Pretzels vs. Chaos – Battle to the death?

Hello viewers! Rex here with another report on a war that has rustled many jimmies.

Lately, Pretzels scheduled a invasion of Glacier, with checking many sources, found that Chaos is in control of their capital, and Chaos posted the times on site, but according to Pretzels, they it was scheduled incorrectly on the 15th January 2013, though in the Pretzels invasion post, it said 14th January.

So on the 14th of January, Pretzels successfully captured Glacier, their former capital, with no resistance. averaging 8 and maxing 10.


The next day, Chaos ‘defended’ Glacier, but Pretzels patrols found them on Glacier, and Pretzels were quick to react and decided to defend Glacier from what is technically a raid. After the raid, Chaos and Pretzels leaders argued on a meeting chat about Glacier, and it was found that Chaos posted the date incorrectly. But Chaos continue to deny, saying that it was on the 15th. Pretzels decided to declare war on Chaos. Here is the post below:

Hey Pretzels,

Well the time has come. We are going to war with the Chaos. They don’t want to admit defeat, so we will be invading them for everything they got. I need everyone to be active. This is going to be a very long war. Promotions will be given out at the end to the active people.

Pretzels posted invasion of Chaos servers. Chaos also decided to post their invasion of the Pretzels. The next day, Pretzels invaded one of Chaos’s server, capturing the server from Chaos. Pretzels maxed 15+, and averaged 10.



Chaos averaged 5, and was beaten badly. They had to surrender.


As the war continues, the first battle of the war shows Pretzels are victorious. Though the tides can change, it is obvious both sides are wanting to win this war, and it will decide who will be in the Top Fifth teen.

I believe that it is hard to decide who will win, due to only one battle, but I’m slightly leaning on Pretzels.

What do YOU think?


CPAC Reporter


13 Responses

  1. Give us more battle updates and I will say what I think


  2. Typos and a few run ons, but other then that not bad


  3. Good post, and good point, but why make a post about one individual army?


  4. No pictures of Chaos?


  5. I used to be a 2ic in PCP… GO PCP!!!!


  6. Does anyone else notice the link to this post mentions Galaxie or is it just me or something?


  7. Purple Republic.


  8. I think Pretzels will win this war.


  9. Well, i think pretzels will WIN. i also believe pretzels will kill the chaos army because the pretzel army seems stronger


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