Why the Ceasefire is necessary

Hello CPAC,

As most of the audience should know, A recent act has been proposed by the Black alliance, and the New CP army council. A full ceasefire of wars for a total of 22 days (as of 12/07). I’m starting to notice that people are questioning the reasons behind it. Isn’t it going against our own name?

Before I go further, I want to say that some of these are my own opinions and those that were discussed at the Meeting. Anyway onto the post

Reason number 3- Our system of Rules

This is one of the few thing that we can’t deny in this argument. Our Rules and practices in deciding who is the winner or outcome of a battle, has degraded and become more and more blurred. The last official attempt that actually succeeded in creating an official rules was well over a year ago. I would know cause I was present at the meeting. Anyway, The only rule that only is respected (and people still try to find loopholes) is the 24 hour rule. Besides this, no other rule is fully respected and carried out. Armies keep switching on winning factors, such as Tactics and Size. Armies often reverse between the two making them seem to win. This is one of the practices that keep on popping up that just further blurs the lines of rules of CP warfare, Causing confusion. We want to use this time of Ceasefire to reorganize our rules.

Reason number 2- Recruits

In the recent wars known as the WWVI or The endless ACP war. We hadn’t had much time  to recruit, think about leaders, and do the best for their armies. Instead, they’ve been focused on winning wars, leaving little time for recruiting. This had led to an inevitable drop in size because of lack of Recruiting, we have lost a bunch of size and armies thanks to this war that effected Nearly every major army in the Top ten. Look at IW, They stayed out of the war until up to 3 weeks ago. They are now one of the most powerful army currently, they did this because they Recruit on Twitter.  It could be argued that it’s not “True” recruiting, but if it’s getting more troops, then it counts as recruiting. 

Reason Number 1- A time to Reevaluate ourselves

This is the only one that is my opinion. This one is a little hard to explain, but I will do my best. This is basically Management aspect of this argument. This can be also tied in with the last 2 arguments. Anyway, over time, Armies can become more and more Disorganize, you lose track of Servers, and you start to argue with others, you start to hate and hate everyone. Someone, who will remain annoymous unless he would like to disclose his whereabouts, taught me one of the greatest lessons about CP armies. The truth about us, the unfortunate truth of it is that CP armies is fueled on hate.

Think about it, in these recent wars, I’ve seen the most dirtiest arguments, hate posts, hacking, Denial of Service attacks, and doxing I’ve ever seen. Tons of False accusations, making armies look bad. I remember a time long ago, back when I was an absolute noob when  hacking was uncommon and armies played fair. Now? Armies constantly argue. That is the reasons I believe this Cease-Fire is necessary. But before we go, I want to have a quick talk to everyone here about the Number 1 Argument aganist the Cease fire

The Argument: CP armies will die

This argument has little supporting it. We had armies with months between major conflicts, namely ACP, and look at them. They are still around. IW and Nachos too. We can surely survive 22 days of Cease fire. Also remember, You can still sign up At any time. Feel like you only want 2 weeks of Cease fire? Sure. 1 week? Sure. Surely you can surrive 2 weeks without war. Otherwise you are just plain stupid.

I will respond to comments with any questions. This is what Cp armies look like now.

This is what I hope we can rebuild into.

This had been Weatherboy1 with CPAC, Signing off.

13 Responses

  1. Very good post, I agree with all of the above points. It’s hard for me to understand why some people are so against this, because for one thing it’s optional, so everyone can make their own decision if they want a ceasefire or not.


    • Thank you very much, I really wish that this could be added on to the other Ceasefire post *wary*


    • Boomer , I believe , being against this myself , that some people think these armies are taking an easy way out , or they want to attack them and were planning it and this thing came along , however I do believe it is taking an easy way out, I understand the reasoning behind it , but I really don’t think that you need three weeks off , besides most people are going to take Christmas Week off anyhow.


  2. BOOO!!!


  3. Even under the ceasefire, you should be able to PB, train, and know your troops.

    Boomer: Agreed, you can. The ceasefire only prevents war, invasions, and raids.


  4. i think its absolutley necessary. but f your going to invade any army whose signed under the treaty, ynobody will pay any attention to you, the invasion wont count, and well all end up laughing at you in the end.so im sorry if you dont like the treaty, but rules are rules, and if you cant follow them see bommers sad state of sportsmanship post, because thats who you are and thats why CP armies are messed up today


  5. The main reason for the Global Ceasefire: To allow ACP to grow back and to protect them from invasions from other armies.


  6. When the treaty is eventually broken by LT And Pirates, everything will start over again, people who signed up with the treaty are just really ACP’s Allies, and Pirates/LT’s allies will side with them, so it dosen’t really do much… Armies are just using this for protection


  7. […] Edit: Make sure to read Weatherboy’s post on this subject HERE! […]


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