CPA Central Person of the Year 2012

PoY final

Forward by Bluesockwa1:

This was lost was the site domain was transferred.


The Great Antagonist

Waterkid wins this for a reason. He, over the last year, has attempted to destroy once and for all more armies than we can count. He led the Pirates of CP into a Golden Age, and brought them to the height of their power. Through the Black Alliance, Waterkid started countless wars, some of them arguably World Wars. He has been the source of constant controversy, and has been grabbing headlines here on CPAC throughout the year.

Following his retirement from Pirates, which was for so long his instrument of attempted destruction, Waterkid moved on to SWAT more recently, which has since been once again an antagonist for armies. To so many armies, Waterkid is the great evil which they strive to silence once and for all. To many others, his allies, he is a leader who continually pushes for what he believes in. For better or for worse, Waterkid has kept us all on the edge of our seats for the last year, waiting to see what his and his army’s next move would be. For that reason, he is the first ever CPAC Person of the Year 2012.

(Biography written by Bluesockwa2, CPAC CEO)


The Unyielding Leader

Kingfunks4 is a brave, noble, and honest person. Over the time that I have known him, he has changed not only my personality, but also that of those around him. Through the thick and the thin he has pushed on, through him being overthrown, to ACP starting to fall, to ACP making its all-time low in the top ten (8th Place), and through the Botgate scandal. Funks has fought the efforts of Waterkid and the Black Alliance almost since the day he became leader, and even through countless clashes with them, has managed to bring ACP back together and back to what they once were.

Not only has he been a great leader for the Army of Club Penguin, but also he has been a great friend and asset to members of most CP armies, and to me. This is the man who overcame one of the most dramatic falls in CP army history, and pulled the Army of Club Penguin back up to its feet again. Funks never gave in, never yielded, even when all the cards were stacked against him. That is indeed the reason, why he is on the list you have seen today.

(Biography written by Swimmerboy01, ACP 2ic) 


The Veteran

Puckley’s involvement in armies and in the Nacho community specifically has experienced no decline this year. Puckley served as an advisor during last year’s Christmas Chaos, and left soon after that. However, after the Nachos took a fall, Puckley returned to the army and led them back to greatness.

As 2ic, he had high involvement in the army, and it wasn’t long before he reached the rank of leader. Puckley is probably one of the most experienced of the army leaders out there today, and for that reason he is recognized by CPA Central this year as The Veteran. Puckley led the Nachos through countless wars against the ACP and others, and first in the Top Ten.

He also did work in the first portion of the year with CPA Central. In the administrative ranks of the site, Puckley served us all well, and I got to know him best from this. Puckley is a great writer, leader, and an inspiration to the army community. And as long as he remains, the Nachos are sure a force to be reckoned with.

(written by Bluesockwa1, CPA Central CEO)


The Great Visionary

When Blue1 finally gave in and joined CPAC in the summer of 2011, I thought I had finally found my successor. I would train him, make him the next head of site. But when Casiusbrutus picked up Blue1 as an apprentice, as he had tried to do to me for many months before, I thought all was lost.

He became rebellious, and just after Funks’ retirement, forced his way into power and into the second CEO rank. Looking back, this probably prepared him for what was to come. While I am the man in the back, Blue1 is the public face of the site. He writes the Top Ten Armies does tournaments, interacts with the staff, and fields countless complaints. He advises leaders all over armies, and is in many respects Cas’s own successor. Blue1 knows how to use his power, and lets no one stand in his way. He has been bursting with new ideas, and together we have created a brand new CPAC, largely founded on his visions. Not every idea has worked, but those that have, have changed much. His fury is famous and so is his humor, his ideas have changed the site and armies themselves forever, and he still retains his ever-growing influence in AR, UMA, and of course, CPAC. Bluesockwa1 is recognized by CPA Central this year as the great visionary, for he has led CPAC in a completely unconventional way, one never before seen- and it has been successful. For those reasons, Blue1 makes it onto this list.

