DW Declare War on SWAT

An interesting new conflict is underway as of December 11th. Two recently revived armies with a long history of conflict have thrown down the gauntlet and readied themselves for war. The cause seems to be a rather personal one, with leadership on both sides decrying the other as bad seeds. The Dark Warriors have declared a vendetta against longtime veteran and SWAT leader Ganger90, decrying him as a morally corrupt leader and the indirect cause for all of SWAT’s hacking troubles.

In addition, the DW believe that a good portion of SWAT troops have been “stolen” from DW during the army’s period of turmoil, and have requested that displaced troops abandon SWAT and return to their parent army. It is worth noting that in a public address written to the CP army community, the DW has taken a stance of leniency, declaring their war to be on SWAT leadership rather than SWAT itself. Whether or not the historically aggressive army would be satisfied with the removal of Ganger90 remains unclear.

The address can be found in its entirety here

SWAT leadership responded with an open letter of their own, unilaterally rejecting the claims made by the DW and appealing to the warrior ethos of their own members. SWAT sees this war as a fight not only for survival, but also for legitimacy as an army against the claims of being a DW offshoot. Ganger90 blames current DW leader SaW for a recent spate of DDoS attacks against himself and the SWAT homepage. The DW directly deny this. In retaliation, SWAT has also declared war and is set to meet on the battelfield toe defend against invasion sometime this week.

SWAT’s response can be found here

This will be a quick and brutal war if neither side calls on allies to draw out the fight. SWAT and DW are both top-ten armies, but it is equally important to remember that both are recovering from a period of inactivity and their numbers are not yet as massive as some other top-ten contenders, though recent DW battle results have shown a promising increase in stature.

The Dark Warriors in a recent showing

However, it’s not unthinkable to imagine that SWAT could play the part of the wily underdog with veteran leader Ganger90 at the helm. Several invasions are scheduled for the coming week and only time will tell what, if any, allegations of foul play prove true. For the time being, we’ll all just have to sit back, relax, and watch as these two tactically-garbed armies battle it out to the sound of jingle bells on the street corners. Are you in DW? SWAT? Have an opinion or know more of the story? Comment with your feedback below!

– Delcrux –

Has a cool job at CPAC

3 Responses

  1. noice


  2. Another fantastic post Del.


  3. honestly DW is doing very well. i would be concerned if they declared war on my army, but if they lay out a no ally rule, then im sorry SWAT, but your finished lol i mean i like both armies but got to go with DW at this point


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