Round 1 Results!

Ice Warriors vs Doritos of Club Penguin

Ice Warriors Win from a DCP forfeit.

Shadow Troops vs United Countries of Club Penguin

Shadow Troops win from a Hair with the DQ of UCCP

Army of Club Penguin vs Metal Warriors


Army Republic vs. Special Weapons and Tactics

Army Republic Wins.

Light Troops vs. Dark Warriors

Dark Warriors win Barely

Air Force of CP vs. Golden Warriors

Both armies DQ’d

Nachos vs. Ninjas

Nachos, easily.

Underground Mafias Army vs. Pirates

UMA with much arguing.

Woton Warriors vs. Blue Brother Alliance

The meeting was hectic and not a single thing passed. As predicted Woton showed up drunk and he was not the only one. Skloop and Playa failed to show up, something about being in court for a drug sentencing or something. Blue1 and 2, so confident in how well they would do, showed up drunk and blue1 had himself a shotgun for when Woton started saying dumb things. The BHA came in and caused a ruckus before being shooed out by the guards. In turn not a single thing happened and the meeting will resume next week.

13 Responses

  1. the woton warriors crap isn’t funny anymore… come up with something new


  2. meep moop mop


  3. Good to know the results. Gunna be a fun 3 way ACP vs MW vs AR


  4. DW WIN BARELY? O.o How abou we trashed them?


  5. im actually a little surprised with these results, but what can i say what happened, happened, and good luck to the winners


  6. “Nachos, easily…”


  7. So…. Woton Warriors won right??


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