UK Duel: Tie On Klondike — BA Defeats ACP On Mammoth

MAMMOTH — Two heated UK battles erupted over the course of today. The Army of Club Penguin has seem to lost it’s rhythm, as the Black Alliance have caught up to them and re-exposed their weaknesses in duels testing their global reach.

ACP and Pirates exchange green emotes and war faces on Klondike.

The forces of ACP and the Pirates met on Klondike. While not a massive battle, it was still fairly large for a UK-oriented battle, with both the ACP and Pirates being able to summon 15+ troops each. Both sides were unable to defeat each other and were equally matched in size and tactics, and so was ruled a draw by the Club Penguin Army Council, meaning the owner of the server retains the server (which is disputed; both ACP and Pirates claim the server.)

ACP and Pirates show off their blank and sick faces, respectively.

Later, another battle took place, this time on a legendary server ACP called home in a bygone era, Mammoth. The SWAT were expected to undertake the defense, but the role was passed onto their BA ally, the Pirates, as they were a predominant US army and could not attend at ACP UK times. However, the ACP were wildly outnumbered by the Pirates and elected to log off, as the battle had become too one-sided for them to pull out a victory. Official ACP records of the battle are unknown, but is estimated to have been around 5-7, while the Pirates averaged 19 and maxed 22 during the battle. The BA retains their server of Mammoth and turns around their recent losses into wins for the brother allies of SWAT and Pirates.

Pirates show their size with an E9, with little ACP resistance.

The war is far from over, and both sides have showed their weaknesses and strengths. It will be a while before one side of the war effectively dominates. This is anyone’s war at this point. The Black Alliance is showing how far they are willing to go to be that one who comes out victorious.


11 Responses

  1. Much better.


  2. Rarity is Totally not the best Pony DERPY IS THE BEST PONY1!!!1111!!


  3. Apparently the Pirates are the black alliance


  4. ACP lost its “rhythm” because its uk force sucks


  5. I’m still not a huge fan of this army council, but eh.


  6. ohh suddently ACP shuts up after they go back to getting 10 on CP. Your 30-40 on CP was luck ACP, and the fact that it was the day before the top 10 was even more lucky so stop the ‘legendary army is back’ crap…


  7. Your posts are like CNN “Breaking News” reports, or Anderson Cooper 360. Really has that news reporter edge.


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