Christmas Chaos Results for December 9th, 2012

Hello CPAC, As another day of intense battles flies by, we move on to another round of the Christmas Chaos Tournament.

Army of CP vs Metal Warriors

Winner: DRAW

Our first event of the day was definately a close one. We started off the day having the ACP face off against the MW.  At around 2:00 pm EST this afternoon, the MW and ACP began logging onto Klondike for their battle. Both armies had good sizes for this battle.    

Great job to both the ACP and Metal Warriors. Due to the battle being so close, BOTH ARMIES WILL MOVE ON TO THE NEXT ROUND. Times are listed at the bottom of the post.    ________________________________________________________________________


Nachos vs Ninjas

Winner: Nachos

 About an hour later, the Nachos and Ninjas battle began. The Nachos have held a good spot in the Top Ten for a few weeks now, with the Ninjas just returning to it.

3 1

The Ninjas were not able to provide us with any images taken by them from the battle – therefore all images above were selected from Nacho’s site. Good job to both the Ninjas and Nachos, both armies had great performances today. ______________________________________________________________________________________

 –Underground Mafias Army vs Pirates

Winner: Underground Mafias Army  

Our third battle of the day was between the UMA and Pirates. Both armies have been on the rise lately, so we knew from the start it’d be a very close battle. Both the Pirates and UMA came into this battle prepared and had great performances.

Good job to both the Pirates and UMA. Due a lack of images provided by the Pirates, all images above were taken by the UMA.



Just to clear up any potential confusion, due to the draw between MW and ACP…

MW will face AR

ACP will face DW (replacing AFCP/GT)




 ~Derek – CPAC 

6 Responses

  1. good post derek


  2. It was yes for ACP then MW, then a Draw Omg….


  3. UMA beat CPPA…. ho ho ho.


  4. not going to lie im a little worried about ACP vs DW,but well see what happens


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