The ACP Bot Scandal


For years, bots and other forms of hacking have been the center of controversy in Club Penguin armies.  Throughout history, bots have been looked down upon.  Armies who have used them have been punished severely, or even been killed off by much larger forces.  In 2011, Shab rewrote the Anti-Bot Bill created by Person in 2009 to try to completely end any bot use in Club Penguin Armies, but apparently it has not ended.

In the recent Nacho-ACP war, rogue bots had been attacking the two armies, disrupting the battles for no apparent reason.  This enraged both armies, calling for the source of these bots to cease their attacks.  Cheating and bots have also played a role in other battles, with armies always accusing other armies of cheating their way through to victory, though it’s rarely the case.  In addition, notable hackers have led various Club Penguin armies, and still do to this day.

In 2009, controversy arose when leaders of ACP figured out that Person1233 was using a form of recruiting they believed was illegal.  Person used a program where he could copy and paste phrases from notes onto the chat bar and it would do that all day, causing a boost in recruits for the Nachos.  Boomer and other leaders of ACP accused Person of hacking, which Person denied.  Back in 2011, ACP practically destroyed Riot and GT by accusing him of doxing.  This eventually led to GT’s demise.  So essentially, forms of hacking have been a big part of army history.  Do armies still do it today?  Yes.

The issue of ACP using bots to recruit was brought to my attention this morning on ACP chat, where members were talking about bots.  Curious, I asked what happened.  All of the answers said the same thing:  ACP was using bots to recruit, thinking it was legal, and not telling any of the soldiers.  This was used by the “ACPRR”, or Army of Club Penguin Recruiting Regimen, a part of ACP that focuses on, well, recruiting.   Newly promoted ACP 3ic Snaily and ACP leader Ant came up with the idea, ACP leader Funks promotes it, and Obama controls the bots.  Later, I was linked to the Pirates website, which had a post from yesterday on it about the bots.  There, he said:


The PIA [Pirates Intelligence Agency] got valuable information. The ACP, yes, the Army of Club Penguin, uses bots! They’re opening the ACPRR, Army of Club Penguin Recruitment Regiment. They used bots to help them recruit, now what isn’t very good now is it ACP?

So after I was linked to that post, Flipper and Mchappy started talking about the whole situation.  Apparently they and many other ACP troops were against the use of bots.  Here are the pictures:



Someone else can post about this…

Credit to the Pirates Intelligence Agency

Credit to PIA


Now, let’s look at the Anti Bot Bill.  Though CPAC is in no position to give punishments, this is a possible scenario based on the bill.  Here is the punishments section:

1st Tier:


  • Scamming
  • Use of Bots
  • Repeated Threats


1st Offense: Minimum 1 Week Suspension From All Armies and/or army related organizations he or she is involved with

Future Offenses: Punishment Length increases (weeks)  by multiples of 2 ; i.e. 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, etc.

2nd Tier:


  • Low-Level Doxing (Without Address/Phone Number)
  • Unauthorized Deletion of Website Content
  • Taking Over a Website or Chat


1st Offense: Minimum 1 Month Banishment From All Armies, army related websites, chats, etc.

Future Offenses: Punishment Length increases by multiples of 2 ; i.e. 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, etc.

3rd Tier:


  • High-Level Doxing (Including Address, Phone Number, etc..)
  • Website Deletion
  • Significant and Repeated Offenses from Lower Tiers


1st Offense: Minimum 6 Month Banishment From All Armies, websites, or chats associated with armies

Future Offenses: Permanent Banishment From All Armies

This situation mostly applies to the First Tier, since they used bots.   So if Ant, Funks, Snaily and Obama were to be punished, it would probably be a 1 week ban from CP armies.  Now, it could be more or it could be less, depending on what Boomer or the Army Council says.

Edit: The Council has released a formal statement regarding bot use in armies. Click HERE to read.

So, what do you think about the scandal?  Comment your opinion bellow!


28 Responses

  1. Sweet.


  2. Okeh. It’s solved


  3. How’s that credit to PIA? I was the one who caught them -.- “Brain” is my user….. Those pics are mine…






  6. Used to play around with bots at ACP battles


  7. Disgraceful.


  8. In fairness to Capn, he’s now stated that after reading the terms and conditions, he’ll be banning all bot use by AR.


  9. Amusing. Especially coming from ACP.


  10. sicken to hear the army used to be the biggest army of cp use bots


  11. Rio* Riot was not in armies then.


  12. And by “an ACP Mod” they mean me. I had no idea that Ant wanted to use these bots for recruiting, until he asked for them to be in green. I had my doubts when he told me he would use them for recruiting, but being somebody looking for a 3ic Position in ACP, I wasn’t going to say no.

    Just to clear it up, ACPRR recruited with bots for 2 days and I believe Funks, Antant, Obama and Snaily were the ones who were mainly in control. I did not actually USE my bots on CP, because I had to go before I could even start making the penguins green. ACP has NOT used bots in battle, neither have I used the bots in CP Armies.


  13. Lmao, this is ridiculous. I thought ACP were ones that hates bots. Esp. when Shab made the Anti-Hacking Bill.

    Splashy is not amused.


  14. *sigh*
    I’ve never expect ACP to drop this low.


  15. OMG, Let’s get this straight, It’s not ACP that used the bots, It’s ACPRR. (Here comes another ‘Shut Up’ from Waterkid)


  16. acprr had absolutly nothing to to with bots!!!!! all it was, was 1 recruiters NOT bot recruiting, mentors for new people, do to the fact that when a new person joins they do not know much and may need help with uniform chat rules ect, the mentors take them in and teach them about acp, acprr has absolutly nothing to do with bots.


  17. Snaily had NOTHING to do with this AT ALL. This is all Ant and Obama’s idea. Yes, Snaily WAS in the ACPRR chat, but our dad was pacing for an hour and 10 minutes so she wasn’t in talking at all.


  18. well not happy about this thats for sure, what we did was a moment of weakness, and i know nobody will forgive it or forget about it because unfortunatley thats the world for you today.


  19. Sad…


  20. So like the other armies can we put ACP down in the hole of shame for using bots….. by hole of shame i mean kill them because 1st. They get allies every war now. 2nd. When allies dont help them and they are getting destroyed they declare victory and then say NOPE. its a draw im not accepting a loss. 3. Now they have to use bots because ACP arent use to being this bad…..




    • This whole bots thing is being blown out of control, they used bots once to recruit. 🙄 It’s not like ACP went and hired hackers to delete top 10 armies or something.


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