The Black Alliance Declares War On IW

Edit: Boomer gave me some useful information, I guess the BA never declared war on IW. It was just Waterkid100 claiming they did. I am going to be making more posts on the battles in the future what should give more information on what exactly is going on with this war. 

Hello CPAC Viewers! It’s Buritodaily again, back and ready to report on some of the prime issues and news that is reaching our world of armies. I am sorry I haven’t posted in quite a while, but as some of you may remember, I am only a semi-reporter so I post when I have the time. Last time I reported, it was on the Nachos declaring war on ACP. I am back with another war post, but this time, on two completely different armies. On December 16th, The Black Alliance was reformed yet again, but instead of focusing their power on ACP this time, attacked one of their closest allies, The Ice Warriors.

 Waterkid100, leader of The Pirates Army and owner in many of the armies that have been thought of as the BA Armies, posted on both the Pirates site, and the Swat site, that these two armies will be entering the war against the Ice Warriors. They said they wanted to take down one of ACP’s closest allies. There are over 12 invasions combined from both the Pirates and the SWAT a lone. The Pirates, being on all UK army have scheduled five of them, while the SWAT’s U.S. division scheduled 5 invasion, with two UK ones. Originally, SWAT leaders announced they would be dropping out of the Black Alliance, however, they have not posted of such news. Ganger90, their former leader and current Golden Troops leader also announced that they were still in it. Originally, UCCP joined the Black Alliance and declared war on IW as well, but after AR joined IW’s side and threatened all armies that participated in the act of trying to destroy IW, they decided to drop out. The Black Alliance seems to already be struggling with organization issues as more and more armies drop out by the day. Although this war and the alliances involved are still developing, here is a supposed current look at the current sides.

(Some Of These Armies May Be Wrong Or Outdated Depending On The Time This Was Posted) 

IW’s Alliance 

  • The Ice Warriors
  • Army Of The Republic
  • Army Of Club Penguin
  • The Nachos (Supposedly)
Black Alliance 
  • The Pirates
  • S.W.A.T. (Announced they are trying to quit the BA)
  • U.M.A.

As stated above, some of these may be wrong as many armies haven’t yet posted about their sides in this war even though they have announced they will be helping a certain side.

So far, this war seems to be quite a bit lopsided and favoring IW’s alliance. Some BA members claim that the Pirates UK division will be able to handle invading many of IW’s servers as the Ice Warriors UK division is not nearly as strong as theirs. This may or may not be true, but Antant, leader of the ACP, has confirmed that the ACP will be aiding IW in their UK defenses. This is very positive news for the IW as ACP has arguably one of the best UK divisions in armies, right up their with the Pirates. Now, I am sure BA has their reasons for attacking, so here is what I am going to try and look at.

My Intake On The Black Alliance’s Plans 

Originally when I read that the BA was declaring war on IW, I really thought that they were simply trying to focus on attacking IW simply because they are one of ACP’s closer allies and they helped them quite a lot in the most recent ACP and BA war. After reading it I thought I may have figured out more reasons as to why they declared war. ACP has really needed IW lately to defend for themselves. Without armies such as IW and AR, there is no question that ACP may have never won the recent war against the Black Alliance. My theory is that the armies in the BA are simply trying to beat up ACP’s closest allies such as IW, AR, and others so they can focus on ACP after where they will have no help. I am pretty sure that the Black Alliance’s purpose is still focused on destroy ACP so in a way, this strategy would be logical. I also noticed, IW’s retaliation seemed to be very unmotivated to this. Not that they didn’t care, but almost like they didn’t worry. At first I thought they were just confident their allies would pull through, but then I also figured something else out that could be the case.

My Intake On The Ice Warrior’s Plan 

So, after reviewing the posts made by both armies, I got logged on Club Penguin for a battle we had when I saw the login screen which was an advertisement for the upcoming Christmas Party. I noticed that it was Ice themed. This immediately put all the puzzles together in my mind. Some of IW’s troops were discussing how the IW leader Albert and retired creator but wide influence Iceyfeet, were being lazy lately and not being motivated to raise IW up to its normal sizes. I also remembered Iceyfeet and Albert telling some of the major army leaders that IW would be getting huge soon at the upcoming party. This could be why they aren’t worried, they feel that the Ice party will guide them on their way to regaining huge sizes once again. This is not a guarantee, but I believe it is an accurate shot.

In conclusion, this war has proven to hold up many mysteries on both armies. It is unsure exactly what will happen as neither army or alliance has had their first battle yet. I have been told S.WA.T. has dropped out, but hasn’t posted it on their site at the time this was written. I was also confirmed earlier that the U.M.A. will be joining the BA and their mission to end IW. All in all, this war will be quite interesting as it develops. Will IW have a trick up their sleeve? Or does the BA have an even better one? Let’s hope all these questions are answered soon so we can get to the exciting part, the battle!

Before I end this post I want to ask something from the readers. If you guys know anything I don’t about this topic, or have any corrections for this post, please leave the correction in a comment below. This will greatly help me keep my reporting as accurate as possible for all of the viewers. I will be giving credit to those who help and correct me! 

Thanks for reading! Until next time!

(Posts will be longer as the war develops.)

~Buritodaily, CPAC  Semi-Reporter




17 Responses

  1. IW has this, no way around it.


  2. I thought it might be worth noting two things:

    1. BA never declared war, it was just Waterkid claiming so and using Pirates and SWAT (which he now leads) to make the declaration
    2. BA has released an official statement saying they will be abiding by the ceasefire and that Waterkid does not represent the Black Alliance (


  3. I have an interview from Pretzels of CP and getting 1 from ACP.
    Can I have a job as a semi-reporter?

    P.S.) S.W.A.T drops out of BA.


  4. Black Alliance is much more secretive and has uncovered enemy spies in the officers of BA and is removing them. ~Black Alliance SiC Agent Darkfire


  5. And FYI, CPAC honies, we’ve got ACP on the target list, trust me. We’ve got plans. ~Agent Darkfire, SiC of Black Alliance, Hail Mach


  6. wait you know any army that signed the ceasefire treaty does not have to defend against the SWAT pirates or any other attacking army right? what was all that hype about if there still going to war anyways? its christmas time lets sit back and appreciate what we have. and we all have our own armies.


    • camplazlo, do you know how stupid you sound? ”ITZ CHISTMAS LETS SIT BACK AND APPRECIATE WHAT WE HAVE” oh god, go back to where you came from, get away from club penguin armies


      • waterkid im not even talking to you, at least im happy in life obviously your not if you go on non stop war rampages. its a game dude do you realize that? this is not real life. focus on your future or where your going to end up in the world one day. and for that i feel very sorry for you and im not even being offensive im serious i feel extremely bad for you


        • Why would you possibly feel bad for me, I am more successful than you, and you are just an ACP and IW member who everyone dislikes. Good day to you fool.


          • water all you do is play on CP have more enemies than i can count dude and thats because youkeep declaring war on everyone. how you gonna say your more succesful than me if all you do is play on your computer? you dont know me in real life so you cant say your more succesful. if i knew you i would want to help youbecause i feel extremley bad for you dude


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