The Rant of Tap

Warning, the language in this post may not be suitable for young children.

As I sit here in my room, checking the weather maps, I realize some things. The past several months have probably been the hardest for armies. Between a shrinking pool of soldiers to pick from, many radical leaders who have said “fuck you” to fun competition and have gone out on a full war to destroy armies because they are “evil” or they are “too powerful.” I say this is pathetic. We have armies gathering massive alliances to try and utterly annihilate their enemies when they can easily eliminate the army with hard work and a little luck. Wars have became much more nasty with armies willing to do anything to win. For example the huge amount of DDoSing is sad, I thought we put that behind after IATW. Hell I go the the CPAC Dash Chat and I see reporters arguing over useless crap because outside of CPAC they are enemies with one being and “ACP peasant.” Honestly I can say I don’t care for ACP, but at least my reason is more logical than yours. Your reasoning is that they are too big and have too much power in CPAC. Last I checked Funks stepped down and the Blue Brothers are neutral. My reason for disliking ACP is that they went beyond fighting an army, they destroyed my army with some nasty tricks. At least back than, armies had the honor of saying they will fight 1v1 and would hide ally usage.

Now another big issue I see is an overall lack of respect to one another. Calling your troops morons and worse because they need to eat dinner. Who the hell keeps their troops on club penguin and forces them to stay in front of the computer when if they don’t get to the table they will be grounded for hell who knows how long? Are you that paranoid about keeping troops under your thumb you will scream at them and tell them to get their fat asses back on or else they are fired and banished? Another thing is a huge lack of disrespect to everyone in general. I remember the days IW and GT had the flame posts, but they had a small amount of respect and fought in honest combat. By the way Gord, GT did win Sub Zero that day. If you cannot hold your opponent in some respect, even a tiny bit of respect that he/she has enough people to dare attack you, then you deserve no respect from them.

Another thing I can think of is how cynical everyone is. When I think of Club Penguin armies, I should think of “This will be so much fun talking to friends and battling on club penguin!” Not “Ugh I better get on or else <insert leader name here> will abuse me and fire me and tell me to go die.”

The only good thing about these days is that we have competition for the top, mainly because each army struggles to get more than 15 most of the time. I go to Unk’s post for the stats he put down for the power houses since the “good ol’ days”

 UMA 2007

ACP/RPF 2008

Nachos/ACP 2009




Bit of competition, eh? Now wait a minute. Nachos and ACP are not in 2012? What does that mean? That Funks screwed up ACP enough without your god damn help. You couldn’t handle facing ACP alone so you decided to get a bunch of ACP hating armies to take out the Army of Club Penguin. I just realized another thing though, With ACP out of the picture, many armies, except IW, have shrunk. The entire war effort was “destroy ACP for good” not “find a common enemy, snuff them out quickly and efficiently, and prepare for the next war.” Now I really don’t care if I sound biased or not because I am being biased since I hate just about every god damn army out there except maybe one or two, because they don’t anything too radical. With luck, maybe in the next couple months we’ll get the radical leaders out and replace them with moderate leaders who have the brain capacity to think up more than “KILL ACP.”

Here is another thing that is ticking me off. ACP using Bots. As described by Blue1/2 and Pie, this is a first supposedly. That isn’t true. Back in the ACP/GT war of 2011, ACP used dirty tactics the entire time.  Allies, Lies and Bots. How do I know? Ben/Surf, currently a mod in IW, got proof that ACP used allies and I myself had proof of bots from a battle. Again, this is how armies work. A person from a hated army trying to inform others of bot usage during a battle gets no attention, but a person who discovers bots recruiting gets many posts.


Some more things I must complain about would be how little motivation is left in armies. No posts on CPAC, no troops wanting to come to battles, it’s just boring. I hope 2013 is when we get back up, or else we are all screwed.

27 Responses

  1. meep


  2. Armies are screwed anyway


  3. I see you used a example of Pain.
    Decided to have a 1 week break > insta. demo from LIT to low mod.


  4. wow man this guy absolutley gets it. i mean you pretty much covered everything, except who is responsible for this? i know alot of you people already have a good idea of who it is, you just dont want to say it because it will cause a huge arguement.


  5. wow man this guy absolutley gets it. i mean you pretty much covered everything, except who is responsible for this? i know alot of you people already have a good idea of who it is, you just dont want to say it because it will cause a huge arguement. and my favorite army is IW because they stay out of drama and such


  6. Nachos have had a great year, and ST, SWAT, and DW have each died several times.


  7. Pain, Ioio, Waterkid, anyone else you want to name?


  8. Nice post!


  9. If only army leaders would just move on and stop targeting ACP. ACP is not the main root for all of your problems.


    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ dude your the man


    • IKR!!!!! I’m saying the same thing here as in my comment on the ACP Army of the Week post, ACP has been at war with 9 (10 if you consider LT and BMA as different armies) armies over this year, and I think it must be really boring bacause all 9 (or 10) of them wanted to destroy ACP. And I agree with Disco and Tap in ONE way, and that is how leaders (Mainly Waterkid and Pain) are being mean and harsh to their troops. I mean, a demotion for having to go to something like Church, lessons in anything, or because of SCHOOL? COME ON, REALLY?! That is just messed up. AND THEY SWEAR TO THEIR TROOPS, too!


  10. At the start of the year, ACP was usually first and has been first several times this year.
    ACP has been first more than Ninjas for sure, I dont think Ninjas ever have been first.


  11. I agree with your post. This is what’s going on with leaders today.


  12. Pains a army hopper he joins a army becomes leader then few weeks/months later he leaves the army for some other army Pain -_-


  13. Armies were already falling before ACP was.

    Also, you should think about how hard it is to run armies these days and recruit.
    Honestly the only thing I’m getting out of this post that I agree with is that we need to stop having wars and actually have time to get ourselves back up.


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