victory on Chinook with sizes of around 15. On Thursday, the army claimed victory on Summit, Christmas, and Snow Globe later in the day, however the Council claimed differently in certain instances. ACP also claimed victory on Fiesta and Avalance on Friday. Yesterday, the ACP claimed victory against a force comprised of ST, SWAT, and Pirates on the server of Snow Fort. That same day, they claimed victory on Breeze as Snaily, ACP 3ic, requested that Funks promote one of the American owners to Co-Leader in a controversial post. The ACP is reported to be a part of the White Alliance, and Antant98 is reported to have left the army and joined AR for a mod rank.

6. Nachos: The Nachos have fallen one spot down to 6th this week. Having a relatively slow week, they scheduled a practice battle against the UMA in the beginning in the week. However, the results post was never posted. Nor was the results post for a training session that was scheduled a day later for the 16th. Puckley, Nachos leader, called for a change in the army, making a post on how the Nachos can improve from where they are at. This included reinforcing chat activeness. The highlight of their week was the Nachos practice battle against GT, in where they maxed around 25. They hope to continue to put forth more effort top stop their fall.


7. Pirates: This week the Pirates have fallen to the 7th spot. Despite their drop, they had a tremendously active week. Ranging from the rise of their American division (who have proved to help their position in the war immensely), to the invasion of their enemy, the ACP. They successfully invaded Mammoth, one of ACP’s most precious servers. One of Pirates’ figureheads, Max, tried to take matters into his own hands in the war against ACP. Disregarding Water’s own actions; it is not know what he exactly did, but there might be some fighting between the owner positions. Though, despite the Pirates having a good week in their war, they continue to show they won’t change their rude actions. This includes showing real life pictures of an ACP owner Foldez which went unaccounted for. Will the Pirates action be justified?

8. Golden Troops: The GT army of CP has fallen this week by one spot. They started the week off with spectacular training sessions. Following these magnificent events, they declared war on DW; whom are one of the big top dogs of armies these days. The war was going fairly good for the GT. Showing they can hold off their own against a bigger army. Once the war ended, they were deciding if to join the WA. They are still deciding as time their site shows.


9T. Pretzels: Pretzels rose up to the ninth spot this week. They started and ended a war against the Chaos all in one week. Beginning their week off, they invaded Glacier. Adding it back as their capital to the nation. With great sizes, the Chaos were not match for them. The war was only 4 battles long until it was decided that peace would be made between the two. Already they are planning for a rebuild from the war by training.


9T. Water Vikings: The Water Vikings barely are able to retain 9th this week after a relatively slow week. Their first event was the Invasion of Cozy, where they met some unexpected opposition from the Golden Troops. They were able to average about 13. After some events without results posts, they had a practice battle with the Night Warriors and won, with good sizes of 15+. They have yet to schedule any events this week.



Word of the Week


Yes, the first ever word of the week is ‘Alliance’. From the White Alliance to the Black Alliance, the end of this week has certainly been extremely interesting. And, while we are on the subject of this war, I can’t help but voice my opinion on it. I’m not on either side in the war as I am in CPAC only, but this is my overall opinion:

This war is going to change nothing. You have divided warfare into two main factions with no room for those who do not want to get involved. Neither of you are going to admit defeat – at the end of the day, I see three main options. If this war continues, we either see the death of the armies in the White Alliance (AR, ACP, Nachos) or the death of the armies in the Black Alliance (SWAT, ST, Pirates). Either way, a large chunk of armies is lost. What do you gain from killing ACP? I have my issues with ACP as much as the next guy, but ACP is no longer the number one army. You are targeting it because of a misguided moral that has become accepted over the past, say, four years, because it made sense during those four years. In any case, this war is not going to fix anything in armies — unless you consider the end fixing something. But being the king of a destroyed city has no more glory to it than it ever has. For CPAC, I’m Bluesockwa1.


CPA Central CEO


CPA Central Vice President

29 Responses



  2. nice top 10


  3. Good job SWAT! 😀




  5. 1. Jack lied about Aqua dropping out in the IW race.
    2. GT doesn’t deserve Top 10
    (I’m GT Leader, so that’s saying something)


  6. Nice Top Ten, Good to see somebody else besides the Dark Warriors in First.


  7. Wut, judging on the given picture WV did way better than ST, this has to be like the third time WV have been wrongly placed.


  8. Who the hell said I was dropping out of the Ice Warriors leader elections? Jesus christ, I say Jack would make a good leader and everyone immediatly thinks im dropping out.


  9. […] week of events and after we beat Chaos in a War 3-1, we have recived the number 9th spot on CPAC! Good job to all of you for helping us get this spot on CPAC! But remember we ae tied for 9th, we […]


  10. Please edit ST’s picture, use instead.


  11. White and Black alliance? We aren’t the white alliance are we, where did that come from? Don’t try and make this racist! xD


  12. Seems a lot like Jack made WA for publicity since we didn’t need it in the first place


  13. Whoot nice job PCP


  14. Alliance – word used typically (not always) by armies who can’t fight their own fight.


  15. Bluesuckwa I’m requesting entry to post on CPAC for a last time. As A former staff, I would like to post once more


  16. swat forever~a swat 2ic was here named dom


  17. *domsamillion


  18. Ugh. You switch ST because of neglection, but you NEGLECT the picture I comment of ST clearly bigger then WV with more tactical success.


  19. Dark Warriors Forever 🙂 We burn the Light!


  20. I can’t see CP army warfare dying without ACP.


  21. I love how Tacos thought that they could kick SWAT’s asses when SWAT got 1st and Tacos are dead as fuck. I haven’t seen Tacos in the Top 10 since they have came back, or even the Top 15.


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