Christmas Chaos Round Three Times and Predictions

Times for the semifinals are as follows.

Army Republic vs. Ice Warriors

Saturday, December 22nd

Server: Klondike

Room: Stadium


My, My, My, A battle between AR and IW. AR currently has been averaging sizes of about 30 this past week after fighting PR in the CC. Meanwhile IW has been getting anywhere between 15-25 this week in recent battles. What I forsee is AR winning unless IW calls every troop they can muster in the fight.


Dark Warriors vs. Underground Mafias Army

Saturday, December 22nd

Server: Klondike

Room: Stadium


Dark Warriors, a massive army these days only just ahead of AR with max sizes of 34 in their invasion of Half Pipe.  UMA have been getting 20’s in their unscheduled events, which is pretty good for unscheduled. Now I am predicting that this battle will be close with DW and UMA having to deal with PR in their battle.


Woton vs. CPAC HQ

As the usual Gag we have every week with predictions, at the last battle after UMA and Nachos we were joking around Woton was going to attack the Coffee shop. The coffee shop houses the Times which we claim is our HQ, so here it is. Woton will easily win the battle with his flab and the fact that the coffee shop is now a gingerbread house, so he can eat it now. Just for clarification, this is in no way trying to be insulting and that I needed something funny to put in here.

 Now, let’s have a nice, clean game, shall we?


CPA Central CEO

ⓣⓐⓟ ⓓⓐⓝ©ⓔⓡЗ6

CP Correspondent and Tournament Assistant

8 Responses

  1. DW does not want to battle on Christmas Eve-Eve. I’m sure UMA don’t either.

    Why can’t both battles be on the same day? DW is willing to battle an hour before AR.


  2. I agree that DW should battle same day as the other battle. CP armies have families ? -wary-


  3. wow AR and IW? honestly i think IW could have a decent chance, but reguardless whoever wins will probably go on to face DW and either army would be an excellent match. lets wait and see then good post dude


  4. AR vs IW – AR
    Uma vs DW – Blue2


    • Woton vs Coffee shop?


      • Today, my dear old “friend” tap decided to delete everything off of the GT site. We were able to get most things back via cached pages and posts. When I asked Tap if he knew anything about it (he was GTs main adviser) he responded by saying no and making up an excuse that he was shoveling. Everybody warned me about Tap since he threatened to hack the GT site and since his account got “hacked” and deleted everything off the GT site a few weeks back. I held Tap close to my heart so I refused to believe anything. When Jerry went to edit the hacked site, he checked his email and found that Tap was the account which hacked the site. After we found this out, Tap admitted to it with no shame. He had been removed from the GT site and banned on the GT chat for hacking, site defacing, bots (PR bots during GT event are suspected to be Taps), and tyranny. Many other armies have banned him from their chat as well. We have proof if you need proof of this. I would like to warn other armies to keep him banned on chat and off their site or they will find their site defaced as well. I also know he is currently on CPAC and if I am correct there’s a law out about hacking. I suggest the removal of Tap from CPAC. CPAC is the last site which I’d want to see hacked.

        This is not me telling anybody to do anything. Just explaining that Tap defaced the Golden Troops site multiple times expecting to not get caught and I’d hate to see it happen to any other websites.


  5. HEY!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT ABOUT THE ACP????


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