Rising Armies – Problem or Solution?


Enter this post, and disaster is sure to follow.

Sure, everybody loves big armies. But what about rising ones? I know it’s nice to see new armies rising to the top because you look at the top ten and you’re like. “Oh damn, look at that, a new army called Ahudofhosd of CP is there. I might want to ally/merge/help them someday” For some people, it isnt such as nice, because maybe they’re against CP armies, or maybe they’re an army leader that has been beaten for #1 spot and then they’re all like “NOES! AHUDOFHOSD OF CP Y U HAVE TO RISE!?” and then that’s where the usual happens. The same old “training/recruiting storm” where the leaders work their troops tirelessly with no breaks. As a result, the troop thinks “Oh hell no! Im not sitting here and working my *** off just to help this guy get #1! I quit! No way! Imma hang here from now on.” After this happens, the army starts to fall and eventually crumbles into dust and the leader never achieves his/her status of “#1 Army Leader”. This is where power hungryness comes from. The leader then jumps to a rising army and demands leader. If he A. Gets leader, he then does the same to that army and then the same happens or B. He overthrows the leaders, re-names the army, and trys to continue his legacy & quest. This destroys the army and destroys the leaders. This here, is a cycle. I call this the “Destruction Cycle” because of it’s effects to the armies involved. Another thing that could happen (that’s completely off topic) is that a better game than Club Penguin could draw the troop’s attention away and then the troop gets fired, this is why the first generation of the Golden Troops fell. Back to the topic, rising armies can be a problem or a solution. They are a solution because there could be a corrupt army that is destroying every army, and changing CP Warfare into their own image. The rising army can then, beat this corrupt army and destroy them, ending their corrupt reign and restoring the more favored ways of CP Warfare. They are a problem because of the Destruction Cycle. In case you didnt quite understand It, I’ll recap for you. The army gets beaten by a rising army, the army that was beaten recruits and trains tirelessly, the troops from that army quit, the leader from that army jumps to another army, the leader from that army destroys the new army because he/she did the same thing he/she did to the first army (best I can explain it). Who hasnt seen this happen? It’s destroyed even the most mightiest of armies, some affected but never destroyed, two examples of this are Army of CP and Ice Warriors who have been recently battling for #1 spot.

12 Responses

  1. I can’t read this.


  2. lol acp isn’t battling for the number one spot, no matter how much they try they cant be number one any time soon, and rising armies isn’t a ”problem”.


  3. nice post


  4. Noice.
    Army leaders need to remember most troops like events against something, and not training 24/7


    • I like events. But if you been fighting a war for 1 month straight and every day you have a battle. then you get sick of it. Thats why I left acp. T


  5. what some army leaders need t remember is that their troops have lives. like i dont like when they say come to this important event or ill demote you i mean maybe they had something going on in the real world that took them away from that you know? but thats just one guys opinion, great post dude yourraising very good points


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