(Written by Bluesockwa2, CPA Central CEO)


The Man Behind the Curtain

Where do I start? For thirteen years, I have spent about half of my life with Bluesockwa2. But I spend another good portion of my life with his other half, the part of him that dwells here, in armies. The politician, the business, the man who refused to quit when the going got tough.

Alongside myself, Blue2 has led CPAC into an entirely new generation of new site format, and views, higher views than ever before. Blue2 is not only smart, but he analyzes people – their mental aspects, strengths, and weaknesses – like no one I have met in armies. I now know what I did not when I was Vice President – the toll being CEO takes on you. Heck, I feel like I’ve aged four years since July. Blue2 has done this for a year and a half- I have watched him succeed, but I have also watched him fail. And I’ve watched him pick himself back up again and prove those who doubted him wrong. In truth, he’s always somewhere around, making sure something runs smoothly, or controlling someone just enough so they will do as he wants.  Blue2 has a hand in many of the events and organizations in armies, possibly more than people realize, and this is why he is the puppeteer, the man behind the curtain, Bluesockwa2.

(Biography written by Bluesockwa1, CPA Central CEO)


The Notorious Figurehead

SaW has been the center of attention yet again this year. From leading two DW Golden ages and a SWAT golden age, to DDoSing. He has arguably founded one of the best leadership duos this year, with him and myself leading several armies to their golden age. With him on the brink of becoming a CP army legend, it would be hard to see him not being elected after a storming year.

However, there is something that has overshadowed SaW’s leadership this year, and that is bringing DDoSing into fashion. He has caused drama, with myself and SaW in the LT DDoSing scandal. In spite of this, he is currently leading the current DW golden age, and has kept them at the first spot for 3 weeks in counting. On his day, SaW is perhaps the best chat recruiter armies have to offer. He has also taught other fantastic leaders such as Hurricanex and myself. SaW is notorious throughout armies for both his ‘hacking’ and for his leadership skills, and is truly a figurehead of CP Armies.

(Biography written by xiunknown, DW Leader)


The Iron-Fisted Leader

Okay so… This is going to be kind of frustrating the write since ioio isn’t the type of guy you can really get to know about. A lot of people outside the Light Troops think of ioio as the LT crazed tyrant leader, though people are starting to respect him for his accomplishments, not many people really knows enough about him that I do. If all of you didn’t know, ioioluk did in fact recruit me to the Light Troops and trained me to the best of my leadership/recruiting abilities. I still think to this day if I would have accomplished anything in armies if I hadn’t met him.

Ioio isn’t the emotional type of person and that really made him suit for a strong category of a leader, he always used to talk to me about how we should do something that nobody has done yet in armies, if he was inspired(rarely) by something a legend perhaps did, he would look for a way to do it better.

What has ioio accomplished? Hah, what hasn’t he accomplished? He created his own army and led it to become one of the most biggest/known armies in the community, he also started a World War perhaps. Ioio has led the longest war against ACP known to date, also a reason ACP is where they are today. Ioio was the most hated leader in the army world, yet never fazed him in becomming the most notorious also. Throught my time in LT, I have to say Ioio and I have done some things we aren’t too proud of to get to where we are now, We’ve manipulated, wrecked armies, started madness, but never looked back.

There is still plenty more about ioio that nobody knows but he wouldn’t want me to share that about him so this should be enough, thanks.

Ioioluk is recognized this year by CPAC as ‘the iron-fisted leader’ because there are many successful leaders out there, but Ioio is known far and wide for his trolling abilities, and it is one of his finest traits, second only to his leadership skills. He ruled his empire in LT with an iron grip, one remembered and feared by many.

