A New Age For SWAT?

Good day readers.

As my usual schedule for centralizing ideas for my CPAC post, I came across something very interesting on the Special Weapons and Tactics website.

Going through their website, I found a lot. What’s going to happen is that they’re going to make some major changes in the army. Why? Because to become stronger and larger, they say, you have to become more strict and have strict rules. I’m going to be taking you through all this, step by step. So, read on!

Hello SWAT,

This is a short post about The New Age that Ganger90, Reece and me have come to talk about.

First on top of the post, We have returned[Spi101, Reece]. I would like to share some of my plans that I have made for SWAT, I already told Ganger90 and Reece about this, so they all agree to it. Please note that these plans already are in effect.

So, basically Spi and Reece are the new leaders and they have a lot planned for SWAT’s rise. After a shaky start to the new year, this is the best way to rise again. Now, for the new rules. What I’ve seen with my own eyes is that there’s always some dispute amongst them taking place. Probably, something very childish and nothing to be worth for. A total waste of time.

I. Getting More Stricter[Ending the fights at SWAT chat]

Every time I went to SWAT chat, there’s always a fight. If you were here yesterday, there was a big fight about a fake rumor that Coff had made up. He tried to make everyone think that I ‘doxed’ GarrettJR[32wade]. This is not true, as I have never doxed anyone, and I don’t even know how to. Therefore, to end the fights that we always cause, here is what the Owners and the Moderators must do:

  1. Moderate the chat for at least 30 minutes an hour
  2. Ban anyone that is flaming/doxing/hacking/ddosing one another.
  3. Cussing is not allowed. Kick them 3 times if it keeps up, and if that doesn’t work, ban them for an hour.
  4. Ban the following people: Coff[Makes fake rumors, starts fights], Lord Pain[Everyone knows the reason..]
  5. More will be added

Now, that’s a weak point for sure. Fighting can always lead to something worse and the rules mentioned above is the best way to go. Not being loyal will always lead to something like this. And today, it’s difficult to find loyal troops. After a great amount of time, did I find a loyal troop saying, “I don’t want mod. I wanna earn it.”

I was astonished and amazed, not one person on that chat was opposing him. You see, that’s true loyalty, unlike me. Moving on now, new and strict rules for everyone according to their ranks. The 3ic rank has been changed to moderator since we all know that SWAT is known for having about eleven owners or so. Now, they’ve put a limit to it, keeping it to nine owners and those only deserving the rank will be owners.

III. The New Rules for the Ranks

Now, remember what Vendetta did? He had NW to large sizes because of one rule, and that is the One-Army Rule. To make this clear:

Owner ranks: One Army Only. Maybe Two if you’re active on both.

Moderator Ranks: 3 Army Rule[INCLUDING SWAT] – If you’re in more than 2 armies, I suggest you quit one of them, SWAT should be your main priority.

Member Ranks: 3-4 Army Rule: You may only be in 3 or 4 armies, but please be active. Once you get promoted to a higher rank, you may need to quit some armies if you’re fit enough for the job.

Keeping a rule like that will really show the troops what to do. That’s what we all should be dong now. The loyalty of troops today is nothing compared to the troops of yesterday. And mainly because, almost everyone is in about eight to ten armies. That’s too much. Now, the rules they’ve made is great. According to Member, Moderator and Owner ranks, that’s perfect. To lead any army, the best thing is to go the hard way, just like mentioned above. The stability of an army depends on the higher rank. Today, I see many army leaders giving out higher ranks for xats and days. If you were to promote an unexperienced troop that wouldn’t be good at all.

On Jan. 4th 2013 (yesterday), after Spi and Reece became leaders they had an unscheduled event. The pictures are below. (From SWT website)

They seemed to have maxed around  13-15 and averaged 12. That’s a good size for an unscheduled event, especially after change of leaders.

To conclude, I must say I know that this post may seem rubbish to you and I should have let someone else do it, but this was the only thing I could find. So, what remains now is, what will the future have for SWAT? Could this be the key for SWAT’s new age?  Indeed, I must agree that the new rules and regulations set out are excellent for an army like SWAT. To keep their good name, these rules and steps are necessary. So, I say that, in my opinion these are the best rules made.

In the meanwhile, enjoy your day.


CPAC Reporter


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  1. Wow Ganger do you even lift


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