Doritos’ Return Overdue

It’s past the seventh and we’re still left to wonder where DCP is.

For a while now, the Doritos of Club Penguin have been a miss from armies.  They had finally made it to the number one spot in the top ten  (unable to find post due to change of site), which they had worked and intended for in a very long time.  However, the week after they had fallen to a lower spot following into a new depression.  They were lost without their creator, Wwebestfan, who had retired on June 3rd to finish up his army career in the Ice Warriors.  It would be his final retirement from his army, though Wwebestfan would continue to still help DCP through their upcoming crisis.

I have to work on Ice Warriors, due to the creator who has led them for 5 years, has just retired just today; I shall recruit for the IW, as much as I did for the DCP at points in time.

On December 5th, Wwebestfan made a post containing information on DCP’s next come back.  The post mainly talked about how Aaronstone42 won’t be able to lead DCP again due to his failed attempts at making them rise (which every DCP leader has pretty much failed to do except for Wwebestfan himself).  The scheduled date for DCP’s retire was January 7th.  Yet, as you are probably wondering, today is the 13th.  What exactly happened?

Success On Beanie!

DCP’s last event on November 29th.

Following the prepared day, Wwebestfan posted leader applications for anyone to try out.  Three candidates out of the comments would be chosen as the three to lead the next generation of DCP.  So far only nine have applied (so everyone has a 1/9 shot, good odds).  Since then there has been no word from Wwebestfan picking the next set of leaders.  If anything, he has completely moved on from armies via xatspace.


((look above))

Despite xat being down today, I talk to Aaronstone42 about the whole dilemma.  I asked him if he thought the next DCP generation would ever be successful.  His response was, “Depends on who leads.  If someone like Alfrondo or Bam, maybe, but the outlook of a legend returning isn’t so good.  We’ll have to wait and see.”  It is unlikely that Alfrondo or Bam lead this next generation, as both seem pretty active outside of armies.  Plus, they haven’t left a comment on the application post.  Knowing that Aaronstone42 use to be a close friend of Wwebestfan, leading DCP many times himself, I asked him what he thought Wwebestfan was planning.  “I have no idea what Wwebestfan is planning.  He’s trying to get leader [himself], but so far he’s had no luck.”  Interesting!  DCP’s future is a blur right now, seeing as it’s almost been a week since the promised return.  Finally, I asked him what he thought about the law that refuses him from rejoining DCP ever again; was it fair?  Humbly he replied with, “Not really, I mean I kind of agree.  I wasn’t ready, but I did try though I couldn’t do it.  I was left for dead when the leaders left.  DCP was already basically dead when I was made leader.

In the end, I don’t see another successful DCP generation in the future.  They, unfortunately, suffer from a severe disease called lackpostitis (lak-POHst-tie-tis).  Thus, due to their lackpostits, they have been falling rather quickly since their summer rise.  Wwebestfan seems to have given up on armies completely, and is more and more coming on xat less and less.   Although the DCP have had a nice run in armies.  If they do continue to move on with the leader applications, hopefully the new leaders can make sure they survive longer.  The Doritos of Club Penguin are not considered dead at the moment, as they are in a struggle of survival.  This paragraph was pretty witty– at least I think so.

What is YOUR opinion?  Can DCP rise up from the cheesy ashes?  Who will take over DCP?  Is Wwebestfan drunk or really sexually active?  Let us know in the comments below.

~Editor in Chief, °    mchappyღ

10 Responses

  1. First, booyah! :mrgreen:


  2. the inappness in this -wary-


  3. the current website is acually is used to be ~Mr. Burns Chaos Leader


  4. Yeah and if wwe can ever choose a aplication yeah they will come back. There are lots of people out there who are waiting for dcp to return, I know many but myself i wouldnt care 🙂 ~Mr. Burns Chaos Leader


  5. they should just stay dead


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