Army of the Week: Army of Club Penguin

In this edition of Army of the Week, we focus on one of the oldest and most influential armies.  ACP recently took a fall but have been rising.  Their US division has declined over the past few months but they have built a strong UK force.  Can ACP rise back to their once super power form?  Or is this as high as they’ll get?

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The Army of Club Penguin was created on September 29, 2006 by Oagalthorp on Miniclip Forums.  ACP became one of the first organized armies.  ACP soon became on of the largest armies in the community.  ACP fought in World War II against clans such as the Romans and Vikings.  ACP soon became involved in the next world war against UMA.  After many hard-fought battles, ACP managed to defeat UMA.

In World War IV, many armies formed the Great Alliance and faced off against ACP.  ACP were defeated by the Alliance.  However, ACP managed to rise into another Golden Age when Boomer 20 became leader.  This period of time is often refered to as the “Boomer Era” as he was one of the greatest leaders in ACP history.  Before him, Shaboomboom lead ACP, and was also one of their greatest leaders.

ACP battled NW and the Nachos in World War V.  In 2011, ACP was on a big rise, and along with the Nachos were getting very powerful.  The armies below them were far away in size.  ACP battled the Purple Republic during the summer of 2011, and was able to match their incredible size.  Later that year, ACP celebrated its 5th anniversary.

In 2012, ACP appeared to be declining after leaders Flipper7706 and Kenneth1000 retired.  ACP fell to low spots in the top ten.  They have been trying to rise since.

ACP remained one of the most powerful armies throughout their existence.  They held the number one ranking spot in the top ten longer than any other army.

Current Leadership:

ACP is currently led by Kingfunks4 and Antant98.  Though some blame Kingfunks4 for ACP’s decline, the two right now seem to work well together and are trying to get ACP to rise once again.

Recent Events:

ACP recently tied with MW in the first round of CPAC’s Christmas Chaos tournament.  The battle was decided to be a tie, and ACP averaged sizes of 20+ with great tactics.  Below are some pictures from the event:

ACP also had several recruiting/training sessions recently.  They managed to get sizes of 20+ in some events and even maxed 30 in one UK event.  One USA event didn’t go to well, with sizes of only 10.  Below are some highlights of the events:



ACP has a UK as well as a US “Caroling with the Cat Sisters” event coming up on Monday where they’ll go on Club Penguin and spread some holiday cheer.


I think that it may take some time for ACP to get back up on their feet, but I do think they’ll be able to rise back to what they once were.  Maybe not as powerful, but I think they will be able to show impressive sizes once again.  I also think dedicated troops or people looking for intense wars and battles would join ACP.

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How do you think ACP has been doing?  Can they rise back to being one of the most powerful armies?  Will they not become much more powerful?  Or is falling even further a possibility?  Comment with YOUR opinion!

-Tomato 8883 CPA Central Reporter

8 Responses

  1. ACP won’t be a powerhouse threat for a good couple months at least.


  2. oh god another recruiting trick
    everyone knows they are soooo f’ed


  3. well i mean ACP have been at war since like june we have barely had any chances to recruit so many armies attack us. for what i dont know we are for some reason every armies target, who agress with me right there?


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