Status on “The Funnies”

I just thought I should fill you in on some of this. First off, The funnies will resume shortly, I will probably post The Funnies 3 on January 7th, maybe sooner, maybe later. I’m not really going to go by “iLoL” anymore, mainly because most of you already know I am Mach. I don’t know how the admins are planning to do things, maybe they will bring back the posts from the old site, or I will just have to republish The Funnies 1 and 2. Unfortunately, I did NOT have The Funnies 3 (The new one I was planning to publish) saved, so I will have to re-write it D:<.  Until then, I will give you some A funny anyways, this isn’t “The Funnies”, it is just, “A funny”.

Waterkid after winning the Person of the Year award.

Waterkid100 seems to enjoy his award. That’s all I am going to say about that…..

I do have 1 more thing to show you guys, that I think you all really need to know. WW7 might be approaching :

-iLoL (Mach)

6 Responses

  1. ilol isn’t even a good name anyway


  2. It was Mach after all.


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