Behind Riot: Retiring From Administration

For whom the sleigh bells toll in the mystical enchantment of society and unrecognizable fate within the glory ages of life and death. The grandfather clock finally strikes down as we go down yonder paths, forever awaiting to refurbish the furniture in the classic lobby of Faith and Fortune. For the final moments strike down upon the gavel of both our glories, and we both move forward in separate boundaries, forever untouched by the Flying Flag of Injustice.

I was asked to make this post by Bluesockwa Le Troll.
The Riot Journals will probably still be weekly, if not bi-weekly,  and I will be resigning my vice president position to become a member of the Ever-so Elusive CPAC Board, which basically means I’m still on site, just….I don’t do much [insert wary face here]. I will still be posting as much as I can (or am asked too) but a new Vice President blah blah blah. Congratulations to Paco and Pie. Good Luck.
The final hours approach, as I give thanks to some fellow CPAC Staff for encouragement and such. Blue1 Made Me Do This.
Bluesockwa1 Bluesockwa2 Mach KingFunks Delcrux Aaron Woton Rexeh Waterkid Becca Puckley Zak Bepboy Joee
and most importantly
The Viewers of CPAC


former CPAC Vice President, Current CPAC Board Member, 11th Addition to the CPAC Hall of Fame

18 Responses

  1. First. Gonna miss ya.


  2. Controversial, strange, fun, funny:

    luv u riot.


  3. Bai Riot :,)


  4. Oh thank god Riot is gone. I mean were gonna miss you Riot!


    Jk I love you Riot (WARY)


  6. Bye Riot!


  7. Adios, Riot amigo.


  8. You did well here at CPAC, and I bid you farewell. Also, add me to your list of people.


  9. The flag of injustice rises once again.

    While this is far from a good time for you to good, and while I still wish you to head CPAC someday, I respect your decision to leave. All of the laughs, all of the issues, all of the fits and rages, just everything- I’ve enjoyed every minute of it. I hope to see you around, and know that if you ever decide to come back, that you have very promising things in your future. You will be forever memorialized here at CPAC as one of the pioneers of a new media era, and for that you should be ever proud.

    And so, one more toll of the bell. From Behind ACP to this, it’s been real. Here’s to you.


  10. Sad to see you resign Riot. The only reason why I read CPAC was for your Journals and it’s a pain to see your work all to go now. No more of your fantastic literature pieces.
    Well, bye.


  11. Bye Riot mah boy.


  12. Lets leave Riot with a poem.
    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    I have 5 fingers
    And The middle one is for you.


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