Christmas Chaos: DW vs LT / AFCP vs GW

Hello CPAC, 

Earlier this afternoon, we had two– well one very intense battle on Klondike for CPAC’s Christmas Chaos tournament, and one new piece of information.

The first battle this afternoon was between the Dark Warriors and Light Troops. Many thought a clear victor would be chosen, but the battle turned out to be much closer than expected. Both armies logged on a few minutes prior to 3:00 pm E.S.T., achieving great sizes for both armies.

Both armies performed well, but the DW came out victorious. All images shown above were taken from DW’s site, due to the lack of a results post and images from the LT.


About an hour later, the AFCP and GW were scheduled to have their event, but due to the GW’s death, the battle was cancelled. It was announced that the AFCP were the winners, until proof of AFCP’s bot usage was provided. This was decided by the judges. Therefore, both armies are DQ’d, and the Dark Warriors move on to Round 3 to face either the Nachos, Ninjas, UMA, or Pirates.

Image proof (provided by an Anonymous source) of bots being used on Klondike, Ice Rink at the time of AFCP and GW’s event.

~Derek – CPAC


7 Responses

  1. AFCP uses bots, its obvious, look at the penguin names.


  2. Pretzels will gladly take their spot x)


  3. i honestly think DW will have a good chance in this tournament, theyve had a huge comeback recently, and they have all the time in the world to traine and recruit. but IW looks good as well so idk gonna be an interesting tourney


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