News: Neutral Troops Share War Stance — Battles of Cream Soda and Summit — Pre-war Analysis of DW-ST/VCP/GT War

KLONDIKE —  While most other major armies are training and recruiting in peace, the ACP and Pirates have not been afforded that luxury in the midst of a heated war between the two UK superpowers. These neutral troops share their stances on this war that makes headlines every day. Meanwhile, another war erupts.

NOTE: The opinions, views, and ideas expressed in this post do not reflect CPAC or it’s staff.

Neutral Stances:

The following quotes originated from interviews with several troops from neutral armies.

“I love AR, but would definitely side with the Pirates if I had to. It’s not that I like Waterkid, it’s that I just don’t like the ACP.” -Anonymous AR troop

“Both ACP and the Pirates are great armies with great histories behind them; but I think the Pirates are slightly winning due to the help of SWAT.” -DW Leader xiunknown

“Neutral.” -DW Leader SaW

“The ACP should be given a break; they’ve been at war with the Pirates for months. How many armies can take being at war for almost a year straight?” -Anonymous Nacho troop

“The war doesn’t matter to me. I don’t like either army.” -Anonymous IW troop

“I hope the Pirates destroy the ACP. I never liked them.” -Anonymous former LT troop

“I was in the Pirates once, and I think they are winning this war just because their UK force is better than ACP’s.” -Anonymous DW troop

“Waterkid is a racist liar and cheater. ACP should destroy him and his army.” -Anonymous AR troop

“This war is still going on?” -Anonymous retiree

Status of ACP – BA War

Snow Fort

The ACP and SWAT met again, this time on the sacred ACP homeland of Snow Fort. While the ACP were outnumbered in the Mine, they still managed to win that room with tactics with ACP’s size being 12-14 to SWAT’s 18-20. The battle then shifted to the Berg, where ACP rapidly lost size and SWAT took the advantage. SWAT successfully Snow Fort from the ACP. (BA Wins)

ACP and SWAT do war faces and joke bombs on the Berg

Cream Soda

The Pirates US division made their foray into combat on Cream Soda. ACP resistance was disadvantaged against the previously inferior US division, and the battle was on the Pirates’ side the entire time. The Pirates consistently averaged 15, which was a shocker for a previously UK-only army. The ACP averaged 8 around the battle, and now have a heavier load to carry now that both the SWAT and Pirates have capable US forces. The Pirates reclaimed Cream Soda. (BA Wins)

(Pictures as the photos refuse to format onto WordPress)


The Pirates and ACP set up again for another exciting UK duel. Like most of them, the Pirates and ACP had close numbers, both averaging around 15. It was evenly fought, with the battle going through the Forts, Berg, and Town. However, the Pirates logged off first, which prompted ACP Leader Kingfunks to call “a physical surrender” and claim victory. However, Waterkid stated his internet was out and claimed victory as well. UPDATE: ACP was decided winner and retains Summit. (ACP Wins)

Exchange on the Berg

DW vs. VCP, ST, and GT

As some of you may know, the VCP, ST, and GT have formed an alliance to take down the DW and have declared war, not surprising as the VCP, ST, and GT are all similar armies. They were all once great, and now seek to reclaim their faded glory. As a result, they decided to unite to tackle a common enemy, as well as a new and premier superpower of armies, the Dark Warriors. The Shadow Troops have struggled, reaching their peak by winning 1st on CPAC’s top 10, then falling and having to merge with the Light Troops, then subsequently declaring independence, slowly inching their way back at #12 in this week’s edition. The Vikings have made a return. but are locked in a war with the Clones, so their impact is unknown in this war. They are expected to be ranked in this week’s top 10. The Golden Troops have made a fast return, quickly re-establishing themselves as a top-flight army with consistent sizes of 17-23. The Dark Warriors, seemingly unstoppable last month, have seem to cooled down, but are still in the world power conversation after a stalemate with the Nachos at #3 in this week’s star-laden edition of CPAC’s top 10 armies. Will the ST, VCP, and GT be able to take down the DW? Will DW use it’s power to crush the scrappy alliance? Will the  BA and ACP get involved? Stay tuned for updates on this war.


26 Responses

  1. One day Dark Empirw will rise again.And we will dominate!You cannot ignore us when we return…..


  2. This war is getting too boring.


  3. Another good post, just to update on Summit (and Christmas), ACP defended Summit successfully and Pirates defended Christmas successfully, so neither server changed hands.


  4. GT is not in the alliance with them. GT is just at war against GT as are they.


  5. i think the Ba and the A is gonna get involved in the DW war


    • True that. The “Democracy” Is not there. However I do sense that new rules need to be implemented.
      But this war is getting pointless, It’s just a massive flame war at this point


      • No not really. SWAT has their own reasons. We were made to go against ACP, they’re our rivals.

        Ending SWAT vs ACP is like ‘lets all be boring.’


  6. Care to include that a certain sexy Nick/Dj Slides lead the battle of Cream Soda for one of Pirates first ever US events with 15+

    Jokes. I’m narcissistic. :p


  7. The war has grown old.


  8. You done a grammar mistake in ”SWAT successfully from the ACP”.


  9. No offense, but this war has always been on the headlines recently. I think this war is getting old now.


  10. I can see all the AR troops have mixed opinions. Lol.


  11. C’mon Pirates


  12. I love how they still think they can kill acp and acp is on the rise.


  13. Ganger and Waterkid can spew out as much speeches and propaganda as they want, they aren’t going to kill ACP. Move on, folks. Nothing to see here.


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