What Does "Winning" Truly Mean?

Hello there, CP Army Central. I was inspired by some of the events in the past few weeks to write a post. A philosophy post. You may be saying, “Zak posting philosophy? That’s preposterous!” Well, I sometimes do. But anyway, this post is about one word, and one word only: Winning.

Winning? What does it mean? According to dictionary.com, the word “Winning” means this: “The act of a person or thing that wins.” The word “win” means “To gain the victory; Overcome an adversary”. However, when you take the word further, what does it really mean? The word has been over-saturated over the years, becoming something it was not meant to be. When you hear something about one football team winning a game, an Olympian winning a race, or Charlie Sheen saying he’s “winning”, they are all different meanings. Let’s explore why this affects us, the people in CP Armies.

When you think about it, the people in Club Penguin Warfare change the word “winning” into their own version. What winning means in our warfare means “to take down a foe or to accomplish a goal”. But what does that even mean? You see armies like the Light Troops and the Army of Club Penguin fighting. But why are they fighting? To win. What are they trying to win? Well, it’s simple. In this situation, the Light Troops are fighting to win the end of ACP, while the ACP are fighting to win their survival. But of course, we all know that more and more armies stockpile onto ACP for the same reason. However, when armies lose a war, most leaders react with rage or over-frustration at the fact that they couldn’t accomplish their goal. But why the frustration? You may have accomplished something after all.

After most wars, if the losing faction has fallen or lost stature, they launch into rebuilding. That’s perfectly fine. But some also make it their life’s goal to destroy the faction that brought them down. That’s what is wrong. Why would you get so worked up over an online game? Most of us are (or should be) here for fun and enjoyment, as a past-time. Not as a career. Now, also, this is the only situation where both armies haven’t won.

When you lose a war but you aren’t affected, look at it this way: you survived. If the army you declared war on was bigger than you, you were able to stand up to them and not be brought down like their other opponents. You’ve proved your army’s worth and your worth in the leadership department, and definitely have gotten some publicity. You could easily use this to grow even more, and become a new face in the world of renowned leaders.

Now, say you lose the war, but you grow in the process. Why would you even be angry at all? The war made your army grow. You increased your status in the Top 10 and began building up. You have proven you are a force to be reckoned with. This, in my eyes, is in no way a loss at all. In fact, you are the true winners. Winning is accomplishing something. Though you didn’t quite achieve your goal, you definitely accomplished something good. That’s all that matters.

However, what I struggle to comprehend is what drives people’s lust to win. I’m a very competitive person, I LOVE winning. But as long as I’m a player in the game, I’m happy to be there. Sure, we all have our slip-ups. I’ve had mine as well. But, there are some people who cling to that anger and use it as a motivation to destroy or kill. That’s what is difficult to get. You see people out there who make it their goal to destroy an army, and they don’t stop until they have. They go anywhere they can and take every opportunity they can to destroy them. And they hate anyone with a slight connection to the army. (Not naming names, but you know who I’m talking about) This isn’t winning, it’s simply madness.

When you win, though, think for a minute. Think about what adversary you overcame, what reward you’ve received, and what you accomplished in the process. Who have you affected? Who have you hurt in your way? What have you REALLY won? If any of these questions yield an answer that harms or damages one’s dreams or self-esteem, you are the true loser at hand. There is a saying, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. The same is true with victory. Victory is only what you see it to be. You may have a different meaning of victory than others. But what you see to be victory may be disgraceful, so be careful.

So why did I say all that jibber jabber? Some of you may not even care what this says. Just take this away from the post: A true victory is beneficial to everyone. That’s all I have to say. What do you think the word “Winning” means? Leave your comments below. Until next time.

Auf Wiedersehen,

Zak, CPAC Editor In Chief

7 Responses

  1. Ask Charlie Sheen for more info on “Winning”


  2. winning


  3. dude your something of a writer right? i agree with you dude good post


  4. I love you.


  5. All about the fun.


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