Armies Entering A New Golden Age & Why?

We have experienced months, or in my case, 2 years of turmoil lately. I consider the age we may be finally passing a bit of a Great Depression in armies. Now though… it seems we are ready for what we have all been waiting for, a return.

 In my opinion, since about mid 2011, armies have fell down a deep hole and slowly dug their way further and further down. Armies had taken a slight fall, ACP went from maxing 50-100+ in some battles, down to a mere 30-40+ in others. Not a huge fall, for the most part armies stayed at a stalemate point. Not much rising or falling between the armies you would expect for quite a few months. It wasn’t until a year later, that things really got interesting. In late May and early June, tensions were rising between arguably the biggest and most consistent armies since our creation, ACP and the Nachos, it became clear a war was coming. This war would be big, but ACP felt assured they would be bigger. Eventually, both armies headed to war. It appeared ACP came in with more confidence, the Nachos had the difficult task of motivation their troops and proving to them they could win the war. At the beginning, it is safe to say ACP dominated. Mchappy, a very well liked ACP leader at the time was leading the army for his second time after the retirement of Flipper and Kenneth100. It seemed this was providing a big boost since this was the first change of leadership in a long time. ACP managed to consistently max 40+ while the Nachos lagged behind. There was a turning point of course. Mchappy would go on to basically disappear for a week. No owners or troops or really anyone in the community had an idea where he went. ACP went in panic, chaos, and in turmoil. They started losing their first battles. ACP’s power and comfort fell majorly, while the Nachos size and confidence took a a major boost. The war lasted a bit under a month, and in that time, the Nachos were able to successfully get ACP to surrender the war. The first time the feat has ever been done. Now, ACP went on to fall heavily since going on into months and months of war with armies such as LT, Pirates, SWAT, or as they would consider themselves, The Black Alliance. ACP and their allies were able to successfully defeat this alliance both times, but it didn’t stop them from ACP’s devastating fall. There was a problem though… when armies fell, it appeared that armies went with them, dragging them deeper into the hole they were already in. At one point the number one armies started getting sizes of 25+. No where near what armies have seen before. Many believed armies only had years left…

6 months later, here we are. 2013, could it be a bright a new age for armies? I don’t see why not, the number one army, DW, has maxed 50+ in many occasions. Armies in the top 5 are able to max 30-40+. consistently. Armies seem to becoming more active, posting more frequently. Major battles are going on, and you know what I have noticed as well? The last month has been incredibly fun when I look back at it. With the reformation of alliances such as the Black Alliance and others who have put armies against each other from all sides boosting us into new world wars. It was tough and competitive in the war, but looking back at it, it was probably a good thing for us. For the first time in a while, we had war and we wanted it. We got back to the reason armies were created in the first place, war and battles. More and more recruits are drastically coming into our community. Sites are getting more views as of lately. This could be what we need. If we continue on this track, I see a new golden age in our horizon. I would love nothing more than to lead and be a part of a new golden age. In my honest opinion, the last true golden age was in late 2010. The ACP v.s. NW war seemed to have capped off that era where we plunged into our depression. It also seems club penguin is starting to positively recognize armies more than ever. I wouldn’t be surprised if staff members of the Club Penguin Industry moderated and viewed our sites to see what we were up to and what we were doing. It is all pretty incredible in the end. The main point of this post was really just to get the viewers thinking. Maybe we are ready for a new age, maybe.

Now, before I end this post, I wanted to post a few pictures that compare where we were months ago, to where we were now. Take a look. 🙂

The number 1 army months a go. DCP 

The number 1 army now. DW 


I do apologize as this war neither my longest nor my best quality post I have made in my short time here at CPAC. I just felt I should give you guys something to read for the time being while reporters work on more posts. I want to report on some battles soon when I get the chance as I have been told I am good at that. Look out for those posts readers! 😉 That’s all from me! I hope you enjoyed.

~Buritodaily, CPAC Semi –  Reporter


14 Responses

  1. All I read from this post. ACP ACP ACP ACP ACP.. oh and LT and Pirates got beat by the alliance twice. Exactly what I expected from a post from Burr.


  2. A little tip for Burr, try to have more paragraphs, don’t just bunch up all of the words in 2-3 paragraphs. Sort the paragraph out between each specific topic in the text.


    • I would love to if wordpress allowed to me tab, I feel like if I space them out then they just look like sections which doesn’t really appear to be an article in that way.


  3. If anyone wants to know where I was in July, I was at home watching Mean Girls. :mrgreen:

    nawww but srs, we aren’t in a golden age.


  4. I don’t call this a golden age. This is just the normal way armies are supposed to be. A golden age would come when all armies get 90-100.


  5. The ACP NW war was in 2011 not 2010


  6. I don’t consider this a golden age, only a possible lead to one.


  7. bur im proud of you


  8. ieven if i was on another team i would still think dw would be number 1 because we do massive recuritment


  9. We are only beginning the path into a golden age.


  10. Number 1 army of all time: Purple Republic


  11. […] the greatest period in existence, has been banded about through several eras of this community. In 2013, Buritodaily, former AR Leader and army legend claimed that armies were entering a new golde…. In 2011, Boomer 20 wrote an article that there was potential for a new golden age. While many saw […]


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