News: Pirate Leader Clashes With ACP Owner — BA-ACP War Rages On Chinook and Caribou — Xat Glitch Divides Armies

KLONDIKE — The head of the Black Alliance and longtime Pirates leader had a few words for Snaily5, current third-in-command of the Army of Club Penguin. Meanwhile, the war between the BA and ACP rages on, bringing heat to the server of Chinook.

NOTE; The views and pictures expressed in this post do not reflect the views of CPAC or it’s staff

Waterkid-Snaily Feud

Incumbent ACP third-in-command, Snaily, created a post called ‘Cheater Cheater’ on her pro-ACP blog, “Positively ACP” on January 10, 2013, as the war with the Black Alliance raged on. The post went on to attack the Pirates’ leader, Waterkid100, in several ways. First off, Snaily claimed Waterkid had “used the Dark Warriors” in the Battle of Breeze, akin to their past relationship with the Nachos. Waterkid denied the claims, stating that Unknown, DW leader, was a moderator rank in the Pirates and was made owner only after he suffered lag.

Property of “Positively ACP”

Lastly, Snaily made a short poem directed at him, calling him a cheater and hacker, while also accusing him of doxing, blackmail, and oppression of his soldiers. Waterkid then wrote his response on the Pirate site, using black humor to defend his positions. He first sarcastically denied claims of hacking and blackmail. He then went on to aggressively criticize and attack Snaily and the ACP, harshly attacking the ACP 3ic’s motivational posts and behavior toward him. Waterkid then changed direction and began to blast the policies of Kingfunks, current ACP leader, claiming he “made ACP into a UK army, killed the US division, and got couped.” Finally, he attacked quotes from Snaily using strong language and stated that the Army of the Republic and Ice Warriors were tired of “saving” the ACP, ending with a statement to the world to stay away from ACP. After this posting, Waterkid was confronted by ACP 2ic Foldez and soldier Minifotty, who began to argue with him in the comments of the post.

“Let’s make them give up and attack a weak army, so they can play on level ground…or level seas (wary).
We’re already attacking a weak army, YOU GUYS.” -Waterkid100’s response to Snaily5

Battles of Chinook and Caribou

The Pirates and ACP continue war, this time meeting on Chinook. ACP arrived with sizes of 15-20, while the Pirates brought along 10-13 of their own. The battle was fought in the Town and Mine. The battle was fought evenly until ACP grew and the Pirates surrendered. ACP will retain Chinook. The Pirates will attempt to reinvade Chinook soon. (ACP Wins)

ACP shows off their clovers in the Mine

Afterward, they both met again on Caribou. This battle was fought in the Town and Dock. ACP and Pirates both managed to get near-equal amounts of soldiers, which was about 15+ for each side. The battle then shifted to give Pirates a sharp advantage as ACP decreased size down to 7-8 troops. ACP second-in-command Foldez admitted defeat and Pirates win Caribou. (BA Wins)

Pirates and ACP trade puffles and joysticks

Xat Glitch Divides Armies

Yesterday, on the 15th of January, a Xat glitch divided many armies and wreaked havoc. This glitch caused several chats to split into seperate “dimensions,” as described by AR moderator Royilumbo, who went through the issue when it first appeared. Several armies, including Nachos, Army of the Republic, and ACP were cut in half as a result of this glitch, forcing users to have to refresh the chat page until they reached the “dimension” the rest of their army was in. However, troops were unaware of this and most thought their chat was dead. Others got the following error:

The chat glitch has been resolved in most chats but is suspected to still be going on in the AR chat.  That’s it for today’s news report. Check again tomorrow for the latest news on CPAC.


32 Responses

  1. FIRSSTTTT Also ACP won Chinook


  2. Shiver, may I ask why you’re so addicted to …. ponies?


  3. I’m guessing that we should make “Shiver, the war updater” official now.


  4. NEXT HEADLINE: King Phooey and Commando993 form alliance to take down DW.
    Battle is tomorrow at 6:30 EST on Flurry.


  5. Varnish can go screw itself


  6. Like

  7. Also, Water has the right to defend himself from a big mouthed ACP owner that only likes to say shet about other people. She deserves it.


  8. Wow, so ill be coming back in a day or so. Bye-13yearoldn00b


  9. Like

  10. lol i love snaily ……… xD


  11. First, if you read my post “Cheater Cheater” you will see that I provide PROOF that Unknown was added to the ranks with screen shots of Pirates rank page immediately before and after the addition. Funny, you seem to omit this information in your biased report above. Obviously, Shiver holds a grudge against me and ACP because he was banned forever for his atrocious, unfair behaviors and attacks towards our great soldiers.


  12. Second, my poking friendly fun at Waterkid and Pirates is harmless. Nothing is mean nor personal towards anyone and Waterkid and I joke around all the time in PC with each other. I am not a mean person by nature and anyone who knows me, knows this is true. Waterkid, on the other hand, is unfortunately cruel and evil in his attacks on others. He is deliberate, personal, and ruthless in attacking people for their gender, race, religion, etc and he uses vulgar language, judging from his interactions in chat and in PC and his comments on posts.


  13. 1.Third, notice how all my quotes Waterkid put on his Roast Post on me, XD, were all about nothing bad, no foul language nor hurtful personal attacks, etc. Sure, a bit of light ribbing back and forth for fun, but nothing inappropriate or hurtful. He just doesn’t like the fact that he can’t get me angry and my outlook on things remains positive. In fact, he calls me Miss Positive. I see no need to be rude or mean to get my points and information across to others.


  14. The first of this set of 3 comments is in spam apparently.


  15. Did anyone else get a boner reading this? -13yearoldn00b


  16. xD. What is that noob Minifotty arguing with Water for – he’s not even in ACP.


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