Light Troops – Lights out?

As Christmas approaches us, it also brings a lot of “chat recruits” to tracking chats, as there is a mascot for the new Ice party. One army who are famous for taking advantage of tracking season are the Light Troops, who seem to be in a big slump at the minute, maxing a mere 9 at their last event, which was a training session. This is considered a disaster for an army of LT’s caliber.

I don’t know what is worst, the horrible music which plays when you enter the LT website, or the LT’s recent events, either way it’s not looking good for the former number one army, and there have been many calls for infamous LT creator Ioioluk to return. However, it wasn’t to be Ioioluk, Roberto, another LT legend had returned on the 21st December stating the following in LT’s most recent post;

It’s been a long time that I’ve been staying a little down under from CP armies, been busy with a lot of school and I’ve been waiting for break, and I’m sure a lot of you were to.

I’m going to come back for break, hopefully ioio will get his lazy butt off his Ps3 and help make this our best year. If most of you didn’t know, last year’s Christmas Break was LT’s golden age where we first ever circled the Iceberg, Forts, Plaza, Dock, and the Forest. Maxing out numbers of over 50 Light Troops.

Roberto believes that LT’s golden age was hit around this time last year, and believes if his counter-part Ioioluk returns along-side him, then sizes of 50+ can be achieved once more. Though, it is unlikely that Ioioluk will ever make another appearance in LT colors, seeing as he has practically left xat for PS3, according to Jose, a loyal LT troop. Further more, Roberto is known for his recruiting and leadership skills, and is planning to make “bases” on Club Penguin, using Igloos more often than usual.

With the Light Troops being knocked out of the Christmas Chaos earlier this month by the Dark Warriors, they had entered an Alliance with the DW and Army of CP against the Nacho Army. However, the Global Ceasefire bill was signed, therefore ending the conflict. This is perhaps another reason why LT have went into an inactive period, but the reasoning will probably stay with LT Creator, Ioioluk for going inactive without any notice.

The LT just can’t seem to find any consistency whatsoever without their beloved creator, and will perhaps struggle more, unless Roberto steps up his game even more.

My P.O.V

 The fact that Ioioluk left LT for Playstation is pretty much pathetic, and shows how much ambition he has for the army he created. Although in my opinion Ioio will probably return to LT in the future, I can’t see him returning this winter break. However,  I think everyone can almost definitely agree that the sizes Roberto mentioned above won’t be hit either. Roberto is known for leaving LT and going inactive all of a sudden without giving any notice aswell, so it will be interesting seeing how he does this term in his LT leadership.

What do YOU think will happen to LT this winter break?

15 Responses

  1. LT will come back. Every army has potenial and power. They need to strive more and more.


  2. Ioio left because he is like 15. He is getting to old to be playing on club penguin.


  3. personally its not looking good for lt they might die again


  4. Sooo now we make torches and go to Ioio’s house and burn his down. I already have the hate signs made this time.


  5. well i think they will come back. good luck LT


  6. LT will rise up
    because i will get the army back togethier light troops will win
    and i have a great felling


  7. LT will rise up
    because i will get the army back togethier light troops will win
    and i have a great feeling


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