How Does ACP’s Fall Effect CP Armies?

Hello CPAC viewers, I’m a new reporter and I am known as Wenny,  for this post I’ll be focusing in on how ACP’s fall will effect armies.

As long as ACP has been the largest army, CP armies in general have been running smoothly.  ACP was 1# from 2007 to around mid to late 2012.  Ever since ACP’s fall rumor has it that CP armies are diminishing.  I believe there’s a clear and specific reason behind the connection of ACP’s fall and CP armies fall.  This reason is ACP is the only army that get’s a large amount of soldiers from Club Penguin, and not from other army chats, at least when they were 1#.   Now it seems this isn’t the case.  ACP hasn’t been getting many new soldiers from Club Penguin directly anymore.  Now that ACP doesn’t get as many recruits from Club Penguin, there won’t be a source of new soldiers, leading to the death of Club Penguin Armies.  This leaves us to question, whose going to take ACP’s role and be the army that saves Club Penguin?

I’ve interviewed ACP leader, Kingfunks on his opinion:

Me: Do you believe there is a connection between ACP’s fall and CP armies fall?

Kingfunks:Yes, CP armies were at it’s best when ACP was.  ACP maintained CP armies.

Me:Considering you lead ACP, do you think you can take responsibility and help CP armies by saving ACP?

Kingfunks: Yes, we have different techniques and are applying them to save CP armies, but since we’re always occupied at war it makes it more difficult to focus on recruiting on Club Penguin.

Me:Do you think other armies can take charge as well and help save Club Penguin armies?

Kingfunks: Yes, ACP can’t do it on it’s own.

Next, I interview a knowledgeable soldier, Ganger:

Me:Do you think ACP’s fall and CP armies fall are connected?

Ganger:  Yes, ACP was the army that got all the new recruits, considering their name it should be easy to recruit for them.

Me: Who else do you think could recruit on Club Penguin and take ACP’s role?

Ganger: DW and IW have been recruiting on Twitter and Club Penguin, but eventually they will run out of resources.  I predict CP armies will fall within 4 years.

Me: Are you saying they’ll run out of people who are interested in armies eventually?

Ganger: Yes, and soon people already in armies will become uninterested, and CP armies will fall.  Unless “a hero” turns CP armies around.

So there it is, what’s your opinion?  Please give me feedback, considering this is my first post.

~Thanks, Wenny~

19 Responses

  1. Actually, Armies has been falling since 2010, even when ACP was first.


  2. I disagree, if armies have been falling since 2010 then CP armies would be a lot smaller today.


  3. Armies are rising…


  4. Well, I disagree with this post somewhat. I also think that as long as cp is around, the armies will be too. Then what are we to do with ourselves? Maybe we will move to Mechmice?


  5. Face it all the smart veterans are long gone and they’re only getting replaced by little kids. The few recruits we get from chat recruiting are much over 13, who should not be playing CP and are usually not kid friendly. There honestly used to be smart people playing CP due to its more teen nature but they all left when disney took over, and now only immature kids play CP. This makes recruiting in servers harder. as noobs usually misbehave, and the people you recruit from xat will mostly drive them away. BUT then you cannot completely xat recruit, because it is not fun trying to coerce 14 year olds to play a game now meant for those over the age of six.


  6. Acp stop cryin


  7. I see that everyone thinks that CP armies are falling because of noobs. The only way to teach the noobs to stop being noobs is to take action- if they break the rules, take action. CP armies won’t die yet because there are too many people in armies, but we have to recruit fast if we want them to stay. I don’t see the complete fall or death of CP armies, although the recent deaths of the Light Troops and Watex Warriors, the fall of the Ninjas and the fall of ACP could be a sign that CP armies are moving into a new generation of armies….. noob armies.


  8. I think this post was somewhat biased towards the Black Alliance.




  10. I’ve been here since 2008. That’s 5 whole years.

    I haven’t been active at all in any army what so ever, but it leaves me disheartend to see the community lessen in population.

    I believe there is only one way to react to this, and that is for all armies to come to some sort of ‘treaty’ where as there will be no bad happenings between each other whilst everyone comes together to recruit.

    I don’t want to see this part of clubpenguin die; I know I am nothing to this community but it would most definetly be a tragedy to watch it self-destroy.


  11. I agree with you Hulkstir


  12. It’s not just because ACP is falling. Like Gordy said (please read his comment), it’s the noobs and ” the smart veterans are long gone and they’re only getting replaced by little kids.” I think we need a change of attitude and start teaching these noobs for real. Otherwise, we’re ending up with spoiled and bad-mouthed soldiers.


  13. Lol, armies do not depend on ACP. ACP falls, big deal, it’s not like ACP is the father of club penguin armies.


  14. In my opinion, as ACP was most probably the first army ever, armies may be dependent on ACP because ACP lead armies to their creation and made the so called CP Warfare. The true legends are all gone and if one does not emerge then indeed it is the end of CP armies. Why? Because CP has knowledge of them now and knows what we all do on the chats and as CP is all child friendly gibberish there is no way we can recruit on CP unless they know we are good. Otherwise, it’s the end of CP armies. Like Ganger said, we need a hero.

    P.S: By CP knows, I mean they know armies aren’t always child friendly.


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