Top Ten Armies: 12/09/12

As the Christmas Holiday comes closer and closer and a spike is expected very soon, let’s see how armies stack up.

Top Ten Armies


1. Dark Warriors [+3] [95.88]

2. Nachos [+1] [93.75]

3. Army Republic [-1] [90.88]

4. Ice Warriors [-2] [86.88]

5. Special Weapons and Tactics [+1] [82.00]

6T. Pirates [+1] [71.00]

6T. Army of CP [+1] [71.00]

7. Light Troops [+5] [64.88]

8. Underground Mafias Army [+1] [61.75]

9. CP Crew [NEW!] [55.75]

10. Club Penguin Night Divers [NEW!] [42.75]


Close to the Top Ten:

11. Ninjas [NEW!]

12. United Countries of CP [NEW!]

13. N/A

14. N/A

15. N/A

1. Dark Warriors: The Dark Warriors have had yet another stunning week, in their 2nd comeback week. DW started the week off with a training session, achieving sizes of 25-30. They then had training and recruiting sessions throughout the following week, keeping a size average of 30. On Wednesday, it was announced that they would be going to war with the Nacho army, along with the Light Troops prior to their Christmas Chaos showdown with LT. The Dark Warriors won the battle with sizes of 35+.

2. Nachos: The Nachos have had one of their most impressive weeks in a long time. The week began with a Practice Battle against the Ice Warriors, where they had great sizes of 25-30. Two days later the Nachos had a UK event, averaging 6. On Tuesday, the Nachos had a really nice event with sizes of 25-30, where ACP surrendered the server of Klondike over to the army, a key battleground server in this war. The next day, thr Nachos successfully defended Snow Globe from the ACP with sizes of 15-20. Two days later, on Thursday, a spectacular battle took place, the Nachos versing ACP, DW, and LT, an unlikely pair. However, the army remained strong, and claimed victory in the invasion of Mukluk. The next day, the Nachos defended Fjord from the Light Troops with sizes of 20-25. The Nachos are scheduled to face off against the Ninjas in the Christmas Chaos later today.


3. Army Republic:The Army Republic have another strong week once again. On Sunday, the Army Republic faced off against SWAT in a very close first round battle, and pulled out the win with sizes of 25-30. Four days after, the army had some very impressive sizes during a training session on Berg, with sizes of 25-30. The next day, their 28-maxing training session was interrupted by a group of bots, forcing them to log off. The Army Republic are scheduled to face off against the winner of the ACP/MW battle next week.

4. Ice Warriors: The Ice Warriors fall to fourth this week, due moreso to other armies’ better performance than a drop in theirs. On Monday, IW had a friendly practice battle against the Nachos, where they had sizes of 25-30. The battle ended in a tie, however. The Ice Warriors’ division, Polar and Blizzard also battled this week, with Polar being the victor. After the Doritos forfeited and IW took the Christmas Chaos victory, they are scheduled to face off against the Shadow Troops in Round 2.


5. Special Weapons and Tactics: The SWAT had a very nice week. It began with what was one of the best battles of the Scary Showdown, where, even though the lost, SWAT maxed 25-30 against AR, in a spectacular performance. Three days later, SWAT’s leader Ganger90 announced that he would be going away for a little while, and that he would not be returning until Sunday. Crazy was appointed leader of the army, along with Reece and “possibly Vetsd.” The next day, SWAT had a nice event on Yukon, with sizes of 10-15. Yesterday, the army had another event, with sizes of 15-20.

6T. Pirates: The Pirates come in tieing sixth this week. The week began with the return of the Black Alliance, of which the army is heavily involved. Two days later, on Tuesday, the Pirates held a Training Session with sizes of 15-20. The Pirates are scheduled to face off against the Underground Mafias Army in Round 1 of the Christmas Chaos later this week.


6T. Army of CP: The ACP once again tie with the Pirates, who, for two rival armies, seem to have very similiar performances. The week began with a nice Training Session, where they had of 15-20. Next came ACP’s elections for Commander General (3ic), the candidates for which were Tori, Purple Slime, Snaily, and Superoo. Tori and Snaily soon became the clear front runners, and, while Tori won the owner vote, Snaily won the popular vote with a score of 22 (Snaily) to 21 (Tori). Later in the week, the ACP faced off against the Nachos on White House. ACP claimed victory in the battle, and also claims that the Nachos had Pirates dress up in Nacho uniform. The next day they claimed victory on Fjord, as the war continued, with sizes of 15-20. The army is scheduled to face off against the Metal Warriors in a rescheduled Christmas Chaos battle, after their first battle was interrupted with AFCP’s bots, leaving AFCP disqualified.

