Leader of SWAT Overthrown: The Coup of Kludd

On December 19th, Waterkid, leader of SWAT, announced the coupd d’etat of  one of his co-leaders, Kludd.

In the post, “Overthrowing Kludd”, Waterkid states that he and 2 other coleaders have overthrown Kludd, and lists his reasons for doing so:

Me, Gary and Crazy are overthrowing Kludd. He wants to ruin SWAT and make us more depressed. I know what I am doing, I do not need a fool such as Kludd to tell me otherwise. If you want SWAT to rise, then I suggest you don’t be like Kludd, and don’t get in my way.

In summary, Waterkid staged a coup becuase he thought Kludd was hindering SWAT’s growth.

Shortly after, Kludd’s reply to the coup was posted as an edit:

KLUDD’S EDIT: I do not know from whose ass the contents of Waterkid’s post were pulled, but I do know that I have never tried to ruin SWAT. First of all, I believe Waterkid’s main point is referring to my refusal to rejoin the Black  Alliance. The purpose of this and THE ONLY PURPOSE for me to delete his post was because Burr threatened to attack us. At this point in SWAT, we do not have the necessary manpower to oppose such a force as the Dark Warriors. Secondly, Waterkid believes I’m making SWAT more depressed. Hmm… let me think about that one. Oh right! It is absolutely irrelevant and untrue. Thirdly; last time I checked, Waterkid is not the supreme leader whose decisions shall be final. Being that I am one of the leaders, I have the right to veto Waterkid’s foolish actions, which nearly crippled SWAT, had I not taken down the post and relieved us of enemy attacks from an overwhelmingly powerful army. Gary said he did NOT agree with overthrowing me, which means that Waterkid did not even have an overwhelming majority on which to base the success of my firing. It sickens me that Waterkid and Crazy would unreasonably fire me for Waterkid’s rage that is not even supported by more than mere thirst for power and unopposed rule. If this post is deleted, then I have more than proved my point as it means Waterkid wishes the truth to remain cloaked within his rebellious hype. If this is what SWAT truly wants, then so be it.

Ex-Leader Kludd

In his reply, Kludd disagrees with the points Waterkid made in the post, claiming that he never tried to ruin SWAT, the times he opposed Waterkid on certain things were justified, Waterkid’s decisions can be vetoed, since he is not the supreme ruler of SWAT, and that Gary, a leader of SWAT who Waterkid said supported the coup, did not actually agree with it. He concludes that he was overthrown only because of Waterkid’s thirst for unlimited power.

 Was the coup d’etat of Kludd justified? How will this event affect SWAT? What do you think? Comment below!


14 Responses

  1. wow… thats messed up. im not surprised though. i actually tried to be friends with waterkid and he told me to shut up. its actually on comments anybody can see it and tell how much of a jerk this guy is.


  2. waterkid+power=dictator leader. All waterkid wants to do is destroy other armys. he wants war. he broke the treaty.


  3. ^ACP Noobs.


    • rex im talking to waterkid man not you i dont want to start anything with you here and im sure the other kid doesnt want to either. theres no need. i shouldnt even have said that i should just go talk to water on chat. thats exactly what im going to do


  4. ^So True.


  5. XD I havent been here for 6 months. And Waterkid100 never changed! Makes me LOL!


  6. I tried being nice to Water and all he did was say I was a noob and trolled and acted like an arrogant moron. Pretty pathetic.


  7. Hey guys lets make torches and shout angry things and light his house on fire. I’ll make some raid signs….


  8. Some people see Water in a good light. Some people really dislike Water for the way he is but that’s not his fault he can’t help the way he is. Me? I see Water in a good light probably because I was in Pirates for around a year. People, you may not agree with me on this but Water can be a funny guy at times. He is also a good leader so in my opinion you should respect him, but that’s just me, a former pirate. Others who knew him like I did will agree. He has his moments.


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