Golden Troops vs. Dark Warriors: Battle of Marshmallow – Interruptions by Club Penguin Party

As the heated war rages on, the thriving strong army DW battled the risen army GT on Marshmallow.  The two armies battled hard and have shown no sign of surrendering soon.

The Dark Warriors invaded the Golden Troops’ server Marshmallow.  The battle consisted of both UK and EST timezone forces from both armies.  The armies battled mainly in the Town and Ice Berg rooms.  DW reached sizes of over 20 soldiers while GT only managed to get sizes of 10.  Overall, DW had a stronger force and successfully invaded the server from GT, which has been confirmed by the Club Penguin Army Council. 

Below, DW does a joke bomb in the Town.

Below, DW chants “We burn the light” in capital letters on the Ice Berg.

Following the battle, a post on the GT website stated that DW misspelled the word “Marshmallow” and instead had “Marshmellow” on their site.  GT leader Tap Dancer36 stated that he would not say who won until he heard from the Army Council.  However, according to the official Club Penguin Army Council website, DW successfully invaded the server Marshmallow.

A controversial topic that has come up is the new Club Penguin party.  This event, titled the “Prehistoric Party”, penguins are able to turn into Dinosaurs, and are able to spit on other penguins, covering them in their spit.  This also causes lag on Club Penguin.  Armies have already begun to complain about the dinosaurs, and have even made rules saying dinosaurs are banned from battles.

Comment with YOUR opinion.  How did the battle go?  What do you think of the dinosaurs?

Tomato 8883 CPA Central Reporter

8 Responses

  1. Somebody needs to make a raid army made of dinosaurs


  2. With the spit, during the Holiday Party it was like that with those ice monsters.


  3. Freaking cp with this party full of bull chesse


  4. These dinosaurs make me want to skin a puppy alive.


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