Top Ten Armies: 12/16/12

Christmas is coming nearer and nearer, and Winter Break is just around the corner. Winter Break has always been a great time for warfare, and I’m sure we’ll be seeing some interesting performances that week. And as the Christmas Chaos enters the semi-finals, we bring you another CPAC Top Ten.

Top Ten Armies


1. Dark Warriors [+0] (89.51)

2. Army Republic [+1] (85.88)

3. Army of CP [+3] (83.82)

4T. Ice Warriors [+0] (74.57)

4T. Nachos [-2] (74.57)

6. Pirates [+0] (72.88)

7. Underground Mafias Army [+1] (69.32)

8. Pretzels [NEW!] (67.25)

9. Metal Warriors [NEW!] (66.94)

10. Special Weapons and Tactics [-5] (65.51)


Close to the Top Ten:

11. Vikings [NEW!]

12. United Countries of CP [NEW!]

13. Ninjas [-1]

14. CP Chaos [NEW!]

15. Night Divers [-6]


1. Dark Warriors: The Dark Warriors have had a very successful week this week, retaining 1st with flying colors. They started off by getting 35+ at a recruiting session, and moved to beat the Nachos on Klondike a few days later. They then got into a war with SWAT that lasted for a very short amount of time, with SWAT surrendering after DW beat them on Tuxedo after a no-show. Following this, they had a spectacular event on Deep Freeze with sizes of 35-40. DW claims to be entering another golden age with these sizes, which have been the best since early 2011. They have training sessions through the next couple of days, followed by an Invasion of Half Pipe.

2. Army Republic:  This past week, the Army Republic has kept up their phenomenal sizes and dynamic tactics.  They started their week off with a healthy training exercise that reached sizes of 25-30, and an approximate maximum of 35. With a such a powerful beginning to their week, they continued to host trainings and  even had a leadership evaluation half-way through the week. This [later] included and “End of the Year” voting session which is still in process. Then, on Saturday the 15th, they were tasked with facing the Metal Warriors in the CPAC Christmas Chaos tournament, which ended in their victory. They’ve steadily averaged 20-30 all week long and have kept up strong tactics consistently throughout the week.

3. Army of CP: Jumping three places in this week’s Top Ten, the ACP have had an exceptional week. Kicking it off with a few recruiting and training sessions, along with the CPAC Christmas Chaos Round 1 battle, ACP has been averaging 20-25 with both their UK and US forces. Having tied with the Metal Warriors in the Christmas Chaos battle, and shutting down the ACPRR due to the Botgate Scandal, ACP has been training and recruiting [free of bots this time] all week. They had also signed the Global Cease-Fire, ensuring protection from invasion up until the 29th of December. Overall, ACP has had an impressive week and seem to be on a small rise.
4T. Ice Warriors: IW has stayed put this week, holding fourth in the Top Ten for a second week in a row. Having won both their CPAC Christmas Chaos battles, the Ice Warriors have had a rather uneventful week, with an unscheduled training, here and there. However, on the 16th of December both SWAT and the Pirates have declared war on IW and will be invading this coming week. So far, all they have are defences posted. Overall, they’ve had a rather average week, and have just engaged in a newly started war.
4T. Nachos: Dropping to fourth, the Nachos have had a pretty spicy week. They started the week off defeating the Ninjas in the CPAC Christmas Chaos battle, prior to Hurricanex1′s retirement from armies. From there, they hosted a few recruiting sessions, had a practice battle with DW, along with a couple U-lead sessions. They topped the week off with Edd64′s corny salsa [which happens to get all the girls] and a loss in the second Round of CPAC’s Christmas Chaos Tournament.

