Pretzels: A Salty Sunrise?

Another post by Rex, your local noob reporter.

I look through the newest Top Ten and I see this word.


Yes, that army that is lead by Braveboy called Pretzels is back on the Top Ten. So I need to make a new post or B1 will give me crap coffee with poo on top. So here is the news!


Pretzels was recreated on December 3rd, 2012 by Braveboy. Lord Pain and Co. instantly took leadership of Pretzels.  After a few events, they reached a average of 15+ and maxed 18+. This got Pretzels in Top Ten.

Then Pain decided to retire from Pretzels, for his home army Golden Troops. Here is a post from Pain about his retirement.

Greetings Pretzels,

Well my time has come its about a week before the return of GT and I need to be there for them. I know you all have seen this coming, I had said there was a chance that I would stay here if this army met certain conditions but they have not. Leaders and troops are being inactive/disloyal and aren’t caring about the army. Like the former generation I am carrying this army on my shoulders and thats not something I am willing to do for the rest of my existence in CP Armies. I consider GT my home, and its where I belong its the one army I place above all others. Its the one army I would never army hop from, and I must be there to support them and help them grow. I am moving down to advisor, Brave I request you keep me as admin because I will always be watching in case anyone tries anything radical in PCP. Keep the basic laws, principles, and policies I have laid down you will be fine. Keep the allies and enemies I have given you and you will be fine. Its up to you guys to survive now, and I believe you can do it if you play your cards right. Disco70s is now promoted to leader, call me to chat for all leaders to add the troops to their friends lists. the leadership line up is as follows:

[Main Leader Position] Supreme Chancellor: Braveboy, Pie1530[PROMOTED!]

[Leader position] Deputy Chancellor: Alfrondo1456, Disco70s[NEW!]


So the 4 new leaders have to rise Pretzels back to its former glory. Later on Disco [Leader]  and Rex (Me) [2IC] had a small unscheduled event maxing 10 and averaging 7-8. This was their first event after Pain’s retirement.

This was a huge step for Pretzels, and troop’s morale rised. The next day, Pretzels had another event, getting around 12-13, another big leap for the successful salty snacks, as they start their conquest.


They scheduled more events for this week, and there has been rumors that SWAT declared war on Pretzels, due to Pretzels being higher then SWAT in the top ten.

Well that’s all from me, but what about you?

Comment your thoughts down below in the comments, and discuss about how tasty Pretzels are.


B1 and B2 are gay for eachother. 

2 Responses

  1. I’m amused by how you edited the post you quoted. Nice job.


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