7. Light Troops:While the LT had bad performance early in the week, their Christmas Chaos showing has proved that if they continue on the path, they will be a Top Five army again soon. The week began for LT as Spiderguy, their Leader, retired from armies, leaving Tylund, who has led the army many times over, to fill his spot. The next day, the army held a Training Session with an average size of 10. On Friday, LT, along with DW and ACP, defended the server of Fjord from the Nachos. The alliance claimed victory in the battle, however LT’s section of it alone only averaged about 10-15. On Saturday, LT faced off against DW in the Christmas Chaos. The battle was led by Ioioluk, and the army showed some really nice performance in the battle, proving that LT can retake their spot if they keep it up.

8. Underground Mafias Army: The UMA scored eighth this week, still hanging on the outskirts of the Top Ten. On the 2nd, UMA held an unscheduled event with sizes of around 10. Four days later, they had a UK Event, with very similar sizes. UMA are scheduled to face off against the Pirates in Round 1 of the Christmas Chaos later today.


9. CP Crew: The CPC did good this week, maxing a good 16 and winning the SMAC’s recent Tournament’s First Round. Recently declaring a State of Emergency, Leader Iceberry stated that they are having issues with inactivity and having crises within their own chat for recruiting reasons. Loosing a respected owner due to this brought issues to the CPC “State” Emergency, however, with their sizes just barely before that respected 20 mark line, the CPC has earned credit into this Top Ten.

10. CP Night Divers: The Night Divers have done well this past week, averaging and maxing a good 9-10 and giving great effort in their recent Invasion of Iceland. The Night Divers are scheduled to be in the SMAC Tourney…or training….or whatever the heck they seem to be doing (?) and seem unaffected by the loss of one of their leaders retiring and becoming an adviser. However, the Night Divers size and skill with tactics earned them this spot in the Top Ten.

So, what do YOU think of this week’s Top Ten? Comment with YOUR opinion!

Thanks to Riot for the CP Crew and CP Night Divers descriptions. On another note, recently the ACPTR has been requesting to be featured in the Top Ten. Unfortunately, CPAC must say no to this, as ACPTR is a subset of the army ACP, as does not own any servers, thus they are not an army.

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CPA Central Vice President

29 Responses

  1. DW #1


  2. WOOOOOOO GO DW AND SWAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. polar won becuase I couldnt make the battle to lead blizzard, We would’ve won -rage-


  4. Wizard Warriors are getting 5 – 6 at the minute. If that’s good enough for the top 15 idk.
    This is our latest event


  5. Pretzels should be in this top ten. check our site next time Blue


  6. Blueeeee
    Y U use bad Photo
    Use dis 1 Pleze


  7. Looks good, I guess. UMA should be higher but that’s just my opinion.


  8. Yeah DW 🙂


  9. ST should’ve still been in the top.10. The tourney battle counts for this week and considering we maxed 28 we should be in here somewhere.


  10. acid spartans had 11


  11. Where are Metal Warriors? MW had 17+ troops!Look a pic:


  12. Chaos got 13 this week


  13. To be honest, UMA should have been ranked higher. There were better images in that post, with us hitting 20. The SWAT should be lower, as they had no tactics. So too with the AR-they had rouges, clearly. LT were small, as well. Here’s my Top Ten:

    1. Nachos
    2. DW
    3. IW
    4. Pirates
    5. UMA
    6. ACP
    7. SWAT
    8. AR
    9. LT
    10. CPC


  14. DW earned that number 1 spot great top ten dude


  15. No Metal Warriors? Don’t understand why -__-


  16. Christmas #1 *Wary*


  17. yay! im mod on DW and there #1 i came to there event when they did that on a different account! we really do burn the light huh?




  19. Why isn’t EPF on here? They were the first army to be made on CP and they were the ONLY army to be made official by the Club Penguin team!




  21. […] DID IT! WE ARE BACK IN TOP 15! WE ARE CURRENTLY 12TH WITH NO ARMIES BEHIND US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyways, im glad we are back up there in the top 15. But the job isnt done yet, we still need to […]


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