6. Pirates: The Pirates had a good and consistent week averaging with sizes around 20+ and maxing off at 25. They had a few recruiting sessions where they reached sizes of around 20 and after that they scheduled a practice battle with the UMA where they reached 25 and won. Their tactics have been very good also with most of the troops doing them in the event. They raided one of ACP’s recruiting sessions and ended up pretending to be the Purple Republic. They are having a Mega Training as this is being written where Waterkid100 hopes to reach sizes of 30+. They ended the week by scheduling invasions of the Night Warriors for Monday.

7. Underground Mafias Army: UMA seems to keep improving once again going from sizes of 15 last week to sizes of 20 this week. They have scheduled quite a lot of practice battles in hopes that they will only make the UMA better. They cleansed their server Yukon maxing off with their best sizes of the week. They held a Mafias Census and also had the Mafias awards. The leaders are putting a lot of preparation on their battle against the Nachos in the Christmas Chaos which will happen tonight. The UMA hopes to continue growing and improving to carry them even higher in the top ten.

8. Pretzels: The Pretzels army started off their week with nice sizes of 17-20 in an unscheduled event. The army looked to be doing pretty well until their leader Lord Pain announced his retirement so he could focus on the revival of GT. After that the army looked to fall in sizes dramatically and their leader Disco70 made a post that contained an active count and a section for troops to ask their questions. They had another unscheduled training and recruiting session, this time maxing only 10. The leaders are currently working on getting The Pretzels into shape and out of this slump they appear to be in.

9. Metal Warriors: The Metal Warriors started off the week with great sizes against ACP in the Christmas Chaos. The battle would go on to be announced a tie with their tactics matching their size. They reminded the troops of their uniform and put a guide on how to find it. Their latest battle was Round 2 of the Christmas Chaos where they were scheduled to battle the AR, but they went on to surrender the battle. The MW only had two events this week which hurts their chances of a higher spot, but in their first battle they certainly did great.

10. SWAT: SWAT had a chaotic week maxing off with sizes around 15 -20. It appears their former leaders Ganger90 and Reece left SWAT while Spi was basically fired for defacing the site. Ziro was also couped. Waterkid100 has joined the new leadership of SWAT to help build up the UK division while Crazy and Kludd will be leading the US division. They had a war with DW where they only had one battle in which they lost and later surrendered the war. They went on to have a few unscheduled events where they got 17+ in each. They made some big news by announcing that the Black Alliance is reforming and is invading the IW along with the Pirates, UMA, UCCP, and DMA.

Another Top Ten is made, and by next week, we’ll be in Winter Break. So let’s see how these armies play out this final week of school. Until next time,
Auf Wiedersehen,
Zak, CPA Central Editor-in-Chief
๖̶̶̶ۣۜρяєѕι∂єηт.вℓυєѕσ¢кωa1, CPA Central CEO
Joee, CPA Central Reporter
Buritodaily, CPA Central Reporter

32 Responses

  1. I didn’t deface the SWAT site, SaW did. He went into unk’s account and defaced SWAT site. If you really are desperate, I can pc you the proof.


  2. Lawl


  3. Good top 10. I think its fair. Crazy to see Pretzels back in the top 10


  4. I apologize to Blue1 and 2, I have to start taking my Christmas time break, I think I already told you of why I must take it…


  5. Great job DW!


  6. Hey great top UCCP gotta keep rising and UCCP is in that war vs. IW




  8. Yay Pretzels!


  9. Omg I wasnt couped in SWAT, I quit xD they just reset like 3 days later and hired Waterkid to replace me




  11. lol dw epic #1 army again!!!!!


  12. crazy to not have lt though


  13. Awesome Top 10! I love zak’s top tens 😀


  14. ” The Dark Warriors have had a very successful week this week”…
    “successful week this week”…
    “week this week”…


  15. how is acp 3rd when all they do is get rouges on 4 bar servers, that’s pretty dumb. and pirates arent invading night warriors…


  16. nice top ten man good to see ACP in the 3rd spot


  17. Correction: I made the question post. Brave did the active count.


  18. The secret alliance warriors maxed 14 this week:


  19. Dark Defenders maxed 14 this week:


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