Golden Troops – Rapidly Rising

Golden Troops have been on a recent rise these past few days, and its caught my attention that they may very well be regaining their former glory.

Golden Troops, with the leadership of Jerry, Beast, Ganger, and Sercan, have been rising these past few days with an exception of 20 – 30 on Clubpenguin. The Golden Troops, with their opening event just being 3 days ago, they’ve already made it into CPAC’s top 5. Recently though, Golden Troops have been having issues with soldiers and leaders. Lord Pain earlier yesterday, had found out that people were trying to get him overthrown. Then, just a day after, Lord Pain was demoted to 2ic, due to doxing and ddosing of leaders, and bringing hate to GT. Jerry quotes “I’m sorry Pain, but I love this army too much to let it die.” Concluding that, Lord Pain was made an author on GT Site, and plenty of more things were changed, but it seems that the changes were very minor. GT’s recent sizes at their event on Saturday,  they had large and well constructed sizes of 20 – 30 throughout the event.

Golden Troops doing a successful E+K Tactic

Compared to the event before, GT have been on a rise. A big rise. Like I said before, GT was most recently created just days before, and its already showing promise that they’re reaching the potential as the leaders had hoped. I caught up with an interview with Ganger to get his perspective of GT.

Me: Blue

Ganger: Orange

Me: What is your opinion on the most recent event Golden Troops had?

Ganger: I think it was pretty good, but I know we can always improve from anything, and we can continue to get better.

Me: What can you do to make GT’s sizes better?

Ganger: Just keep on recruiting and keep our plans going, and we hope to not only function as an army, but a team and family. We want to get along, for no fights result.

Me: How do you think GT is going to prevail in these next few events?

Ganger: I think GT will prevail well in the next few events; maxing out at 30 – 35, hoping we can soon hit the 40 border.

Me: Do you think AR will be an issue to Golden Troops?

Ganger: I dont think so, we kind of ended the war today which should solve the problems and misunderstanding between the two of us.

Me: Do you think GT is going to rise or fall in the next few events?

Ganger: Rise, our goal is to continue to rise and not stop until we’re on top. But do we stop there? No, we want to stay there and keep that spot.

I started thinking into that last question I had asked, and then I asked other troops around GT what their opinion was. I asked one of the troops, Lord Oblivion, what he thought, and he told me “They will rise a bit, but not to the extent that they plan to. I’d give GT a week until they level off.” In my opinion, GT is going to rise. With their last few events, in such a short notice of time, GT May very well be the next #1 army. What do you guys think? Will GT Rise or Fall? Well, i’ll let you figure out for yourselves.

Also, This is my first CPAC post so here background info.

Im current IW 2ic, and i’ve worked at many different types of news sites such as CPPA and CPWN. I’ve been reporting for 1 year now, and i’ve done various things in the CP Warfare business. I currently own an army, Elemental  Troops, and they’re currently in SMAC’s top 5. Thats about all you need to know about me, Thanks for reading! – Aqua

13 Responses

  1. good luck guys


  2. Good post Aqua! I hope GT can continue to grow and prosper.


  3. No i just meant idk why you said “good luck guys”
    were u meaning it towards GT? @Camplazlo


  4. Yet another post about GT, so amusing.


    • I was in a writers block Khimo, and this was the only army that didnt have s*x hoardes around them.


      • Khimo, just because a post isn’t about you doesn’t make it bad. There have been more posts about GT because GT are recently opened and made it into the top 10 quick. Any army in GTs place would have many posts about them, not just cuz it’s GT.


  5. Is there any topic other than GT?


  6. I am too getting tired of the same posts about GT. We get it, they are back.


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