(Written by Roberto, Former LT Leader)


The New Kid

This year, Albert417, current leader of Ice Warriors, showed tremendous kindness and activity to the Ice Warriors and fellow soldiers. Albert has shown that IW isn’t just an army, but a family. He was elected into Leader for Ice Warriors, and he’s proven to us that he is one of the greatest leaders of 2012, let alone figure. Throughout the wars and fights people have had, Albert was always the one to settle it, and always helped all of us when we needed it. He helped me achieve 2ic of the Ice Warriors, and had also taught me his vast leadership skills. Without him, I’m doubtful that I would’ve achieved IW 2ic. Albert has shown massive activity in IW, by leading and teaching us about the vast knowledge of Club Penguin warfare, and for that we are thankful.

Albert is one of the greatest leaders of all time, in my personal opinion. He’s shown bravery, and brought prosperity and Golden ages to IW at times. Throughout the year he’s shown, and proven, that he is one of the greatest figure of CP, out of the many other people there are in Club Penguin armies. He truly is an inspiration to us all.

Albert147 is affectionately nicknamed The New Kid this year by CPA Central due to the fact that he has been thrust into the IW leadership and at the forefront of the ever-changing world of Club Penguin Armies. However, Albert has proved himself, and led the IW to heights equal to that of Iceyfeet1234.

(Written by Aquabluejet, IW 2ic)


The General

Bur joined AR in late August of 2010, and was recruited by me (122344a) But that is not what’s important. This is what bur has accomplished this year, all of his feats and leading AR to glory, let’s begin. After AR’s death in February 2012, Bur, Vinny, and 122344a revived AR in May 2012. This began with Bur announcing AR was back. Over the months, he lead AR to glory, winning many battles which would engender the volatile rise of AR. Bur also grew extremely fond of the ACP during the summer. Over the summertime, him and Vinny and Vendetta had lead AR through many wars. By now Bur had grown to be a master of recruiting, and became in a sense a renaissance man of the AR. He was the essential key to AR’s life force. During the LT war, bur had many tactics, and some help from old leaders, this would help gain the victory he needed

By the time school had started, Burito had lost Vinny, due to Vinny retiring, and Bur was now leading with Lbk. Throughout September Bur prevailed to keep AR’s rise steady, with many events and recruiting he did so. By October he had lost (122344a) as a leader due to his retirement and was now alone with LBK. Due to me (122344a) retiring from now until mid-November I cannot tell what happened between then. Although by mid- November, Bur was confronted with the Black Alliance solution, he was determined to declare victory and he would go around, negotiating, recruiting, etc. Although by late November his computer had broken and he was now gone from the AR until Mid-December. While he was gone AR was under the leadership of me.

When Bur returned to the AR, he then continued the rise, and the much recruiting along with Capncook and Vinny. Burr continues to achieve greatness throughout AR, and the entire Club Penguin Army Commmunity. He is named The General this year by CPA Central for being the quintessential military leader. We know that Burito’s success is far from over.

(Written by 122344a, Army Republic Creator)

Lord Pain

The Tyrant

Pain joined armies officially in 2011. Under a different name, his first army was GT. He left CP Armies for a few months and came back. Afterwards, he was given 3ic and then Leader in GT. After leading his first major army, he went on to lead the Pretzels, LT, DCP and others, all who made it into the Top 10, some even into the Top 5. Dedication and persistence are a couple of attributes that may describe his leadership. However, because he freely speaks his opinions without carefully wording them, trouble seems to find him in every corner. Because of that, Pain is known for being overthrown out of armies. Although hated by most, Pain possesses leadership skills and can easily bring an army to major standards.

Pain is recognized as ‘The Fuhrer’ this year by CPA Central for his character traits and ways of going about army leader; along with the fact that he does not take kindly to others speaking out against him.

(Written by Bluesockwa1, CPA Central CEO)

♣||»Sιя Bℓυєsσ¢кωa тнє 2η∂«||♣

CPA Central CEO

Please Note: This is a reposted and semi-rewritten version of the original Person of the Year award. The order and descriptions remain mostly the same, but because the post was lost in the Chaos of New Year’s, the original foreward and such was lost. For the sake of the historical record, this was reposted some time later. 

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