News: Ioioluk Named Pirate Leader — Council and Pirates Clash — Battles of Berg, Alaska, and Breeze

KLONDIKE — After several days of rumors surrounding the former Light Troops leader, the Pirates’ site confirms Ioioluk has been named leader alongside former Black Alliance teammate and friend Waterkid100. Meanwhile, the head of the Club Penguin Army Council, Boomer20, clashed with incumbent Pirate leader Waterkid. Meanwhile, three battles with the BA have shaken the ACP.

NOTE: The ideas and pictures included in this news post do not reflect the views of CPAC or it’s staff.

Ioioluk Named Pirates Leader

Ioioluk previously led the Light Troops, recently known for their tenure in the Black Alliance and short-lived treaty with the Dark Warriors and Army of Club Penguin to counter the Nachos. After the fall of the LT, Ioioluk ordered any active ex-LT to join either the Night Warriors, Dark Warriors, or Pirates, and to avoid any former enemies of LT. After being asked by Waterkid to recreate LT, he instead opted to take a commanding post in the BA as leader of the Pirates; previous speculated in a previous Pirate post with Ioioluk’s name and rank being leader on an active count example.

The Light Troops were a strong US-based army that aided the UK-based Pirates; and it is reported that is exactly why Ioioluk joined the Pirates. He intends to create a strong US division for the Pirates, who have notoriously struggled in US times, having to team up with the Nachos, LT, DW, and SWAT to cover that

Pirates and Council Clash

Meanwhile, Council head Boomer20 stated his disdain toward judging Pirates’ battles. He went on to explain his frustration with Waterkid, claiming the Pirates do not follow rules and “invent” their own to claim victory but ignores the current official rules in place. Boomer also stated that he disliked judging Pirates battles because “they refuse to admit defeat” and his decisions are always met with overwhelming resistance from Waterkid and the BA. Finally, Boomer was frustrated at the “lack of respect” that Waterkid holds for other armies such as “ACP, AR, and CPAC” and his “frequent use of profanity.” The following picture was taken from Boomer’s site.

Waterkid is Buttmad 1

Property of the Council

In a response, Waterkid simply exclaimed “BOOMER IS CRING” and posted the following picture:



Battles of Berg, Alaska, and Breeze

Berg: The forces of the Black Alliance met with ACP once again, with ACP coming out on another loss against the Pirates in another lopsided UK duel. The ACP averaged 9 throughout the battle while the Pirates averaged about 15-16 throughout the battle. (Pirates win.)

Pirates outnumber the ACP in Dojo

Breeze: The winner of this battle for the sacred ACP capital is disputed. Both the ACP and Pirates averaged 18+ throughout the battle, both maxing out in the low 20s. Both the Pirates and ACP claim victory so the Council must take action to decide a winner. (UPDATE, Council declares Breeze a tie.)

ACP and Pirates trade blows in the Mine

Alaska: The other half of the BA, the SWAT, met ACP on the server of Alaska. SWAT averaged 16 throughout the battle and ACP managed 7-9. SWAT defeated ACP as a result of surrender. (SWAT wins)

SWAT and ACP exchange joke bombs and money emotes on the berg.

The battles were summarized as a result of the lengthy news headlines. Stay tuned for more CPAC news.


24 Responses



  2. Just saying, boomer’s rules suck. Its like they’re restricting cp armies from doing amything fun.


  3. Good post Shiv, your last few have been both relevant and interesting. Just to clarify, the invasion of Breeze was determined a tie (server stays with ACP), the defense of Berg was a win for the Pirates, and the invasion of Alaska was determined a win for SWAT.


  4. Playlist works on xat again!


  5. Great post.


  6. Know what, I am sick and tired of how Water treats people that clash with his views. Anyone else want to declassify Pirates as an army for the bull crap they do to others?


  7. And yet CPPA is still not disqualified from CPAC top ten and yet still armies in the council haven’t declared war on that pathetic piece Water calls an army. You know Water, Bid Now wouldn’t appreciate your actions at all. And just because he declared war on ACP doesn’t mean he hated them. Nachos declared war on ACP, but their leaders don’t hate ACP.


  8. I know club penguin is a childrens game, but couldn’t we at least act like adults SOMETIMES? Everything I see you write, waterkid, is ignorant, rage-filled and damn childish, and you refuse to accept truth of matters. You hold a position of authority as leader of the pirates. Why don’t you act a bit more grown up and authoritative rather than using a schoolboy’s attitude all the time? It’s very frustrating for those of us who want things done right.


  9. ACP had like 10-15 throughout the Berg battle while SWAT had about 15-20. just sayin


  10. cppa 4EVA


  11. The only reason I read Shiv’s posts are for the urls.


  12. im awesome


  13. “all we do is win”
    remember this, pirates?


  14. Typical Pirates behavior.


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