Please Remain Patient

CPA Central has not been hacked. We have made an administrative decision to move back to this site for security reasons. Please remain patient, as we expect the offloading process to take up to a week, perhaps more. I promise you that once this is finished, it will optimize your experience here at CPA Central, and finally rid the site of DDOSing and other forms of attacks. Funks, Woton, we need to see all of you immediately.

In addition, while we are working on fixing the site from a hack by Sneezy earlier this year and offloading the 500+ posts from the site, CPAC will be running as usual. The cosmetic issues and post discrepancies will be fixed soon.

Thank you for your patience.



CP Army Central CEOs

18 Responses

  1. YAY I missed this site




  3. Has the CPAC site been hacked?


  4. Blue, dont we have to repay for the domain/css?


  5. I believe this idea is good, however you do know that after a week things could go wrong? Anyway, Iwillbe reading the archives while there are no posts.


  6. uhhh why does the website look different?


    • The website is currently being edited, and we should be operational come Monday. Please remain patient.


  7. Yay! The old site!!!


  8. I liked the new one better. When is the meeting exactly? And I wanna be paid for the hour I spent on doing BS for no reason. (Made a HUGE post and then a WordPress error comes up saying, “You cannot edit this post.”) :@


    • The reasoning behind the move back will be for issues such as the one you reported.


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