Chaos getting a beating?

GLACIER – Pretzels continue to push through the defenses of Chaos’s servers, slowly crippling their nation. Though Pretzels suffered a loss on the defense of Snow Bank, due to some confusion. But it looks like Pretzels are winning this war, causing chaos in the ranks of the Chaos Army.

On Thursday, Chaos invaded Snow Bank from Pretzels. Pretzels had a minor confusion, and Chaos faced no resistance. Chaos quickly captured Snow Bank, making the war a tie. Chaos posted no pics, but released a public statement –

Hello Chaos! I got some good news and bad news. Good news is…WE WON SNOW BANK. Bad news is we only maxed 5. Also more bad news, master lost all of his pictures. You guys may all rage at him *wary*. Anyways the war score is tied 1-1.

From this statement we can only say that they only maxed 5, and if Pretzels did get on, Chaos might have been destroyed instantly.

The next day, Pretzels once again pushed into Frozen, and faced heavier resistance. But Chaos had problems with troops not getting on, and the dinosaur party screwing the battle. Pretzels averaged 8, maxed 10 and had good tactics, while Chaos averaged 6, maxed 9, and had ok tactics. Here are pictures from Pretzels, because Chaos had no pictures to post.












Sorry for the huge amount of pictures.

So after an intense 40+ minutes of battling and raging about how annoying the dinosaurs are, I had finally helped Pretzels make Chaos admit defeat.


Chaos suck at admitting defeat.

After the event I interview Tymatt, Pretzels leader.

Interview with Tymatt.

Me – Hello Tymatt.

Tymatt – Hello Rex.

Me – Do you think Pretzels are doing well in the war with Chaos?

Tymatt – Yes we are doing great. took a 2-1 lead, though we gotta remain
in complete focus if we want to keep the streak up or get even better.

Me – Is there room for improvement for Pretzels?

Tymatt – Tactically we have to get a bit better, keeping everybody in the army
happy, what I call leadership chemistry and keeping up the recruitment progress.

Me – Do you having anything else to say?

 Tymatt- Yes, the salt is coming and the Mets will win the world series in
5 years, mark my words. Oh and two girls one cup or five guys one burger.

Me – Thanks.

Tymatt – No problem.

I tried to interview Chaos but I got banned after getting them to admit defeat. But here is the report from today.

I’m still on Pretzels for the win, but as before, this war is the battle to the death.

What do YOU think?


CPAC Reporter

12 Responses

  1. What be pippin’ up in dis drizzle, aka 1st…..yea


  2. thats what happends when you have nothing to say for any last words you think what comes to mind at random you feel me?


  3. Like

  4. Yay, Chaos pictures!


  5. Honestly, Chaos are quite good for an army who weren’t in the Top 4 in the last SMAC Tourney!


  6. Rex you seriously need to stop showing off on who won this isnt like a major war like seriously dude


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