Rogues: Are They Helpful to an Army?

Hey guys, 78562cool here.  Today I will be discussing the controversial topic of, the affects rogues have on armies.  Just for clarity, rogues are average CP users that partake in army’s events even though they aren’t in that army. Some people believe that rogues help their army and their events, but others think that rogues can destroy their events.  Click Read More

There will be two sides to this post, a side about the pros of rogues and a side about the cons of rogues.  Lets begin with the pros of rogues.  Rogues, if used correctly could considerably increase the size of your army in that event.

Recruiting on CP

I logged on clubpenguin and simply said, “BLACK OVER HERE” for 5 minutes and I attracted 4 rogues.  If an army could successfully attracted rogues and have them be in their uniform, they could increase their size considerably.

 As Bur(Burito Daily) says, rogues help spread the “word” of the army.  By this he means, the rogues after participating in the army’s event, could go around CP or in real life,  and tell their friends about this mass of people that look alike, doing similar emoticons, that call themselves the Blank Army.   As you can see this would take the difficult task of recruiting and make it an easier, less effort based activity.

Now for the cons.  Rogues could easily destroy an event.  They could try and join in your army’s line and interrupt the tactics by doing the wrong emoticons at the wrong time.  Or just not wearing the correct uniform making the army’s line and tactics look sloppy and unprofessional.  This could really hurt an army while competing in a tournament.

As Bur says, he wouldn’t want to have rogues in ARs(Army Republic) next event.  (Which is the second round of The Christmas Chaos Tournament.)  He says that rogues ruin tactics and the judges for the tournaments highly consider the quality of the army’s tactics.  Worst of all, Bur says he believes that rogues are impossible to avoid.

Weighing both sides of the topic, it is up to you to make your decision.  Are rogues helpful to an army, or are they a hindrance?  Let me know what you think in the comments or on the poll below.

10 Responses

  1. Cool. 1st!


  2. Kind of late to be talking about rogues


    racist much


  4. I hate when rouges join MW on a battle.

    1. They wear a retarded uniform.
    2. They don’t do tactics.
    3. They are all like JOIN WIZARDS!

    I only like rouges who dress just like us and do almost every tactic.


  5. I hate when rouges join MW on a battle.

    1. They wear a retarded uniform.
    2. They don’t do tactics.
    3. They are all like JOIN WIZARDS.

    I only like when rouges really help, but that doesn’t happen really often.


  6. Yea, very. When I was 2ic of RPF, I got 7 rogues to o in uniform, and somehow they did the tactics.


  7. Pictures are a bit warped.
    I am a Rouge myself because I have no ties to armies. They are useful but more so depending on your uniform color. Black and Dark blue gets more people than Pink for example.


  8. it’s spelt ”rouges”


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