'Botgate' Continues: New Information Unearthed

This featured image details Richard Nixon, the 37th President of the United States, along with H.R. Haldeman, Bob Erhlichman, and Henry Kissinger. These men were three of Nixon’s surviving cabinet members after the Saturday Night Massacre, where Nixon fired a large portion of his staff and cabinet due to rising allegiations in the Watergate Scandal. Why do you care, you ask?

You don’t. But you do care about Botgate. Botgate, as it has just been coined, is the rising ACP Bot Scandal. Pie made the beginning post on this scandal only hours ago, which can be read here.  Now, as escalations rise, certain people in the army are screaming for rebellion. Some people have gone as far to say that Ant and Funks should be overthrown from the leadership, and that bots has never been something ACP stood for.

As this escalated, Antant announced that the ACPRR (ACP Recruiting Regiment) program had been shut down. The site has also been deleted. There are two prominent alternate stories as to what took place, depending on who you talk to. One says that Antant requested Superoo to make bots, the other states Superoo offered to make ACP bots. Either way, the army did use bots. Antant said this on ACP earlier today.

Kingfunks4 logged on as the arguing continued, and had this to say to Superoo.

Their leaders claim it was only for recruiting purposes, and never to be used in a battle scenario. Just as this is being written, Antant has released a post on ACP’s site. The post, titled “Life is filled with mistakes, but we all learn and accept from it in order to move on.”, details what has happened over the past two days.

Yeah, we admit that I did use bots to recruit. We only did it to help ACP get more recruits, and we took the wrong path by doing this. Our actions were wrong, but we realized our mistake and have accepted that we’ve done it, which was really wrong. We know most of you all hate us, and we can’t blame you, as we would have the same feelings as you if we were in your position, but please try to see our motivations.

The mistake we made is really dead to us, but we cannot take back the thing that we’ve done.  Everyone makes mistakes, but the important thing is not to do it again, which we promise to you all that we will never ever use bots ever again. We made a huge mistake, which we know it is hard to digest, but we all have to move on from them.

We know we have screwed up big time, but we all make mistakes in our daily lives.  Anyone who has not made a mistake in their life have never tried anything new.  In the end, we learn from our mistakes, which we hope most people do. All we can say is that, we are really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, then minutes later….

REALLY SORRY!  The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong. All we want is a second chance and forgiveness from you all, which I hope to get.

I have officially shut own ACPRR and will focus on clean and fair recruiting strategies. I cannot do it without your help and I hope you can all forgive me of what I have done, and have trust and faith towards me in order for us to break the chain and make ACP rise and prosper.


-Kingfunks4 ACP Supreme Commander


As this ‘Botgate’, comparable to the 1970’s ‘Watergate’, continues, I sat down with Swimmerboy, 2ic of the ACP, who supported the “Boo4Bots” campaign. Kingfunks4 and Antant refused to comment on the matter.

 Interview with Swimmerboy, ACP 2ic

Blue: Hello Swimmer.

Swimmer: Hey.

Blue: So, what are you opinions on what has been coined ‘Botgate’?

Swimmer: Botgate was, to be honest, a horrible idea, though I do understand why they did it to an extent. Armies have had low size recently, and it is because of low recruiting. Because of that, they decided the bigger we looked, the more recruits we would have. I believe it is indeed cheating, and I dislike that sort of business.

Blue: Do you think this will continue to escalate, or is this over?

Swimmer: It’s over and done, Ant and Funks feel bad about the ordeal and will never do it again. Now, with other armies, I do not know. It’s the nuclear war scenario. One nation starts using nuclear arms on another, and then all nations start using nuclear arms until the entire world is destroyed.

Blue: Some people wanted yourself and Splashy to step into the leadership. How would you like to address them?

Swimmer: In all honesty, we aren’t ready for that yet. Even though I have been involved in CP Armies since 2008 and have been it multiple leaderships, I feel that I would not do the best job. I think soon I would be able to, but not yet.

Blue: Any final comments, or words of wisdom to Funks and Ant?

Swimmer: This is for everyone. If you ever feel like you may regret something, or have the urge to do something that would hurt you or other people, refrain. You can refuse to give into the urge. Bots are bad. Cheating is bad. Don’t do it- even if you are losing 50 to 5. Accept the future for what it is.

Blue: Thanks for your time Swimmer, always a pleasure.

Swimmer: Your welcome, thank you too.


So, what do YOU think? What will come from this ‘Botgate’? Comment with YOUR opinion!

 Blueward and Bluestein

CPA Central CEOs

Get it? Like Woodward and Bernstein? *wary*

15 Responses

  1. This will mark a dark day for ACP, A day which shows how low and desperate they were.


  2. Jesus. ACP using bots. Pretty sad, don’t you think?


  3. 2 things I never thought I’d see back in 11′ , 1. ACP falling to 8th , 7th and 6th etc. 2nd or 3rd I could understand but not that far down the Top ten. and 2. Seeing ACP start using bots or other forms of cheating , they were known for so many years to be against that , and now here they are.


  4. Honestly, I am NOT in the wrong. I had heard about ACPRR for a long time and wanted to become Co-Leader. I was called to ACPRR chat by Antant and he asked me if I made bots. I replied saying “Yes do”. He then asked for the program which I used, which I gladly gave to him. I DID NOT know what he was planning to do until a few minutes later, when he gave up making the bots. He then asked me to make then and told me to MAKE SURE they were wearing green. Only until THEN did I realise he was using these bots for recruiting. In no way did I OFFER to make bots, I didn’t ACTUALLY login with these bots because my parents were listening to Bing Crosby on my PC, while I was on a Mac. I did no disclose to ANYBODY about what had happened on the Friday night, until pictures emerged of Obama, Funks, Snaily and Antant on the ACPRR chat. Only THEN did I talk about what had happened last night. Many times has AntAnt98 asked Snaily to PC for a “Private Conversation”, and know I believe what MIGHT have been talked about in these private meetings. In a recent conversation with Funks, he said that “Antant and Snaily came up with the idea, I just went with it”. I believe Funks was not REALLY part of this, but Snaily and Antant were the creators. Obama soon joined in and was caught when Brain took a picture of Snaily, Funks, Antant and Obama using bots. I had only EVER been to the ACPRR Chat ONCE, that was when I was ASKED for the Bot program, I did NOT USE IT.

    Conclusion: I supplied the Bot program, but I NEVER used it. Therefore, you can’t claim I have “Used bots”, however other members of ACP and ACPRR may have.

    Feel free to interview me if you must.


    • lmao “supplied it” why the fuck would you supply it. You obv used it, or else you wouldn’t supply it.


      • I gave the program, but I PERSONALLY didn’t use it. Only later did I find out Ant, Obama, Snaily and Funks used it at some time. Whether they use the program I used, that is another question.


  5. ACP, going as low as doing what they accused enemies of doing over a year ago. Pathetic.


  6. Yet another excuse to classify the ACP as 9 year old noobs, when the soldiers opposed it.


  7. And once again Blue1 compares something to the Watergate Scandal that has absolutely no relevancy to it whatsoever. This Nixon obsession’s been working its way into your posts lately. You’re also the only one who calls this the Botgate scandal.


  8. wtf was funks thinking


  9. I say the CP Army Council be useful and enforce repercussions on ACP, because if it were an army they are against- it would be a total poop storm on their part.


  10. Upset at this interview. “Your welcome”. You’re*


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